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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finding Faith: Practicing Acceptance & Going with the flow

Hello friends! 

This week I'm going to share some pics of the progression of my large painting I've been working on. I honestly don't know where I'm going with it. I might even turn it into several small paintings. I like certain elements of it, but I'm not sure if it works as a whole. This is the challenge with spontaneous painting. It usually ends up completely different than what I think it will be. The more I try to plan or force, the less I like it. So I'm practicing acceptance with it and going with the flow. A metaphor for life in general!

And here are some details I like that may make more sense as smaller paintings.

Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone! Happy Fourth of July! Be spontaneous!!

Creatively yours,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Introducing Christine B. of #TeamLetEmHaveIt: 1stphorm #Transphormation Challenge Athlete

I have been wanting to do this for a while and I am finally buckling down. I know how scared and amazing it was for me to share my journey with complete strangers over 3 years ago! (WATCH MY TRANSFORMATION VIDEO HERE) I got a lot of weird faces, judgment even lost a few friends and or acquaintances...but let me tell you...I have never been better. I know the courage it takes to jump in head first into something you don't know the outcome of and give it 110%. I am about to introduce you to the men and women who like me have taken on this challenge and are changing their life and others in the process! 
I do apologize as this post was supposed to go up yesterday but sadly yesterday went up into is a new day and here it is! but you will see these on TUESDAY from now on!!! xoxo

I want to help as many people as possible with this challenge,I have put together a team to help hold each other accountable!
This challenge is 100% free and there are chances to win money, prizes, and trips all year long.
Take the Challenge with me and accept the CHANGE.
If you want to join the team, contact me for info or go to the site below and invite me to be your coach use this email !
My Transphormation starts today… Does yours? Lets do this TOGETHER!

To request me as your coach and to be on our TEAM PLEASE USE EMAIL:

So today I am going to introduce you to Christine. Christine found my Youtube channel because she was searching for information on a cruise! I just so happened to have vlogged my whole cruise and there you have it! I introduced the #Transphormation challenge and she jumped in head first!!! I have asked her some questions to share her experience as well as share what her workouts look like, her full day of eating supplements she takes and more! I hope that this will help YOU start your journey today!

PLEASE EMAIL me if you have any questions and to get started!!!! xoxo

So lets get to it! 

This is CHRISTINE everyone!!! 

"I haven't seen this weight in YEARS!" she is actually at 148 TODAY!!!!

What is your name? Christine B
How old are you? 33
Where do you live? Massachusetts
When did you start the #transphormaton challenge? March 1st, 2016
How much did you weight when you started? 174(and some change)
How much do you weigh now? 149.0 (and shrinking)
Have you changed your clothing size? I went from a barely closing size 16 to an 8 or 10 depending on the cut.

How did you find out about the 1stphorm #Transphormation Challenge? Shana's Youtube Channel! ( )
What motivated you to start? So many things, I didn't want to be the hypocrite nurse, over weight, eating junk and telling others to lead a healthy life and make good choices.  I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in my skin, I wanted to feel strong, and healthy.
What was your fear going into the challenge? Injury, failure, ripping the ass of my stretchy pants while squatting...whacking myself in the face, the usual gym self consciousness-ness(is that a thing?)
How do you think you overcame that fear? "everyone is here for bettering themselves, nobody gives a shit about you unless your hogging the equipment they want to use, now go move heavy things" has become my mantra
Did you think about quiting? of course! that first month of intense work outs after being so sedentary sucked!
Why didn't you quit? honestly, i saw a meme that said "it doesn't get easier, you get stronger" so when i went from walking at 2.5mph to 3 w/o breaking a sweat and jeans i hadn't worn in ages fit again, it gave me the push to keep going.
What would you say you love most about how your life has changed since you started? I have more energy, i sleep better, my blood pressure is lower, my resting heart rate is lower...i can keep going
What are you goals for the next 12 weeks? Squat my body weight and keep working towards that unassisted pull up.
What does your typical day of eating consist of? 
So today wasn't a typical day as it was super crazy at work, and it was also one of the doctor's last day at the clinic so they had a catered lunch at the office, but I thought today was a good example of with some planning and some solid, healthy choices you, or rather I, can stay on track:
SUPPLEMENTS: 1stphorm M-factor Goddess Multi-Vitamin, thyroid pill (I have hashimoto's) and Bone-Up calcium/vit d

Meal 1 - more substantial than I usually eat because I knew work would be crazy, normally I do a shake/waffle/pancake or egg white omelette not both, but today I had both, because of reasons.
coffee with 4 oz almond milk
protein waffle (1 scoop level-1, 1 whole egg, dash of baking powder and water until it's batter thick)
2 slices thin slice fully cooked bacon
15g salted caramel nuts n' more peanut butter
egg white omelette (100g egg whites, 1 wedge laughing cow light swiss)
Tabasco sauce
Cal 464 Protein 54 Fat 21 Carb 11

