MAN. WHAT A FREAKING RIDE it has been. From up to down to in the middle to all over the freaking place. I know I am a little vague but so many things are going on in my brain that I actually fond myself not using it for a short period.If you follow my VLOG channel then you know all about my random acts of self amputation and ripping and tearing of muscles. I was READY to COMPETE in my next NPC show that thankfully I didn't really announce when all hell broke loose. Nothing new. But Going from HIGH to LOW in the matter of weeks is really hard. I am not always motivated and I say this again and again to show you that this whole LIFE. This FITLIFE is hard. It's hard to find balance. YOU go EXTREME and then you hit a wall. I ate like 3 Quest bars and almonds just to get my brain going again. Sometimes I find myself getting angry and that is when the BEAST comes out. You know that feeling... LIKE you are SO CLOSE to the end. the VICTORY that you are DETERMINED to KEEP GOING.

Anyway...I wanted to share with you a BEHIND THE SCENES with IFBB Pro Stacie Alexander of A-TEAM Training Center, Stacie Frazier and Kat Ludens of Haute Shots Boudoir Photography & Mel Brown of PIBA. We shot some fun shots of us in PIBA leggings, laughed, danced and I was quickly reminded WHY I am an athlete..a FITGIRL...This LIFE is about THIS...inspiring others, learning a little bit more about yourself and letting go of what you can not change. being confident and passionate and opening yourself up to new adventures, people, and a LIFE you never thought you could lead.

I am still going after all that I want...but there are times you have to TAKE A STEP BACK to take a step FORWARD. Hope you enjoy my newest VLOG and don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more!!! Love you guys! and thank you for being my motivation....

Also Check out HAUTE SHOTS BLOG for pics from our SHOOT!!
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THANK THANK YOU and thank you again for the support you guys have given me through this ATHLETE SEARCH with 1stPHORM. I have never felt so right in my heart that I should be the next... and honestly sometimes we find things in life that just may give us the answer have been searching for all along! You can help by sharing my videos posts and YOUR stories with me @colorblindblog @shanaemily @1stphorm Using HASHTAGS #legionofboom #1stphorm so they can see! xoxo
ifbb, stacey alexander, fitness photography, pima, steam vegas, shana dahan, colorblind blog, haute shots


#MyVegasStyle A day at the Aria Hotel& Casino

As most of you know I am Vegas native. Yep. BORN &  RAISED. and there is something so fun about staying at one of the most beautiful hotels in Vegas, when you are from Vegas.See, most people think we spend time on the strip...and well...we just don't... so it is a special treat when we do. When I was contacted by Jennifer of Vegas.com to participate in a style challenge I was so excited. While late to the train I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite hotels in Vegas and what I love to do and wear all weekend! Hopefully this will help if you are planning a trip anytime soon!

The Aria Hotel and Casino is a gorgeous fairly new hotel  here in Vegas and is one of our favorites. They have some amazing restaurants one of the hottest clubs and a great pool for when you are here during the summer! Shopping and so much more check out Aria if you are ever here!!!

One thing I love to do when staying at the hotels is check out the fitness center first thing in the morning. haha I know. Lame...but I LOVE seeing what they have and getting a good sweat on right before the hitting pool! I also love putting on my favorite gym clothes with lots of color!


1. Glove Gloves
2. 1stPhorm Shaler Bottle
3. Muslce club Apparel Tank
4. Nike: Zappos
5: PIBA Leggings
6: Polar FT40

Next Stop is Starbucks where I will pick up some coffee and some oatmeal for breakfast! This will be fast since we are headed to the pool!

Next stop is the Liquid Pool. Love the music and the whole atmosphere. While I probably wouldn't wear heels to the pool this is the kinda pool you could wear heels to!


1. Beach Babe Swimwear
2, ZeroUV Sunglasses
3. Hawaiin tropc Sunscreen
4. H&M Hat
5. Old Navy Sandles
6. High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

After the pool we will be hungry so a stop to one of my favorite Tapas restaurants. Small plates of huge flavor I love Tapas! A great way to try everything and really experience the cuisine. Love the atmosphere here Not super fancy but fancy enough for my favorite sequined skirt from Marshalls!


#MyVegasStyle by shanaemily on Polyvore

Skirt is by Alice & Olivia from Marshalls
Heels are from Target
vintage Clutch was my moms
Tank is from Old Navy
Necklace is from PersunMall

Now time to go out to the club! Normally you see girls wearing the same skimpy black dress...don't get me wrong. they look awesome..but it's just not me..I have and would so rock this outfit out to the club...I might change the shoes so I can dance my butt off but either way great music at Haze and it is GORGEOUS! It is definitely a club..so get ready!

#MyVegasStyle by shanaemily on Polyvore

Nike 3D Tank:c/o Zappos
Vintage Jean Pencil Skirt: Thrifted Savers (During this trip!)
Heels: Thrifted Savers (During this trip!)
Vintage Clutch: Thrifted Goodwill
Cheetah Bra: H&M (On Sale for $3!)
Bracelets: Hottie
Snake Print Bracelet: Thrifted Savers
Sunnies: ZeroUV

Hope that this helps give you some ideas and go and check out Aria and let me know if you guys want me to do more reviews on local restaurants hotels and more..I guess I never really thought to do it but I was born and raised here and I have been to and know all the places here that make this place an amazing home. 

Don't forget to check them out they also have a virtual video that takes you through the rooms and different retaurants! 

Thrifters Anonynmous Link Up! Come Shopping with us at Marshalls! Special Guest Mel from PIBA

Thrifters Anonymous Member of the  Week is Keren of 
Two Stylish Kays

Shoes- Charlotte Russe (Park Ave Thrift Store Duluth)
Dress- Vintage (Goodwill Johns Creek)

Keren is one of my all time favorite thrfity ladies and fashion blogger friends. She can take a vintage dress and rock the crap out of it. She has the eye we all love and look for and if you haven't been following her style you need to get on it! One of these days we will be in the same state and THRIFT our hearts out! Loving this dress Keren!!! sending love! If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous you can check it our HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can go thrifting withe me...I will be updating videos soon!Don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!!! I always try to post some finds out and about when I can...@colorblindblog

So Today I am sharing a special trip I took to Marshalls with a new friend! Mel from Australia!! She is the founder and owner of PIBA, Physique International Bodybuilding Apparel. After finding her on Instagram and learning she was coming to Las Vegas I reached out to her...I wasn't expecting to hear back but when I did I was over joyed. I just love meeting other women on the same path as I am and the same love for all things fitness and fashion. You can learn more about Mel HERE, and her website www.physiciqueint.com  

From the leggings to the custom made bikini's I am in love with everything and I couldn't wait to go shopping with her and work on a fun photoshoot and workout! You can check out our workout on my Health & Beauty Channel HERE! We had a blast...more to come on that! Untill then here is our shopping trip to Marshalls. Can you believe she has never been? I know. Enjoy!!!

 Pants with POCKETS!!! WHAT!!!
 Fell in love with this jacket!

What have you guys thrifted lately??? Love you guys! Don't forget to share!

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