FindingFaith: Surround yourself with Inspiration!

Hi friends! 
Hope all is well with everyone! Today I thought I would share some pics of things I have around my home that constantly inspire me. Some I have made, some my mother made, some are just positive words on my wall or decorations friends have gotten me. (Like the Faith sign from Shana I just got for my birthday). I hope you enjoy, and that it inspires you to find your own ways to surround yourself with positive affirmations!

Stay blessed friends! Next week I will share some of the fine art I have created!

Creatively yours,


The Case of the I don't Wanna's: 2 Signs that you need a change in your workout!

So excited to be sharing my first blog post on THE SWEATSTORE Blog! Head on over to the website Link HERE w
Where we are talking about identifying when you need a change, some of the ways I keep myself motivated and changes I have made in my routine!

I am so excited to be sharing Fitness, Fashion, and health related topics there weekly, so make sure to ask me anything you want discussed! You can Tweet me at @shanaemily Send me a message on Instagram @colorblindblog or email me at I think this will be a great way to share and also get inspired!

If you guys don't know The Sweat Store is one of my favorite places to visit here in Las Vegas for Unique fitness fashion, great quality pieces and some of the cutest Accessories!! I have gotten my tanks there as well as some of my favorite shorts and jewelry. I will have more fashion posts sharing some of their new winter pieces but until then check them out. I did a whole feature HERE if you want to see more.
Hope you are having an awesome Day! xoxo

Layering The Little Black Dress with Modcloth

Autum Layers with Modcloth

Hi Friends!

So Modcloth reached out to me recently to create my favorite layering pieces using their Fall and Winter pieces. Since I would normally be drawn to jeans I was pleasantly surprised how excited I got about this little black dress. I don't know if it is age or what but I feel like I have reverted back to when I was 8 and all I wanted to wear were dresses and sequins!

Modcloth if you guys didn't know is an online boutique with so many unique pieces...from vintage inspired to modern accessories, shoes, jackets, dresses and so much more. If there was a store that described my style it would be Modcloth. A mixture of everything, they carry really great quality pieces and some of my favorite brands like Seychelles! I always find something I LOVE! This Winter I am absolutely obsessed with anything plaid. The wrap coat with the faux fur could be my favorite I have found to date...and I am loving the cardigans..I live in Vegas so layering is a must since it could be hot or freezing! I have also decided I will be wearing tights this winter...I always love them but never find myself wearing you see the bears on these tights? haha I know..and let's not forget my love for cats...cats on shirts, cats on sweaters..and this scarf!! THIS SCARF!! I wearing more hats and accessorizing just a bit more, I am excited to layer it up all winter and really play with texture and print...and you MIGHT see me wearing that jacket... a lot...

Let's just say this could be a great BIRTHDAY wish list... What are some of your favorite layering pieces? Have you guys ever shopped on Modcloth? How would you describe your style? I am definitely a Vintage sporty Chic with a touch of modern...haha TODAY that is...we will see what I am tomorrow!

You can find all of these selections on the website   You can also find a huge selection of cardigans HERE Let me know what your favorites are!!

FindingFaith: Grateful

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend and holiday! Mine was amazing, but I'm not going to lie, I have had a rough week. But then I got these pics back from my 10 year anniversary/vow renewal. And realized how much I have to be grateful for...

We all need to be reminded to see the good sometimes. I am very blessed to have some amazing people in my life. Friends and family. As well as extended family. I was also fortunate enough to have attended a lecture by my art mentor Robert Beckmann at UNLV with another wonderful young lady, Sammy, that is like a daughter to me. I was blessed to have Robert introduce me during the lecture, met some of his amazing and talented friends, and had an incredible time after just catching up.

Another thing that makes me smile...
The magic spiral!! Thanks to my stepson Landon for that! Makes the perfect sweet potato chips!!
Just pop them in the oven on a cookie sheet with a little cooking spray at 400 till crispy! The WHOLE family LOVED them!

Creatively Yours,

Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! Black Friday Goodwill of Las Vegas!

Thrifters Anonymous Member of the  Week is Lindsey of 
Thrift and Shout

Express dress: thrift $6, clutch: thrift $2, bracelets: Forever 21 $5, shoes: thrift $4

If you have been following me for a while you know I am a huge fan of this young lady. Not only is she one of my thrifting sisters but I just love her style! She is sharing fun holiday outfits on her blog and I am loving this $17 outfit! The perfect example that it doesn't have to cost much to look festive and fabulous. Thanks for sharing as always Lindsey love! If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous you can check it our HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can go thrifting withe me...I will be updating videos soon!Don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!!! I always try to post some finds out and about when I can...@colorblindblog

NEW VIDEO is up!!! Make sure to like and subscribe!

We went to Goodwill on the second half of our Black Friday Thrifting adventure! We didn't find a ton of stuff but I found a few pieces I love! and well we had fun as always!!! 

Did you guys do any thrifting?? Please share and thank you all for your support! You can find us on Intagram @colorblindblog and @edwina702

Love you guys!
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