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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vegas to St. Louis: 1stPhorm Summer Smash Day 1

Hi friends! I am back trying to re vamp this here website yet again but until then I wanted to share my #SummerSmash Experience now that I have more vlogs up on my Youtube Channel! Day 1 to St Louis was awesome! We ended up staying at the HOST hotel which was great and rented a car for pretty cheap! We got into town around 3am so it made it hard to wake up and go to this workout but I was up and ready to go in my PIBA Hulk Leggings! haha PS. I have a discount code if you guys wanna get these and many more! SHANA10%OFF 

FitCity was the host gym for the #phamily workout and I was so nervous for some reason...I hadn't yet met a lot of the 1stphorm team actually let me rephrase that I had never met ANY of the 1stphorm team so I was like a small child who was asked to perform and well basically giggled...haha it was slightly my vlog to witness the shenanigans! 

You can Watch Day 1 Part 1 and Part 2 below!
Hope you enjoy! I had such a blast and I am more motivated than ever!! xoxo
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Mike Trotter was the first athlete I got to meet and I was so excited! He was so sweet and it felt as though I had known him for years!!

haha you know I had to represent TA with my sequin chucks...haha I did the most...haha

I spotted Emily Frisella who has inspired me more than she knows...I have actually made several of her recipes that I have yet to share since I am so behind on editing I am hoping we will collaberate soon on some fun recipe ideas so stay tuned...but this is me getting a picture with her without interupting her workout...Emily..if you are watching haha love you girl

This is Aaron and he has been such a positivve and inspiring part of the phamily and has really been there for me. He is so knowledgeable and is always there to answer any questions I have. I feel as though we are always learning and it is so important to continue to do so! Thank you Aaron! You kicked some butt at that workout and always!! xoxo

After the workout we went to a small coffee house and had an incredible breakfast it felt good to order whatever I wanted and just enjoy the hubby's company!  NO MACRO COUNTING here! haha

It was time for the Legionaire athlete meeting and look who was sitting right in front of me :o)

Michael Counihan @nodonutshere on Instagram! Such a sweetheart and athlete for 1stphorm! 

I guess my face says it all I was a happy girl

Once we were let out we had a few hours before it was time for a happy hour so guessed it..I had to check out the Goodwill in St louis! The hubby was the lucky one today with this vintage linen jacket! so awesome!

Day 1 Part 2 Youtube Video! 
This covers my breakfast Legionaire meeting and the happy hour!!

and a little What I wore! This dress was from Marshalls love it and I paired it with my hubby's grandpa's bolo tie my nine west wedges and my backpack i got at Ross! 

Was so excited to meet these two lovely ladies! they became my besties during this night as we screamed our heads off and began to sweat like we had just run a marathon! haha love you ladies!! xoxo

That was only Day 1!!! Will share Day 2 and more during the week! Hope you guys are well!
Make sure to email me if you have any questions on anything! There are new supplements I will be talking about for now I am trying them out but you can find all the new supps and flavors and FREE shipping using my link! thank you all for your support!

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Thursday, September 01, 2016

FindingFaith: At home by the ocean

Greetings from Florida! I'm going to keep it short and simple and just share a few pics from my trip so far. More to come next week! May I just say, I really am most at home by the ocean. It's so healing! Here's Fort Myers beach with a rainbow, sunset and moon all in the same day!

 I also got to visit Matlacha, a cute little artsy town, love the colorful buildings! And what would tropical paradise be without a tropical cocktail?!

Until next time!

Creatively yours,


Monday, August 29, 2016

#MotivationMonday| Moroccan Meal Prep, Getting out of the funk, & #Iam1stphormContest

Hi friends!

