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hi friends. 
Well I have promised that I would share some of my every day make up and hair with you guys for over a year now..and while I still am not happy with the video it is real life haha I am usually in a rush and don't have a whole lot of time to get if you are interested in my every day make up and hair routine then watch my latest Youtube Video! I promise these will get better! haha anything else you wanna see let me know!!

I also wanted to talk about this flat iron. It was sent to me by Irresistible Me and while I am not one to accept a lot of things I really wanted to find a flat iron that I was comfortable using and well I thinkI did!  

The iron doesn't look like a lot and as a matter of fact I thought it felt a little light and flimsy at first...but later I realized that this is what made it so nice to use.

Ok so here is a little bit about this iron, if you want to learn more you can find more info HERE

First thing I loved when I turned it on was the fact that it was digital! I could read the temperature and control it! I don't use a lot of heat on my hair and ever since I died it red I really try not to. The coating on the ceramic plates is made out of crushed diamond particles...yeah you heard me! haha I din't really get it until I read a little bit more about how this mixture of tourmaline and diamond protects your hair locking in your natural oils, color and for me has kept my hair feeling shiny and less frizzy then my other flat irons I have tried! if you watched my video I didn't even blow dry my hair so it was pretty frizzy and when I got done it was so shiny and lasted for about 4 days!!!
Now it isn't the cheapest flat iron but it certainly isn't the most expensive and you guys can get a discount as I have asked them to give me a code! 
just USE IrresistibleShana

So some of my favorite features on this thing are well the plates and the digital temp as well as the cord that swivels since I am always multi tasking while doing my hair! haha I also love the fact that it is light and the grip is super easy to hold! I am also rushing and the iron gets super hot within seconds and that is HUGE! I will do a few more videos of me using it but I am finally happy to say that I stand by this flat iron and can not wait to try other tools from hair is all mine I know they have great extensions but maybe I will try the curling iron too!!! 

Have you guys tried this yet? If so let me know! until then! 

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Rocksbox in my mailbox

So by now you have probably heard me talking about RocksBox whether it has been on my Youtube or Instagram or the blog...They contacted me about...well a while ago... I would rather not say since it has been so freaking long..for Rocksbox if you are reading I am sorry and I suck at timeliness lately haha BUT on the upside I finally OPENED the darn box and discovered what this Jewelry phenomenon was all about.
I will be honest, I am not one for subscriptions...but I do love me some mail...I don't spend a lot on jewelry and most of my jewelry is either from my mom, grandma, Ross/TJ Maxx, or the thrift store.  

Look at that, they even know my name! So basically here is how it works.. 

1. You take a quiz...just like many where they ask you questions based on your style...helps them identify what kind of style you have to identify what kind of jewelry you like..
2. Rocksbox send you 3 pieces to wear on loan...key word LOAN...they are not yours even if you secretly want to keep them...haha Where the piece as long as you want...
3. Return the pieces anytime you want to get 3 new pieces...

It is $19 a month for the subscription...and I am thinking I will try one more go around. I so appreciate them sending me this as I wouldn't have done it on my own... If you guys want to try it for yourself you can get one month free with the code they gave me for your guys...if you do sign up then they will give me some funds to towards my jewelry and then you can do the same...

One Free Month with Code: shanabff18

They come in these little baggy's and I must say they are really nice pieces...they didn't feel cheap and were sterling silver or at least I think they were...either way here are the 3 I got below..

Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Bangle

 Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace in Sterling Silver
 Sophie Harper Pavé Ball Studs in Silver

At first I wasn't exactly thrilled...they are totally not what I would have picked out...but I thought hey they sent me this to try so I will TRY. So I did... I usually gravitate towards gold...but I was kinda digging the silver... 

I will say this bracelet was adorable but I must have stabbed myself like 5 times and Edwina at least once with it....I won't be buying it..but it looks awesome.

the necklace seemed to go with everything...who would have thought!

The earrings are also really subtle and just enough sparkle for me when I feel like being understated.... thoughts are...THIS is such a fun idea and really helped me think about accessories more since I often will fall in love with them and never wear's not for everyone but hey it's fun! I am a thrifter at heart so maybe this is the best way to get my hands on designer jewels! 

Can't wait to share my next box and let me know if you want me to film the next one!! xoxo also make sure to share with me as I would love to see what you got!
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love you guys!
special thank you to +Stacie Frazier  for snapping these shots! for a full outfit post on this look you can check out my last blog post HERE!

Kim K Starter Kit

All photos taken by the lovely +Stacie Frazier  of Haute Shots Boudoir Photography
Outfit Details
Ronny Kobo Dress: Marshalls (Similar Dress in Red)
Coach Metallic Leather Turnlock Clutch : Gifted by my sister!! here is on sale! (Same Clutch)
Zara Caged Heels: Zara 
Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Bangle: RocksBox 
Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace in Sterling Silver: RocksBox
Sophie Harper Pavé Ball Studs in Silver: RocksBox
USE CODE shanabff18 for one Free Month of Rocksbox! I am working on a review of this!