Meal 2 -usually do 3 hard boiled egg whites today but it it didn't happen

Meal 3 - tried to make the best choices out of what was available for the lunch provided, didn't have my scale so i approximated
1 cup grilled asparagus
1 cup garden salad w/ vinaigrette dressing
1/2 cup blanched green beans
1/2 cup German potato salad
6oz chicken Marsala
Bone-Up calcium/vit d
Cal 382 Protein 22 fat 8 Carb 59

Pre workout) rice cake with peanut butter and 1stPhorm Megawatt(blue raz) snack 2.5 before the gym today i did 30 min steady state cardio 10 min abs and 10 min bi/tri/shoulders
Fitbit says I burned 236 cals today

Meal 4 - (post workout) 1stPhorm Phormula 1 which surprisingly tastes better when mixed with water
Phormula-1 loop de fruit 1 scoop mixed with water
Cal 100 Protein 22 Fat 0 Carb 1
Meal 5 - I knew the German potato salad I had with lunch sucked up most of my carbs so no tiger roll for me
Wholefoods Pacific Salad Roll
Bone-Up calcium/vit d
Cal 200 Protein 10 Fat 8 Carb 23
Meal 6 - I like to have something high protein before bed with my 1stPhorm Opti-Core (switching to 1stPhorm Downtime PM next week)
1 scoop Level-1 Chocolate Coconut
4oz unsweetened almond milk
6 ice cubes
Cal 159 Protein 24 Fat 4 Carb 6

Cal 1305(-15) Protein 133(+1) Fat 41 (-3) Carb 99 (0)

Here are a couple of Meal Preps and Meals!

What is your favorite Supplement STACK right now with 1stphorm?  I have thyroid issues so I can't use the bliss go pack but my endocrinologist gave me the okay for the goddess multi vitamin, full mega and opticore which I think I'm going to swap out for downtime PM for a couple of months to see if it improves my sleep

You can find all of her Supplement Stack on
You will get Free Shipping in US only if you guys use my link! 
THANK YOU for all of your support!
What is your favorite flavor protein? WHAT can you not live without? chocolate, i'm really bummed out that the peanut butter cup isn't gluten free.  I'm also less than thrilled they d/c'd chocolate coconut.
What is your favorite go to EAT CLEAN snack? recipe? hard boiled egg whites, lol I go through so many eggs.
What does your workout split look like?  I don't have a set routine, if my legs are sore i do arms and back, if my arms are sore i do core and/or legs. I just listen to my body, if it needs rest I rest.
How much cardio do you do a day? I've been trying to do fitstar's 10 min ab routine every day, it doesn't always happen but i try.  3 x a week i do 30 min on random incline at 3-4mph, i do mossa fight work outs at least once a week and 30 min on the arc trainer if my knees are acting up.
What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the 1stphorm transphormation challenge or just any challenge in general? Advice? Go for it! It may be a struggle to start but if you keep with it you will see results and no matter how much help you get along the way, you have to do the work yourself, so you can be proud of yourself for every accomplishment even if it seems small.
You started sharing your journey on Youtube, Instagram and even in the private FACEBOOK group. how would you say this has helped you through your journey? I feel like sharing my progress keeps me accountable to myself.  I mean, I have 6 followers on youtube, which is crazy, there are 6 people who have in some way invested themselves, for 2-5 min a week, in hearing my thoughts, my progress.  So if people i don't even know are giving up 2-5 min of their life, to silently support me, well then I'd better bring it.
SUBSCRIBE to Christine on Youtube and follow her journey!
Here is her very first YOUTUBE video! So proud of her for doing this!
It isn't easy and it means so much!

Christine forgot to mention that while she has been doing all of this she has been working full time and a full time nursing student who GRADUATED!!!!!! My mom did this twice once in Israel and in the US and I know how demanding and how difficult it is! So proud of you Christine you are a FREAKING ROCKSTAR!!!!!

Lastly, what are you most excited about doing that maybe you would not have done before starting this journey? I'm just glad that i've finally figured out how to listen to my body, but what amazes me is how much I actually enjoy exercise now.  If I go more than 2 days without doing something I get cranky, I never thought I'd be *THAT* person!

Thanks for all the love and support!

all the best,


Hi love. I know we don't know eachother that well....and we have only met just months ago...but I am beyond grateful that I decided to go on a Norwegian Cruise ship and film the whole thing haha because without that you would not have found me and become part of a team I never thought I could have. I am like you and all who join. Yes I was a dancer and yes I workout...but an athlete? A coach? a mentor? a motivator? You my love have inspired me daily with your constant honesty and hard work. Keeping it real and making sure to let everyone know that there are days that just SUCK.

