Thursday, November 24, 2016

Goodwill, Kiosks, & Our TOP PICKS |Black Friday Shopping Guide Part 2 | The Boulevard

We are back friends! PART 2 of EPISODE 2 Our Black Friday Shopping Gift Guide inside The Boulevard Mall !!! IT IS THANKSGIVING!!! We are just so Thankful for all of your guys for all of your support throughout whatever Shenanigan we share! 

Check our part 2 We venture off into more parts of the mall for ideas! You can watch the Video HERE:

Don't forget some of the kiosks! These phone cases were adorable!  So many choices!

The next place we found WAS THE FIND of ALL FINDS!! Seriously...

We found some amazing fragrances and we are not talking about old perfume these are new!!!
I found Eternity for men something my hubby wanted and they were selling it for $50 even on sale at Macy's it is $100!!
One of my favorites and one that I have been wanting and probably should just buy is this Victor & Rolf umm do you see the price difference??
SCORE!! I got a few gifts!

We found ourselves inside EVER ONCE again for the NEW NEW You can't tell but this sweater has massive holes in it and I love it! haha Edwinas is also really cute might have to go back and get both!

GOODWILL!!!!! We had to go into Goodwill but what we wanted to share are all of the ideas for GIFT WRAPPING! Seriously the socks the dog gifts can all go in these boxes baskets and vintage tins! So many great finds!

They were all set for Christmas Decor and Gifts!

We hope you enoyed this series! Make sure to check out the video on The Boulevard's Youtube Channel Like, Share, & SUBSCRIBE! It helps us so much!!! Let us know what you want our next episode to be!!


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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Friday Shopping Guide Part 1 | The Boulevard

Hi friends! We are back again this time Sharing our BLACK FRIDAY shopping guide! We thought it would be fun to take you shopping with us as we check out what unique gift ideas and all the sales that will be happening this Friday! We found so many unique stores and so many deals!!

If you want to watch our first episode Check it out here:

Our first stop was Olivias haha I mean we can not resist it seriously! haha 

We ordered our normal Steak and Chicken Tacos chips and salsa!

Our first stop was this store called Gift collections! THIS PLACE is unreal! We had never gone in before but I am so glad we did!
 Everything was on sale and there were so many cool items inside! Stay tuned for Part 2 for more!
 Old Navy was our next stop everything was 75% off and on Black Friday they are doing an even bigger deal! Cute clutches!

 The scarf collection was really cure too! Lots of t-shirts and more!
 We ventured on over to ICON authentic and come to find out Dennis Rodman was there!! Always something exciting going on at The Bouelvard haha this place is such a cool place and if you are looking for a unique gift idea for someone special they have so many autographed pieces and they even do custome framing!!

 The next place has to be one of our favorites! We are definitely going back for gifts!!

 I mean how cute are these socks???

 Myth is brand new and we were so impressed with this little hidden gem. The owner was there and told us all about his passion! More to come on his store but men's fitness apparel and accessories we were in love!
 You guys know we love Urban Necessities and they are also doing a HUGE Black Friday $40 shoe sale!! He has designer pieces and custom shoes we love this place!

 Victorias Secret always has the cutest holiday pieces so we had to check it out!
 Loved the sports wear and waeer bottles
 The slippers were so cute and the PJ's are adorable!

 Bath & Body Works was all stocked up with some of the cutest soap holders and they are also going to be a having a huge sale! We loved the pearl holders as well as the scrubs!!! Check out the video for more!
 Macy's was filled with glitter and sequin and so many new Betsy Johnson specials! WE loved it all!

 These ponchos were adorable!

 and if you are looking for MAC there is one inside Macy's!
 JcPenny was actually filled with holiday gifts! We realized we rarely go there!

 We were in LOVE with these head wraps!!!

Hope you got inspired and enjoyed our fun shopping trip! Part 2 will be up tomorrow!!! 

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