You are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about when I say Kim K started kit unless you follow my youtube channel and come thrifting with us. I was on the hunt for a sexy black dress for an event I was going to work...sadly it didn't happen but I did end up with this dress. Marshals is my GO TO when I need that special something. If you haven't been then you probably don't know what I mean, but basically my mom my sister and I always used to go there if we had somewhere to be..designer clothes for my kind of thrifty prices. I spotted two of these dresses hanging one was large and one was small. I grabbed the large and looking at it on my I should have grabbed the small..notice the gathering in the front and on the sides ahh well..I might have a friend who could rock this...hint hint.. anyway back to the dress...its by Ronny Kobo who I had remembered hearing about I quickly did a search on my phone inside Marshalls and 
bam...almost every pic was Kim Kardashian 
apparently she is a fan
am I hitting the Kim K pose?
I can see hugged my booty just right and made me feel all kinds of sexy...It was almost $200 off the original price and I grabbed it and ran...I love it when that happens... I am not sure where I will wear it I ended up wearing it to a date night with my hubby and my girl Edwina., that video will be up soon on my Youtube channel! 
until then here is a quick behind the scenes of my shoot with +Stacie Frazier and a quick grocery shopping at Sprouts! and stay tuned I will talk more about these Rocksbox pieces!

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Where Fashion Meets the Rock

Outfit Details
Dress: Thrifted 
Calvin Klein Purse: c/o Marshalls
Steve Madden Fringly Heels: Zappos
Watch: Jord Woodwatches (Can be found HEREWatch Gift Ideas
Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Bangle: RocksBox 
Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Bangle
USE CODE shanabff18 for one Free Month of Rocksbox! I am working on a review of this!
Green Bracelet: Vintage My hubby's grandma's
Leather Bracelet: Israel

So, I haven't done a whole lot of outfit photos lately...and it's not because I haven't been wearing outfits...sadly lately I haven't been all that inspired by fashion...or at least that was the case for the first part of this year...maybe it is all the fitness and working out that has me all over leggings and tennis shoes...but as of late I have been thrifting game is STRONG and I am back...inspired and ready to outfit post all over this blog! I met up with +Stacie Frazier recently to not only work on a couple of shoots but just catch up and talk about all things life, passions and work...somehow we always get wrapped up in our dreams of what we know could be and what we don't know at all. 

I am excited about the next 6 months and what is to come. I got an email yesterday that literally had me falling off my chair, and this morning I met with someone to work on something I have been working on for months...things are really coming together and I have never been more inspired...NOW that may not have anything to do with my outfit in this post...but it has a lot to do with the smile that is plastered on my face. 

I have worn this dress every weekend for 2 months. 
I paid all of $5 for it at Goodwill in Dallas
and it was the best $5 I have ever spent. 
and if you saw my last post on these shoes..then you know how I feel about them..more to come from Downtown Summerlin...this is where these photos were taken...until then...hopefully you are getting inspired by something...I am thinking 2015 is going to be one of my know..the ones that always remain that point where you realize YOU have found who YOU are...

ok gotta run...big plans this weekend....Can't wait to share the big news!! 



Photography by +Haute Shots 

So, as I get re-inspired for Summer to Fall, ok let's face it...more summer here in Vegas...and there is always a reason to wear heels with fringe I thought I would blog a little bit more about everything. When invest in a fashion piece whether it be a pair of shoes, a jacket, or even a purse I like to really wear it till i get sick of it. I mean that is why you buy something right? I'm not the blogger who always has something new may see some new items but I have my go to's and I thought I would share them just a little bit more on this blog. 

So, Today I am talking about fashion in particular shoes. I have 3 categories

The first shoe is the go to "Get the crap out the house" shoe that is not only comfortable but still stylish and easily transitioned to work or a night out.

The second is my "WOW those are hot shoes" that really can only withstand about 2 to 3 hours of standing at the most with a detour of sitting for most of the time.  That is where these fall FYI

The third shoe is a tennis shoe or flat shoe that is really meant for comfort though all of my tennis shoe still represent my style. I like comfort but I don't feel like you have to sacrifice style...more power to the CROC wearers..but it just ain't me! haha

Black and Nude are my go to's and when I am going to invest some money in a shoe those are the colors I flock need to spend an absorbent amount of money (in my eyes over $100 I ain't buying a shoe for $3,000 ) on a shoe that is too trendy or filled with color that isn't a go to. AND what about this fringe? I never thought I even liked fringe...then I saw it is soooo sexy right? ugh you will see haha I will do an outfit video in it soon!!! I need it!!!