It took me a lot longer to realize that NEVER SETTLE means to keep going and to always believe that it is possible even if it seems as though it isn't. Thank you for believing in me and entrusting me...I am learning through this and you have been a guiding light helping to set an example for our team and all the men and women who struggle with this choice. 

I hope this is a start to a beautiful friendship and while I know we have busy schedules and so many things going on I can count on you for some inspo and I hope that I can do the same for you. Maybe next time we go on a cruise together and LET EVERYONE HAVE IT!!!! Thank you for your love and support and for being an example of the 1stphorm #phamily. 

Shana Emily

INTERESTED in 1stphorm? Have Questions on how to get started? What to start with? Email me and I can help you customize your stack or just share what I am on and what our team is using! EMAIL ME

VISIT  for all supplements and apparel! Free shipping with this link 
Thank you for supporting me!! love you all!

JOIN MY FACEBOOK FITNESS GROUP So whether you have entered YET or not join my group on Facebook so we can all do this together! I thought this would be a great way to connect us all as well! I love just sharing in a more personal setting and together we CAN KICK BUTT!!! Here is the link to join:

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I am going to Answer more questions! EMAIL me at and you can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on 1stphorms site! HERE


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Finding Faith: Experimenting with color, creating your very own mini art retreat!

Hi friends! Been having some fun this week with spontaneous painting on scrap pieces of canvas. Just experimenting with different types of materials and techniques including freezing paint in ice cube trays and letting it melt, scribbling, and experimenting with color. Here are some pics of what I came up with. My own little mini art retreat. 

The next couple of days I'm going to be working on one big piece of canvas. I may incorporate some of these things, or I might just spread paint around and see where it takes me! It's really just about allowing the process to flow naturally. 

And until next week, I leave you with a couple of quotes...

"I don't paint for a living, I paint to live."  - Willem de Kooning 

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do."  -  Edgar Degas

Creatively yours,

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Building Back Muscles, Ab, Back , & Plyo Workout & Talking Post Workout Supplements & Meals #Transphormation #NEVERSETTLE

So I get a lot of emails asking about different exercises and I don't think I do a good enough job of sharing all that I do!! DID you know I film almost EVERY SINGLE workout I do? From training for a bikini competition, training for a photoshoot, to training for life and building muscle..I have a video on it! So I thought I would share them on the blog every time I do it! is what I think is a great go to back, core, & delt workout everyone can do!

In between reps I will add in a tricep, bicep, or ab movement! This will help with strength, get those back muscles we all desire and help with leaning out the core! PLEASE keep reading as I will go into what I feel is the most important and that is POST WORKOUT!! what you eat what you do is so important will help get you those results!

I started off with the back row using the closed grip focusing on the lower back! 4 sets of 20. I will typically set the weight at 70lbs but start at 30 or 40 and work up to this...

I will then go into Tricep dips 30 reps! The further your legs are out in front of you the harder it will be!

Move into Rear delts, pull towards your ears so you can feel it in your rear delts! 4 sets of 20!

Go right into a plyo. this one is great and will get your heart rate up fast! Keep that butt down and bakc down! go for 1 minute!

Next set is bicep curls with the cable! These are great! Really squeeze that bicep and work yourself up with weight! 4 sets of 20

These are one of my favorite exercises! My lats are always sore afterwards! Keeping your arms as straight as possible and pull down! 4 sets of 20!

Then off to these things that always kill me! haha they seem easy but man! 30 reps and your abs will be screaming at you! BUT this is such a great strength go at your own pace...stop if you need to...and try to keep your back glued to that chair!

Next set up plyos jump squats you will see in the video I did a variation since well my leg is a disaster no jumping for me! get low and get that heart rate up!

YOU are done! That is a workout that Stacey loves to have us do..and heck she is an IFFBB Bikini pro...funny how we think things need to be so complicated ....there is no secret....just do the work...and be on to what I feel is the most important part of your training....

Now assuming you have been eating clean all day and took your vitamins! 
DID you know that a multi vitamin can actually boost your weight loss? I use the MFactor Goddess by +1st Phorm Hands down the best mulit I have used plus it gives me that extra boost of energy and DOES not make me sick! 
You can find it HERE. This link will also give you free shipping on all of the supplements and apparel when you use it. 

 I take these 3 times a day meal 1, meal 3, meal 5!

