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Cook with me & Unboxing New MealPrep Containers! | #MealPrepSunday | 30 Day Challenge

Hi friends! I am so excited to be back in the kitchen let me tell you! I have been so busy every weekend and have found little to no time to meal prep which has inevitably left me making poor choices and well skipping meals all together! We all know this is not a good thing....SOOOO I am back cooking up some of my favorite things! Here are just a few screen shots of me in the kitchen! If you want to watch my full meal prep you can find that video HERE:

I went to Sprouts this week for all of my groceries still one of my favorite places to shop but don't worry you can find all of these items at your local grocery store and change them up to fit your needs!  For my FULL Grocery list you can read this blog post HERE!

I love scallopini sliced chicken breasts, thin and easy to grill! I sprinkled some of my favorite seasoning from Israel! I will have to sit with my father to find out exactly what is in it but I am sure it is a mixture of things so I will see if I can get it so we can re create it!!

Love me some potatoes little white red, about two is a serving size for me and I just roasted them in the oven at 425 iuntill crispy! Spray with olive oil high heat and they are awesome I usually bake them for about 30 to 45 minutes checking on them frequently!

Never thought Brussel Sprouts would be a favorite of mine but follow this process and they are amazing!
I know when was the last time you saw me add salt to anything this is the only thing I do haha but it is just a small amount of kosher salt to taste!
I use garlic powder instead of fresh as it it will burn otherwise!
and fresh ground pepper! UGH soooo good! 425 bake and check on it a few times to toss around! 

This week I tried something new and made Teryaki bowls...and oh my goodness they were amazing and even more amazing cold which sometimes happens when you are in your car haha anyway I used cabbage which made for a great added veggie! Just blanch it like all of my other veggies!
I also picked up some Rockfish and Trout and seasoned them up with my Israeli seasoning as well! Bake on 375 for about 20 to 25 minutes!
and lastly some extra lean ground turkey! I just left this with no seasoning so that I could create different dishes for the week! Tacos, curry whatever I want! 

If you guys want to check out my grocery shopping video you can watch that HERE!

and now for the moment that changed my life.....haha insert dramatic music here! I was so excited about these meal prep containers I embarrassed myself in my video haha I had to shut off the camera and call my husband. When MiscHome reached out to me and asked if I would try these out I said sure I mean why not...but I had not ideas they had compartments and some of them were round! haha I know very dorky but as we all say sometimes it is the little things that get us excited! SO here they are!!

I received 4 different types that they offer!
20 32 oz MealPrep Containers
20 2 compartment containers

20 3 compartment containers
20 black round meal prep containers!

Immediately I thought! TERYAKI BOWLS! Like the ones i spend $7 to $10 on when I buy them at the restaurant!

They were so sturdy and thin enough to where I think they will fit in my 6 pack bag i will share that in my next video! 
I began to load them up with veggies and chicken and some of that Soy Vay Teryaki sauce and BAM!
My fish, brussels and potatoes!

As you can see I took a ton of pictures and pretty much just loved how they looked! haha So organized! I am excited to try these out! and more importantly RE-USE THEM! they are microwave safe and you can throw them in your dishwasher! BPA Free and FDA certified I am in love!!!

So even more exciting after I got them they sent me a DISCOUNT CODE FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!! 20% off the entire line of meal prep containers! and you can find them on AMAZON!! SO HERE ARE ALL OF THE DETAILS!

20% OFF Complete Line of Containers!


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Hope you enjoy! and let me know if you try them! See you in my next video!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

30 Day Challenge: WEEK 1 | Grocery Shopping List and What to Cook for the week! | #TeamLetEmHaveIt

Morning friends! Today is #MealPrepSunday and I wanted to share with you some of the essentials I picked up for the first week of this challenge! The goal for me is to create meals that I like and that I am going to be excited to eat during the week! I am also going to follow up with a slightly different meal plan on the weekend so I get a chance to enjoy a nice dinner with my hubby or my friends and then get back on track! 

If you want to learn more about the 30 day challenge that I am hosting and would like to join Please read this post HERE!

Ok now on to my grocery list! I have a few things at home already so stay tuned for my #MealPrepSunday video later tonight but until then here are a few items I bought to change things up a bit! I will share how I plan on using them for the week!

You guys know I love Sprouts! But most of these items you can find in your local grocery store! Remember this is supposed to be fun and is all about finding what you like and what works for you! Trial and error...but you have to TRY

Ok first up is Couscous!!! I love me some cousous you can add your vegetables on top just like rice or even add some cinnamon for a sweeter flavor and tastes great with your sweet potato!! Literally takes 5 minutes to make! I usually stick with about a 1/3 cup for lunch along with my veggies and protein! 

