Find your FLOW with Alo Yoga #zapposstyle

Outfit Details
Alo Airbrushed Capri in volcano Lightning: c/o Zappos
Alo Trace Bra Garney in Volcano Black: c/o Zappos
Nike Genicco Shoes: c/o Zappos

If you can't tell I was feeling very "jumpy" as my hubby would say. Man I love dancing and when you are feeling the vibe there is something so awesome about just being free and not really caring what you are doing or how you are doing it. If you don't already know I am a dancer in a contemporary modern dance company here in town called Magical Madness Dance Theater and together we get to experiment and dance with a certain freedom that I never had before. Don't get me wrong I LOVED ballet...but sometimes you could just throw your hand up or flip your head back. I am also trying to find me zen and begin to take Yoga seriously.Not only for the purposes of relaxing but taking care of my body. 

The practice of Yoga go far beyond a workout and as I get older...womp womp...I need to really practice at least once a week...the stretching the focus...SO tonight is the the GLOW and FLOW event with ZAPPOS here in Las Vegas and I am using tonight as my catalyst to this beginning. I will take you along with me through my vlogging and blogging and hey if you are up for it let's do it together! I have only taken a few classes so I am a newbie too...but don't be afraid to start...I know have always been intimidated by the poses and such...but we will jump in together! If you missed yesterdays post I go into a few first steps to jump into things that scare really makes a world of difference. 

Oh and thank you for taking in all of these photos haha I really had a blast and the hubby did such a great job I had to share them!!! 

Here is my latest Vlog I got so many awesome pieces from ALO and I can't wait to wear them to EVERYTHING. 

Jumping into the fire with ALO Yoga Part 1 #zapposstyle

Outfit Details
Alo Cinder l s top: c/o Zappos
Alo Airbrushed Capri in volcano Lightning: c/o Zappos
Alo Trace Bra Garney in Volcano Black: c/o Zappos
Nike Genicco Shoes: c/o Zappos

Welcome back to my "I am officially in love with ZAPPOS athletic clothing" my last part to my GLOW & FLOW Event Series comes from ALO Yoga. Alo has completely inspired me. If you can't tell by the pictures..and wait there are more coming tomorrow I was dancing ALL OVER the neighborhood...jumping stretching...MAGIC happens when you put on a pair of leggings and feel as though you can fly.I said it before and I will say it again...ALL of your clothes should do that. Alo keeps it simple when they discuss what they are about. Inspired the LA Fashion and healthy-lifestyle, Alo was started by committed yogi's who have not only tested the designs for ease of movement but made sure you look good in them also. I recieved so many incredible pieces and I can't wait to dance in them also! The colors, the lines, the EVERYTHING. Stay tuned tomorrow and I will share more of the gorgeous sports bra!
Since we are still on this whole "finding balance situation let's talk about taking that leap of faith..jumping into the fire if you will..haha see how I did that? 

I think we all have that AHA moment. 

the moment where you just finally feel like you have had it and you just JUMP in knowing that you could get burned but also knowing that in order to really be happy you must go after what you truly want. I have watched family and friends take this full force and when I did I can tell you there were a few burns...but jumping into the fire created this AMAZING life I am living now. So lets talk about a few things you can do to really go after your dreams.I have talked about this before but here are a few tips.

1.  Write down whatever it is you want. the BIGGER the better. I will give you an example. 
I WANT TO BE THE NEXT 1stPHORM ATHLETE. Also set a deadline a few of them, and keep them within 2 weeks apart...
See. That easy

2.  DO things that get you closer to that goal as AUTHENTICALLY and PASSIONATELY as you can. Everything I do in hopes gets me closer to the dreams I have...with purpose.

3. If you hit a road block... just CHANGE DIRECTION & KEEPGOING...I must hit a block every other joke...I just use it as a street sign to make a left or a right. You very rarely get to your destination by going STRAIGHT. wait. that is an awesome quote haha hold on I'm gonna write that down. 