Ugh I WISH someone would have told me to take these 10 years ago! and that is why you always hear me talking about...ALWAYS... you can easily google omega fatty acid and see what the benefits are...I am here to tell you YOU SHOULD be taking this excuses...and if you want to get that boost to lose some weight...well you should be taking this... I mean I don't need to lower my blood sugar I don't think but if you do...Full Mega will help do this. These are capsules and one thing I LOVE is that I don't smell fish and I don't have an after taste like most of these do. They are easy to take and I notice a difference in my body, my hair, my conjunction with lots of water! I take 2 of these daily! if you follow My fitness pal you will see I take it with breakfast and dinner!
You want to find a fish oil from a company you trust is using the best quality ingredients...You can find the FULL MEGA HERE

Now this is not a must or even a need post workout or pre workout but when I am wanting to boost my energy and really get my fat burning up I take 1 capsule of the Bliss a day. I can see a visible difference in my stomach and my arms when I take this not to mention my energy is through the roof and I can get my night time workout in without struggling for energy! I take it with my lunch! EMAIL ME if you have more questions on any of these I am here to help!

NOW What do I do POST workout?

you can find it HERE
My personal favorites are CTC Loop de fruit and now Root beer float!

haha this picture should say everything! Now When I was on prep My coach took this out of my diet about 6 weeks out just FYI but to build this booty and get my shoulders and back to grow THIS my friends is the not so secret to my supplement stack and POST WORKOUT! I will use this as a shake with a little ice and ignition

What you do when you get done killing yourself in the gym will either help you or hinder your progress!!! Taking PHORMULA 1 and IGNITION together immediately after your workout is what is going to help build those muscles while helping in recovery as well. THIS is the best protein out there....and in my opinion the best flavors. They don't mix it with a bunch of nonsense and carbs and is 100% LACTOSE FREE in which case for me it does not make me feel sick or bloated...and more importantly I SEE the difference it has made...and if you guys have watched my journey just look at my booty before I started? haha 

PLEASE email me if you have questions about this as well. I can go on and on but bottom line stop wasting your money and time and give your body the best while you are giving your best...I know howmuch work it takes to buld muscle lose weight and have a life somewhere in between there...STOP wasting time thinking you can get around the basics. 

DID you know that the 1stphorm Transphormation Challenge is FREE? I mean you don't have to enter the contest crap just get the FREE meal plans and workouts on the site to start! Check out this post for more information on this or email me!

TAKE the proper supplementation and nutrition 
oh and have fun while you are at it!

 I also share my COSTCO grocery trip and my go to dinner CHICKEN STIR FRY! 

My dinner after a workout liked this will usually consist of 4 oz veggies, 4 oz chicken or protein, & 1/4 cup rice or 3 oz sweet potato or small red potatoes or even 2 small corn tortillas!

Let me know if this helped or if there is soemthing in particular you want me to go over in my next #Transphormation POST! I am back on my transphormation with you guys!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We were on the NEWS! #ThriftersAnonmyous Talks Summer Fashion from the Thrift Store in Las Vegas!

Hi friends! NEW VIDEOS are live on our Channel! Part 1 and Part 2 of our haul and weeding process after a long day of Spring Fashion Hunting at Deseret Industries! & guess what? All that fashion ended up on the news!!! I received a call asking me to feature my blog and thrifty fashion when I immediately called Edwina and decided this was going to be a TA moment! We both bring something unique and different and our ideas combined are well..magical in my eyes haha We are SO ready to SPREAD the #Thrifting LOVE across the world..I guess we will settle for Las Vegas! Here are some behind the scenes shots below and Make sure to check out PART 1 & PART 2 on Youtube!


Part 2

When we got there I was so nervous....I mean I LOVE being on television movies all that but for some reason this was so important to us and I wanted to make sure that I was myself and also sharing our creativity!
INSIDE the news room! It was so much fun it felt way to comfortable being in there!

I mean can you imagine...a monthly show or something sharing trends and fun finds for Vegas? Ugh one day friends one day you will see on your TV for will have to be through youtube! haha

Megan Tellis was adorable and made it so comfortable for us! like she was actually listening!!

Edwina was the perfect model and smized her way into everyones hearts while I CONVINCED everyone that belts SHOULD be used as chokers this summer! haha xoxo

So much joy and happiness in one photo!!

We made ourselves at home!!! haha WELCOME!!! Ugh can you imagine?

This dress is from our THRIFT HAUL at Deseret Industries!!! My Vintage Sex in the city Carrie Bradshaw special!

Edwina is also rocking her thrift finds!

Than you all of your love and support I know I keep saying it but it gets us through the day you have no idea!!! 

PLEASE TAKE LOOK at the FULL SEGMENT on channel 13! We want them to know the love we feel and hopefully they will see it and ask us back for more!!!!!!!!!!!

FULL channel 13 The Morning Blend SEGMENT on youtube



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