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Friday, August 12, 2016

Back to School at Deseret Industries: Come Thrifting With Us in Vegas #ThriftersAnonymous

We are back! We are so excited for another Come Thrifting With Us and this time it is a special one! We are back at Deseret Industries for a Back to School Edition! We had so much fun shopping for the kiddos! We could not believe all the fabulous finds we found! 
Below is PART 1 on youtube! Make sure to Like Share and leave us a comment on what video you want to see next!!! Scroll down for part 2!


Hope you Enjoy! 

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

#FindingFaith: Bracelets with a Cause

Hi friends! This week I'm going to share with you my love for bracelets. Especially bracelets with a cause and bracelets handmade by my friends. These are just some of the bracelets I have and love. 
My favorite bracelet cause right now is definitely 3 Strands. They give jobs to victims of human trafficking and raise awareness of this epidemic. Here is a link to their website. Also, check out this video, brought tears to my eyes! These are the bracelets I own...

Next on the list for favorite bracelets with a cause., especially the ME to WE Rafikis.  Each bracelet is handmade with love by a woman in Kenya, empowering her to earn a living and create a better future for her family and her community. There is even a code you can enter from your purchase that tracks your impact.
Another favorite bracelet of mine was made my my dear friend and mentor, Tsikki Thau. I believe she has some for sale at Innovative Healing on Ann Rd. She also started Offir's Dream, a charity whose mission is to provide a loving support system to the ill and terminally ill and raise awareness for brain cancer research in honor of her brother who died from brain cancer. Here is her website. 
And last but not least, my braided parachute cord (paracord) bracelet made with love by my stepdaughter's boyfriend. Thanks Dawson! It's not only stylish, but it is considered to be survival gear because of its many uses. I found this online to explain more about what you can use paracord for and how to make your own bracelet. You can even donate bracelets that you make for Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude annually sends 250,000+ care packages filled with snacks, entertainment, hygiene products, handmade items, plus personal letters of appreciation to New Recruits, Veterans, First Responders, individually-named U.S. Service Members deployed overseas, Wounded Heroes and their caregivers.
Until next time I leave you with this...
Creatively yours,


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Celebrating a World of Culture at The Boulevard

Edwina and I were so excited to check out the Las Vegas World Arts & Fashion Festival at The Boulevard a few weeks ago! This event is put on to increase awareness and promote the traditional and folk music and dances of the world providing educational artistic programs. We love the fact that The Boulevard has taken a step to bring us together! Both Edwina and I played in the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra and I have been dancing almost all my life, so this is important to us!!!  

These kids were so talented and we were so inspired by the fashion!!! We even talked about maybe doing a whole come thrifting with us inspired by it! Most of these kids traveled from Mexico to perform and wow did they put on a performance!!! you can check out a quick video we shot of all of the performers!! 

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See you there!!

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Shana & Edwina


Thursday, August 04, 2016

Finding Faith: Pursuit of Happiness

Hi friends! My apologies for not posting last week, lots of personal issues to deal with, but this week things seem to be back on track. I've been working on a book of collaged elements and sayings inspired by Brave Girls Club. It's called "hello, believe in yourself.

The first page starts with a tab labeled, "I am free to make a change" and the page collage with Dear Authentic Me, free your soul, I am free to notice beauty, good fortune, and everything is going to work out beautifully. (Pass it on). There is a tab that opens, and inside are the things I am free to do that might not seem good for me. This was really a way of dropping judgements and allowing myself to not have to be "perfect" all the time. 

Giving myself the power to choose, knowing I'm not powerless in my choices. Good or bad I get to decide. That made me feel a little less enslaved to "bad decisions". I am free to numb myself out...even when it will keep things as they are. I am free to disappear for a while...even when others expect more from me. I am free to be selfish...even when others might not like me. I am free to be reckless...even though it might hurt me. I am free to blame...even though it would keep me stuck. I am free to eat junk food...even when I know it's not the right choice. I am free to walk away from it...even when others might reject me. I am free to shame...even when it might make things worse. I am free to resist...even though it might hurt my life. I am free to admit how I feel, I am free to give up, I am free to say no, I am free to say yes...even when I don't know how it will turn out.

