Get Ready with us & What We Wore: Thriller Zombies


So most of my friends know I am a HUGE HALLOWEEN fan...anything that has a theme and a costume involved usually has me involved...and well my best friend Edwina. Together...WE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY> So when we were asked to perform and teach THRILLER at a Halloween party we busted out our costumes...yes we already had them..and got ready! And you are welcome. WE filmed our whole shenanigan. Hope you enjoy! and hey.. HIRE US for your next party...I promise we will bring the fun. 



Dressed were thrifted from SAVERS!

The party was 80;s theme! Can you guess all the costumes? Can you find us? 

This guys was AWESOME.  


Our turn! haha 

It's Tom Cruise! 

BUT FIRST. Let us take a selfie. haha

Magical Madness Dance Theater Presents: Calliope Madness

Well, if you have been following me then you know I LOVE my Magical Madness dancers...together we seem to come up with the most bizarre and amazing pieces. There is something freeing when you are with a group of creatives that allow you to be free from judgement..where any idea is a good idea and together you can create MAGIC. In the spirit of Halloween we thought we would celebrate our love for the circus haha who doesn't love a Jack in the box? he he he Special Thank you to Keely for editing this small film Thank you to all who have been supporting us on FACEBOOK  ,INSTAGRAM at @magicalmadnessdancetheater , TWITTER @magicalmadnessD, and NOW YOUTUBE!!!!

Make sure to subscribe to see more of what we are creating!! WE are working on a very special piece!! Can't wait to share! HAPPY HALLOWEEN LOVES!


Leather & Roses

Outfit Details
Vintage Leather Jacket: Thrifted Salvation Army
Floral Lace dress: Thrifted Salvation Army
BCBG Heels: Marshalls
Vintage Purse: My Moms
Vintage Watch: My Moms
Ring: H&M

As my hubby said... YOU NEVER wear skirts or dresses...funny the weather started to turn and VOILA! A dress...I don't know what that happens but it does...and I was so glad my friend Dawnya talked me into this dress! If you missed it I got it at Salvation Army During this trip HERE. And how can we forget my love for jackets. haha ONE day I will give you guys a tour I have at least 30 jackets from vintage to new...and I promised myself this year I would wear a new one every week! So this week we are going with MOTO chick...haha Edwina talked me into this one and I am once again very happy with that! SO Date night was a success and I think I shall get back on that kick. We get so busy in our lives and sometimes we forget to be with those we love most. SO if my hubby happens to be reading this post. 
That's a promise. 
Hope you guys are having a beautiful Wednesday! Almost time for November! Start making your promises I know I am making mine! 

TO our Neighbors!! xoxo

Oh and I love our neighbors haha they know what I do I am sure my other neighbors think I am a weirdo! haha but just giving you guys a sneak into how this all works. haha Sunday I change into a few outfits this one so happened to be one I wore to the Fashion Show and voila! Outfit posts! 

FindingFaith:Pumpkin Patch & a Cinderella Pumpkin

Hi everyone

 Well my favorite holiday is just around the corner, and that would be Thanksgiving! I truly love all the fall festivities and halloween is just the beginning. One of my favorite things to get it all going...a trip to the pumpkin patch and some creative pumpkin carving. I love using store bought stencils and tools like electric saws and drills.

Here is my Cinderella pumpkin! Love to use my imagination to come up with something unique.

Another thing that I decided to try this year for halloween...hand out the big candy bars! I have some amazing kids in my neighborhood who I just would really like to bless. I will let you know how it goes. I usually also make some chili, one year I even had a special treat for my friends, mini bar size liquor bottles. Haha! I love to dress up, so will definitely be doing that as well. I actually have several costumes to choose from, so I haven't made up my mind yet, but will include pics of that as well next week. Have a fun and safe Halloween, and I will see you next week!

Creatively yours,

Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! We NEED it, We WANT it, WE GOT IT Shana & Edwina HAUL Video!

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Love this outfit and love your theory! I obviously share the same love for second hand and creating your style with what you love not what is popular now! Thank you for sharing. I know my link up isn't quite the popular one but I love seeing everyones style! Please continue to share you style lady!
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Edwina and I went thrifting not too long ago at Salvation Army but had to make it a quickie! SO we thought...why don't we meet again and do a haul video? So she came over and 3 hours later and a bunch of nonsense HERE IT IS haha we had some technical difficulties but thank you to Black Raven Films here it is!!
Can't wait for part 2 of our new series as well!!
ALSO, We are so excited to be launching our very first T-Shirt, Tank top design!! They will go up soon so watch out for the video!!! Love you guys!!

HERE IS our HAUL video!!! enjoy!
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