SO TELL me what are some of your tips to making your dreams come true? Do you JUMP IN? Have you? Tell me your story!!! I want to hear it and would love to feature you on my Youtube Channel and on this here blog! So make sure to tage me  @colorblindblog @1stphorm and use the hashtags #JUMPIN #colorblindFIT
You can see my post on JUGGLING YOUR DREAMS where I go into a little more detail on how I go about organizing all of my dreams haha I gotta lot so you gotta get them in order! 

You can watch my store here some of you have seen it for those who have not here ya go!

A Walk with Cozy Orange #zapposstyle

Outfit Details
Cozy Orange Isis Tank in Charcoal/Raven Black: c/o Zappos
Cozy Orange Aquarius Crops in Raven Black: c/o Zappos
Converse: Marshalls

Let's talk CARDIO shall we. man... cardio is one of those things that EVERYONE has an opinion on..EVERYONE. and I am here to tell you NO ONE is right.. NOT even me.. wanna know why? Because EVERY SINGLE PERSON is different. We all have different body shapes, different metabolism, different eating habits, genetics..I could keep going but I think you catch my drift. I went from from dancing 2 to 3 hours a day growing up... no one ever told me to not dance because I would lose a matter of fact.. I had TOO much muscle as a quads always took over got that from my mama and I absolutely loved it. Today.. I lift 5 days a week and basically do cardio every day. two years ago cardio was a BAD cardio is a good thing. So who is to tell me it is right. 
If there is anything I have learned through this fit journey is that YOU are the only one that can really know what is right for your body. Guidance from a coach is crucial to meeting certain goals...but they are a need to communicate with them and if they are a good coach they will listen. These past few years I have had a hard time with this and then it just clicked. 

I received these items from Zappos and Cozy Orange and I wanted to try them out once again gearing up fo the Glow & Flow Event this Thursday in Vegas!! So excited!! I woke up and went for a walk. No time limit, no calorie goal, no distance needed to be reached..It was weird at first...haha like why I am doing this..oh to just go for a walk...crazy I know.. I just went for a walk. I stopped and did some tri cep push ups along the way some random planks with any kind of form I wanted. I wore my chucks because I thought they looked cute and that was that. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it made. A WALK simply for a WALK. I managed to walk for 35 minutes and it felt amazing. I felt refreshed, I felt renewed and I am almost positive that that is the most important part of working out. So that is my advice for you if you are starting out and wonder what to do about cardio. I know there are more factors. BUT if you are starting out do what feels right and feels good. THEN you can start to identify which machines or what kind of cardio is best to meet your goals. We will go into that another time. 

NOW let's talk about these basics that I am officially hooked on. From the cropped pants that literally feel like my second skin to this totally cute tank that I wore once again ALL day while running errands. I felt cute and still felt sexy and not so frumpy in my workout clothes! Cozy Orange was developed for Yoga initially but I have to say I wore this on leg day and I was super comfortable! So don't get worried if you don't practice yoga everyday they are incredibly made clothes that will last you a long time. Much like I mentioned in my last post about the other items I always look at the philosophy of a company and the first thing I saw was 
THE FOUNDATION of YOUR WORKOUT. and that is exactly what I thought about these pieces! They also send me THIS sports bra which I am loving and will show in another post. These are ll go to pieces that I feel you should have in your Workout Wardrobe!

Lastly one of their missions is to extend beyond the apparel side but into their global communities where they are committed to making an impact in the war against poverty by donating  a portion of the proceeds to developing economies in third world countries. Now that is a MISSION I want to stand behind. 

Thank you ZAPPOS and Cozy Orange for supplying me with the foundation to my workouts and for helping me be a part of this incredible mission.

FINDING FAITH: Overnight Oats Recipe & Mason Jar Glasses DIY!

Hi everyone! What a great, and productive week! I got my pictures back from my competition, thought I would share some of my favorites.

I am now doing an off season program with my coach Kim Oddo. The focus is really to build more muscle, specifically in my glutes. So that means I have a little more freedom with my diet which has inspired me to create and try some new recipes. 