The second page has a tab that reads, "I can make and keep boundaries". This is often a challenge for me. Elements collaged on this page include, I am free to ask for what I need, making boundaries is an act of love, you are worth taking care of, today I will be brave enough to enforce my boundaries, I can make self-care a habit instead of a luxury, I will protect my soul, ...even when others might get mad at me.

Page three has a tab "I will stay peaceful". The page reads, I will spread peace everywhere, I protect my peace, no one has the right to hurt you, I will behave in ways that keep my heart at peace, I will do what brings me peace of mind, bliss, and I can create peaceful places.

Page four is "I am free to speak up". I am free to let go, I am free to honor how I feel, she is doing her very best, it's all ok, I don't have to hold the world up, ...even when it seems too selfish.

Page five is labeled "I am free to live how I live". I am free to be who I am, I can connect deeply with others when I don't hide, you are good enough, it is so important to surround yourself with souls who believe in you, I can ask for help, and do not allow others to take advantage of your weaknesses.

I find collage to be an extremely therapeutic and meditative practice. Using chip board books, decorative papers, found objects and ephemera with pictures and sayings. It also gives me something to look at and ponder on days I need a little encouragement.

I leave with this thought...

Until next time!

Creatively yours,


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kids at heart! Shana & Edwina's Adventures at John's Incredible Pizza in Las Vegas!

THAT IS RIGHT!!! WE ARE BACK!!! We filmed our whole adventure at John's Incredible PIZZA oh and for all of you visiting it IS RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO GOODWILL at The Boulevard Mall! I know perfect!! WATCH Our adventure dancing laughing and well lots of #Shenanigans! We appreciate all of your support! Make sure you like and share the video and don't forget to subscribe to The Boulevard's Youtube channel!!!

We are so excited to share our latest adventure here in Las Vegas!! Edwina and I had the pleasure of well being a kid! How often do we get to do that right? I mean I absolutely love it when my friends invite me to join them on their adventures with their kids but sometimes you just wanna be one again!

We were greeted by this friendly face and we could not wait!

We opted for old school tickets or when we win and we grabbed our funcard with our points and were off!!
From Ski Ball

To old school games...haha our stress level already dropped!

CHECK out this 30 second clip of OUR FAVORITE game there! It was a Dancing game and we freaking loved it! haha it was a workout! Who needs cardio when you can dance!!!!! You will love this video! I promise!

Then it was time to ride this thing and oh my gosh I laughed so hard!!

See that round thing well you spin it while the ride goes around!! hah I know it was a blast!

Cosmic golf!!
Cosmic bowling!!

It was time to eat! They have a huge selection and since well I just don't eat lactose anymore I know...I was so excited to see such a huge salad bar! With our package it is was an all you can eat buffet so that made for some fun times!!

I made the largest salad and finished it off with some balsamic!

So many selections of pizza! Nacho cheese pizza, traditional..all made to order and if they don't have what you want they will make it fresh! I ended up trying the PESTO Veggie pizza and removed the cheese! IT WAS AMAZING!!! Like home made goodness!! I RECOMMEND that one in particular if you guys ever go!

It was time to find a seat and there are so many rooms to choose from!! I LOVED the themed rooms! We ended up choosing this one in particular!

Here is a 30 second video of a quick tour of all of the themed rooms!!

Did I mentioned they serve wine and beer? Yeah don't worry we will be going back very soon I am seeing a GIRLS day for sure!!

As you can see we finished our plates! i didn't even eat the baked potato!

We were both so happy! haha

We did manage to make it to the dessert aisle check out The Boulevard YouTUBE to see more of that!

and then it was time for photos!!!

We were laughing so hard....YOU HAVE TO WATCH our video to see what happened but this was hilarious! If you are following The Bouolevard on Youtube you would have seen what happened during this childrens Photobooth!!! HERE is a link to their channel
andd here is the quick 30 second video of the photobooth! haha remember this is a photobooth that children can do...

We had an absolute blast and just wanted to thank all of John's Incredible for being so welcoming and allowing us to film and act a fool!!! If you haven't checked them out it is a must for the whole family!!! 

SEE you on our next adventure!!

Make sure you are following The Boulevard They are slowly but surely renovating the whole mall spcial thank you to Roland Sansone and the whole team at the mall for all they are doing to bring the community together!!!

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