Zappos is a great go to for me when I am looking for a style that is A, usually sold out and B a shoe I don't know will work...I can always return it and I know the quality will be there. There are some gorgeous colors available I was in love with blue ones but I will stick with the neutrals for now! Anyway these heels are quickly becoming my "WOW" shoes and I know that they will look good with almost anything...I may not be able to walk a mile in them but as long as I look good standing I'm ok with it for now! haha

Stay tuned for my outfit of the day and let me know if you want to see more of my new loves for summer and spring!! I will also be featuring some of my Monthly favorites on my youtube channel you can check it out HERE! I also share on my Instagram, Facebook, and now on Periscope at @Shanaemily !!


Am I REALLY taking care of myself?

Outfit Details
Mermaid Leggings from PIBA use code SHANA10%OFF at checkout

Hi friends...
I have been working like crazy to get caught up on emails, Youtube, this blog, my workouts, my life haha needless to say certain things get pushed away...and sometimes it isn't always the things that should be pushed away. The one thing I have always loved about this blog is that I am always going to be real with you guys...sharing my ups and sharing my downs...lots of feelings on things products etc... these past 3 years I have spent every day on my health...
here comes the irony. and you are all going to kill me if I don't do it to myself.
While I have been providing my body with the best it can get i have NOT been taking care of myself as I should.
When my mom was going through her last year and half I became unbelievably and uncontrollably terrified of the doctor. yep...I can't even explain it...its like I want to get everything done before they tell me well Shana
You are gonna die.
I know I know
i sound ridiculous and quite frankly a little childish. Did I mention that I am a health benefits broker...I mean I spend my days advocating health care getting physicals...and I AM TOO Scared to go? What?
My mom was my reminder, my "Shana did you get your physical?" 
With National Girlfriends Day this Saturday I have decided that if I can inspire you then maybe I can inspire myself. Today I will be making an appt with the doc to not only get a physicial, but my annual and everything listed below. I will take you guys with me....
ok not inside the room but I will VLOG my experience and hold myself accountable...because no matter if I am totally healthy or not..I know that it needs to be done...

My hope is that I can also spark this in you...whether it is a doctors appt, eating foods that enrich your body, taking a multivitimin (THIS one is my go to), going for a walk, drinking plenty of water, or just simply getting enough sleep...I encourage you all to take a look at the chart below in the graphic by Oscar Health Insurance Company and make sure you are taking care of yourself, then pass this along to your best girlfriend :O)

thanks for listening...You can follow me on my fitness journey on my YOUTUBE channel! HERE!

My #SummerUniform & An Update!

Outfit Details

Silk leopard blouse: Thrifted Salvation Army
Shorts: H&M (Similar)
Wedges: Nine West Marshalls (Black & Brown Version)
Backpack: Steve Madden Ross (I also love this one!)
Watch: Jord Woodwatches (Can be found HERE)
Watch Gift Ideas
Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Bangle: RocksBox 
USE CODE shanabff18 for one Free Month of Rocksbox! I am working on a review of this!

Aside from the fact you haven't seen a normal outfit from me on here in a while, I am feeling pretty happy to be blogging again and I have been working on revamping this thing finally. If won't be for a while but until then I will be back to posting my outfits, recipes, and more! 

So let's talk about my #SummerUniform It mainly consists of these shorts, these wedges and that watch... I have so many amazing pieces in my wardrobe but for some reason I am a creature of habit and comfort. If I like something and I like how it looks on me I wear it often...I mean why not..I am not the girl who never wears something twice...because quite frankly that isn't realistic and just doesn't make sense. 

When I love something I LOVE it...i e 
these shorts 
this watch
these wedges. 
The wedges are so comfortable I am thinking of getting the black ones I listed above...

Do you ever want to get every color of something you love..I am definitely one of those people...Also been loving this Wood Watch, I am not one to wear a watch but I haven't taken this one off!! I also like my shorts a little big so they sit comfortably I always size up.

Thrifting with Edwina has enabled me to stumble on some great finds like this blouse and we have been on our filming game! Please check out our channel on Youtube called THRIFTERS ANONYMOUS HERE don't forget to subscribe for more of our thrifting adventures and styling videos! I have also been filming up a storm on my other channel and I am loving it! I am going to be filming some hauls and reviews soon which will be a little different for me but I think will be a lot of fun. So if there is something in particular you want to see let me know! I have a lot of people ask about Rocksbox so when they approached me to try their box I said yes..will let you know how it is! 

I am also still anwering question on diet and supplements so please email me at I am a little behind on email still so thank you for your patience!!! ISRAEL was amazing so stay tuned for pics and video from my trip!

Lastly I just joined Periscope...still not quite sure what I am going to do with it but I know we will be taking everyone on a LIVE thrifting adventure so make sure to follow me! @ShanaEmily 

Until next time! 


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