Quinoa is also great! you can grab the raw form but Near East makes a great Blend and if you are sticking to your serving size it has a great flavor and no need to add spices or even oil to it! Secondly is HOT SAUCE haha  I LOVE this Sky Valley! It is all natural and very low in sodium and sugar! My secret to making all my food amazing! haha

I grabbed a few cans of beans as I plan on making a chili! Soups are amazing in a crockpot and so is chili! Holds really well for the week and very filling! Usually 1 cup for lunch or dinner is great! Sometimes I will throw chicken or even ground turkey in there as well!

I LOVE Olive Oil spray! I use it on all of my cooking! spray your potatoes, veggies, and stir fry with it! In addition the coconut aminos are a great alternative to soy sauce and I love using it in my stir frys if you have seen me cook! Remember veggies are so good and good for you! I want to focus on just adding veggies to everything this week!! Don't worry about portion this week when it comes to your veggies!!! here is a video of me making one of my stir frys How I make my stir frys HERE! 

I LOVE OLIVES. ADD Jalepenos to them.. DONE... so good! I usually slice these up and add them to my salad! Also trying this SOY VAY for the first time as I want to make chicken teryaki bowls!

Egg whites for breakfast! I want to make veggie omelets during the week or just add onions and bell peppers and sprinkle a little of this Daiya Cheddar stle shreds to it with a slice of toast! sometimes i will do two slices instead of oatmeal to change it up!

I love the Daiya slices as well! Brussel sprouts never used to be something I liked before! NOW...I roast them with garlic and oh my goodness!! I have a video on how to do this How I roast my Brussel Sprouts HERE!

I love getting these! I find sometimes that I just want to throw in onions and peppers! You can buy them whole but if you are busy and get a little lazy this is a great alternative! 

Love these in my stir fry and my egg whites!!

I also have a love for shredded lettuce when I make my tacos! You can find that recipe for my spicy chicken tacos How I prepare my Spicy Chicken Tacos HERE!

I eat these tomatoes like candy! So good add them to your salad or put them in a baggy for a snack!

Broccoli! I will add this to my stir fry! The easiest way to prep them is to throw them in a boiling post for 4 minutes and then run them under cold water! You can see how I do that How I prep my veggies HERE! It is the same way I do all my veggies!

Cabbage is awesome for stir fry and to add volume! I love seasoning it with a little salt and pepper! So good!! I also love Zucchini!  My favorite thing to do is to turn it into spaghetti! How I turn my zuchinni into spaghetti HERE is a quick video of how I do that! I then throw it in my stir fry and voila! So good!! I eat 1 whole one for a serving size!

If you know me then you know I have an obsession with anything potato! haha I love roasting these with rosemary and olive oil! So good!!! You can see me do this How I roast my potatoes HERE! I also share quick mealprep ideas!!

Ground Turkey is awesome in your tacos as well as stir fry I used to make these turkey balls! haha so good! HERE is that recipe for my Ground Turkey lettuce wraps! 
CHICKEN! I like the thin slices to grill! I use so many different spices! Here is a how I grill my chicken if you want to see! I will be updating this soon! VIDEO HERE

I picked up some Trout I love to throw this on a grill or just broil it with a few spices! Will share that soon!

I also picked up some Rockfish! I have never cooked it before so I will share that with you all in my new #Mealprepsunday video!

pickles. Enough said. haha

I am trying this bread for the first time! I will let you know how it is! I like to make two pieces of toast in the AM in lieu of oatmeal sometimes! ALSO ROASTED CASHEWS are BOMB. I have about 10 to 15 for my fats and a snack usually before the gym! OR peanut butter with my protein pancake! More to come on that!
Ok so these are my cheat snacks! We go to the movies and I like to have a fun snack! I am going to allow myself to indulge in a 1/3 cup of these guys on the weekend! 

Quick oats! these are my go to at Sprouts! That or coachs oats at Costco! 1/3 or 1/4 cup in the AM! or in my protein pancake!

and one of the most important! WATER WATER WATER! ESPECIALLY during WEEK 1!!! I try to literally drown myself! haha in a good way...with water! 1 gallon to 2 gallons a day! I use my bottle but I also buy a few of these for days I know I am running around and keep it with me ALWAYS!!!! 

SO What did we learn folks! 
A. BUY WHAT YOU LIKE...Try to buy FRESH items and try to grab as many veggies as you love!
B. Think about different ways you can make them during the week! Whether it is a stir fry, a taco, crockpot creation!
C. SET YOURSELF up for Success! Prep the food for the week so you can prepare those ideas easily! If your chicken is grilled it will be much easier to throw it in a stir fry right? 

EMAIL me for questions! and stay tuned for me WEEK 1 #MEALPREPSUNDAY Video!

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