I thought I would blog a little on this beautiful Monday! I know. My VLOGS on Youtube are so behind and until I can hire an ACTUAL assistant for that well they will just be trickling in...I did however want to check in with you guys and share what I have been up to. FIRST things first I wanted to share a quick video thank you to London Mace for editing for me! +1st Phorm  was holding a contest for a free year of supplements and while that would be amazing...i really wanted to create a video to share what 1stphorm means to me...At first I was going to sit down and just talk about it...but then I realized...I WAS living it...These are clips from footage that well you haven't seen yet for the past few months but they are REAL...they are what I do every feelings and thoughts.and while I could have made a 1 hour video we had 1 minute to basically share why #IAM1stphorm.... I hope that you enjoy!

My Youtube Channel is
LINK to the VIDEO is :

Workouts have been ok but I must say I have had to spend most of my nights editing videos for our rally exciting news with ThriftersAnonmyous. Stay tuned for that very very soon!!

My current supplement stack which I get asked a lot about still includes:
M-Factor Goddess                             Full Mega
3 times a day                                     2 times a day

Alphacre HD                                                           Level 1
Pre workout                                                                  Meal Replacement

Phormula 1                                                              Bliss
Post workout                                                        once a day
Post Workout


 I am not sure I could ever go back to any other vitamins I know you guys have questions occasionally so please don't hesitate to ask or email me xoxo

Here is the link to pick up all of these and remember you can use my link for Free Shipping in the US... If you do order please shoot me an email would love to thank you and help in any way I can!!!

City Athletic Club has become my favorite place to get away..but the times I go are so random that I can't seem to plan anything anymore!!!

Someone drew me....I was completely taken aback and so beyond flattered....I had to share what an incredible artist she is!!
I have performed like 3 times with our Magical Madness Dance company which by the way WE NOW have a WEBSITE!!!! Please go check it out!

This was Downtown for a LIVE podcast and below was a rehearsal for the First annual Small Space Fest at the Emergency Arts!

I've continued to vlog eventhough you won't see it till like 2017 haha ugh...
 and working out...more working out..
Got my hair trimmed again and colored...and eventhough it may look brown in some pictures I have kept the red in for now!

My leg is still hurting so I plan on continuing to roll it out and see someone at City Athletic soon! haha 

This past weekend I called up my aunt and we decided we were going to cook a few recipes we have been talking about to test them out....
What you see here is 4 oz chicken breasts with a Moroccan species we created, 4 oz green beans, and 3 to 4 oz sweet potatoes! 

and here is something we are so excited to try! We made FALAFEL burgers and traditional style with turmeric zucchini couscous tahini and hummus with chopped Mediterranean spicy green olives! UGHHH can not wait to try this !

I will give an update on #TeamLEtEmHaveIT soon!!! Let me know if you like these updates! xoxo

JOIN MY FACEBOOK FITNESS GROUP So whether you have entered YET or not join my group on Facebook so we can all do this together! I thought this would be a great way to connect us all as well! I love just sharing in a more personal setting and together we CAN KICK BUTT!!! Here is the link to join:

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wild ride in Vegas | 5D Cinema MaxDMaster| The Boulevard in Las Vegas

Hi friends! First off want to apologize as I had some issues with this here blog and basically lost ALL of my pictures! ALL of them. So I am slowly going through and updating if there is a post in particular please let me know and I will work in that order!!

Anyway on to more exciting news, Edwina and I are back with our Adventures at The Boulevard here in Las Vegas and we are having a blast! We recently went to experience our very first 5D movie and O M G. haha You can watch our experience below! Probably one of our favorite experiences yet!

As you can see we completely loved every single moment! I couldn't stop laughing both of us were even thinking what a fun date night! haha We had so much fun you feel as though you are literally in the movie! Water, Movement, it is amazing! The chairs outside are for real! 

This is the only 5D Movie Motion Experience in Las Vegas 2 Rides for under $15 with discounts on their facebook who needs to go to Magic Mountain! I wouldn't suggest eating before it as it is intense! We also enjoyed the one inside the theater that was more of a 3D experience we would recommend that one for kids! 

They have different rides with different time lengths so you choose!!5d 

We tried the End of the World inside the theater

and the roller coaster on the 2 simulators WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!

till next time! 


Shana & Edwina

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