One that I LOVE is overnight oats. Even my family loves this one! It is super easy, you can use any frozen fruit, I wasn't crazy about strawberry, but blueberry was great, and so was cherry. To make overnight oats, place ingredients in a mason jar. I used 1/3 c oats, 1/3 c almond milk, 1/4 c Greek yogurt, 1/4 banana, 1/3 c frozen berries, 10 drops vanilla liquid stevia (see pic for my favorite). You don't have to count out the drops, I use about 1/2 dropper full. Then just stir and shake and refrigerate overnight!
I had these redneck wine glasses, which then inspired me to make more. I have included pics of how to DIY, probably the easiest thing I've ever made.
To make these, all you need are mason jars (I had a couple already but I saw a TON at the thrift store for 75 cents), candlestick holders (dollar store), and E-6000 glue (any craft store, Wal-mart, etc.) just put a line of the glue around the top of the candlestick holder, place and center glue side down on to bottom of mason jar, press and hold for about 30 seconds to a minute. Wipe of access glue (I just used my fingers), and place in a well ventilated area to dry overnight. EASY!

Another fun thing I did this week was use these new gold temporary tattoos I got at The Sweat Store. I'm in love with these! I even got my step-daughter and her friends involved. I will definitely be using these again in the future. Next time I think I will try silver.

I also started cleaning out my art studio (I call it the Art Barn), and I involved my family in on painting creative words on the door. My goal is to have my studio ready by next week (pics to come) so that I can finish my family portrait that I have been working on. I have been going to another artist's studio and working there, but since I am STARTING A NEW JOB (more to come on that too, very excited!), I really need to have my own studio available.

Anyway, lots of exciting changes that will keep me very busy, which is good. Seeing everything that Shana does encourages me that it is possible. We actually talked about this the other day, it seems that the less free time we have, the more we actually get done. Probably because procrastination is not an option.

Hopefully you are inspired to create and try new things this week! We would love to see what you are doing, so send us pics! And if you try any of my ideas, tell us how it turned out!

Creatively yours,


Glow & Flow SOYBU #zapposstyle

Outfit Details
Soybu Flex Tank in Orchard: c/o Zappos
Soybu Allegro Leggings in Fresco: c/o Zappos
Soybu Braided Headband: c/o Zappos
Nike Shoes: Marshalls

Sometimes you have to put on some color to bring the color back into your life. These past few days have been rough, but the one thing that is constant is that life goes on and each day I wake up feeling a sense of renewal. You guys know that I have never been a Yoga gal...I danced classical ballet for over 18 years so you would think yoga would come naturally but I think it intimidates me a bit. I leaned more towards lifting weights and kick boxing but lately I have really been trying to find that necessary balance and flow. You know that feeling in life when things just all make sense and there is that peace inside. I am so honored to be working closely with Zappos for the Glow & Flow Event happening in Vegas. Partnering with companies such as SOYBU. 

Just like my supplements, I am picky about companies I choose to work with and or represent..not only in my bloggy life but in real life.  We INVEST in our clothes and pieces we choose to wear every day. Fitness apparel is not only supposed to guide you through your workout but it should make you feel inspired. ALWAYS. Seriously... get rid of the clothes you are not inspired by is rule #1. Soybu's vision of empowering women like myself to feel stylish and feminine but still be able to wear eco friendly designs and hold on to them for a long time is important and was so inspiring to me! When I read the companies philospohy, which I often do when I am looking for workout clothes, I was immediately drawn to them. They believe a FULL life is about balance, and boy is that right. I work full time, I workout full time, and I like to have FUN full time.let's just say it isn't easy. Designs that bring all of this together is ALL I want to wear. 

The pants are so soft and I could probably wear them all day.. as a matter of fact.I DID. Grocery shopping, to the gym, and back home for Meal Prep Sunday...I rocked this outfit till my hubby told me to take it off...enough is enough. haha oh and I am kinda digging the headband. Umm I might need more of these.

Can't wait to show you more of my Glow & Flow Style and if you are attending the Zappos event let me know! Would love to meet you say hello and find that #StrengthBalanceBeauty together!

For more inspiration check out the ZAPPOS Pinterest Page for outfit ideas and inspiration for the event!!!

If you want to see what I got you can check out my latest VLOG on my Youtube channel!


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