Tuesday, February 14, 2017

50 Shades DIY Lingerie Look | Haute Shots Boudoir Photography

Head on over to HAUTESHOTS Blog for this DIY Look I did a couple of years ago! With 50 Shades being so popular you can save yourself some money! 
CLICK HERE FOR FULL DIY and Pictures of the final look!


Happy Valentine's Day!


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Snakes, dragons, turtles OH MY! Adventures at SeaQuest | Strip to the Boulevard

Hi friends! We are back with another episode of Strip to the Boulevard! If you didn't know Edwina and I have a series on The Boulevard's youtube channel! We have had such a blast and just love sharing it with all of you!! We hope that this will continue and just appreciate all of the love and support on their channel! So if you are not already following SUBSCRIBE HERE! 

You can watch Part 1 HERE: https://youtu.be/td9RaUvjhkg

This place is right next to our favorite spot Goodwill inside The Boulevard here in Las Vegas! Only 7 minutes from the strip I swear we felt as though we went on a quick trip out of town!
They have their very own side entrance and you will walk through the gift shop to go through!

I got to hold and pet a bearded dragon and for some reason I wasn't scared AT ALL!! I mean I was in love! haha It was so cool!
As you make your way through the aquarium you find yourself staring at sting rays and sharks!!
you can actually swim with them for 20 minutes!!! We just found ourselves underneath freaking out!!
This guy was adorable!!!
MEET Einstein!! He is 25 years old and can live up to 110!! He is so friendly and they let him walk around!! If you watch part 1 then you will see what he does to one of us!!! haha it is amazing!!

These are our faces before....
this!! I was so jealous Edwina got to hold the snake! I have never doen that before! So you know what that means! I will be going back for sure!

STAY TUNED for Part 2!!!

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Monday, February 06, 2017

Cocktails. Relaxation. Vacation.

Olive Green Bomber Jacket: c/o AMI ClubWear They are having a 50% off sale for Valentines day!
Chaser brand T: R&D Hipsters
Moto Leggings: Alo Yoga
Nine West Wedges: Ross
Vintage Bag: Goodwill 
Glasses: Firmoo BUY 1 Get 1 FREE
Choker Chain: On my last cruise custom made

One way to get over the cold (or at least what we Vegas natives think is cold) is to find pieces in you not only love but find comfort in. That brings me to this outfit that has been on repeat and remix for over a month now. The leggings have made their way to the top of my go to list at not only being super comfortable but super chic and available to rock at the gym as well! I got them on sale for $50 from Bergdorf Goodman but they are well worth the hefty $110 price tag and you know me...but if I can thrift the rest then it is fine! 

NEXT comes to any sort of olive green jacket or in this  case a bomber jacket that is long enough to cover the booty and gives me life with the already patched patch and shiny material reminiscent of Contempo Casuals in junior high...haha if you remember this place you are my people haha My GO TO you are probably sick of them wedges from Ross anything Nine West has my heart and my feet as they are comfortable for my long long treks. Thanks to Edwina for my Chaser Tank I have what I like to call my go to outfit. 

Hope you guys are having a great start to your February I am hoping you guys are still reading this blog haha I also hope to convince my hubby to snap more pics, would you guys like more OOTD blog posts? Would love any feedback from you guys! Leave in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @shanaemily or Facebook @shanaemily or Instagram @shanaemily_ Until then! 



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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A breakthrough... and why I will keep going....


I have been doing spreadsheets all week. ALL morning and ALL night. I mean like

Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 345
quick workout
watch Shameless

haha literally in that order.

You would thing this was a passion of mine. NOOOOO My fingers have had a workout and so has my laptop.

I am still STILL doing spreadsheets and found out that I also may not even get what I am working so hard for...and THEN BAM BREAKTHROUGH>>>> I realized that I would still do the same amount of work knowing I wouldn't win then if I knew I would win. And then I realized that is exactly what happened to me in 2012! You can read more about my journey HERE

A lot of you guys asked me what or how I got motivated...to not only change the way I live eat workout but even get to the stage to compete and stage ready? UMMM I will tell you what I did!
I BASICALLY SAID..NO MATTER WHAT happens this week whether I lose 1lb or gain a 1lb or 2 I am going to work just as hard as I did the day before. I LITERALLY said this every single day. I remember doing a workout with my coach and she had us do sprints. I literally thought my ankle was going to explode and my lungs were going to fail...I was so embarrassed... when I got done I realized that while I hadn't beat the girls in front of me I just sprinted around the gym...last turned to first and the only difference was I just kept showing up and doing it again. There were days I would go sit in my car and cry. When I would run into friends who basically said GOOD LUCK on trying to build a booty, or lose your belly, or get muscle! But why not?
I realize we all have different things we have to face, ailments etc...but the one thing that we all have is the ability to keep going. For me it took 2 full years of dedication to really gain that muscle that just didn't disappear after 30 minutes or a burger and fries. for some of the girls...who shall not be names BAHAHA It took 15 minutes BUT WHATEVER haha

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Shana Emily


Monday, January 30, 2017

Time to stop making excuses & just do it. ENTER #Mytransphormation CHALLENGE Group & TEAM NOW! #TeamLetEmHaveIt

Good Morning friends and Happy Monday!!!

It is time to get started!! TODAY marks the first day of our challenge our Transphormation Challenge.

Now first things first IT IS NOT too late to join!  If you are reading this post then head on over to my private facebook and JOIN our private facebook group first HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShanaEmily/ 
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Ok now that that is out of the way I wanted to share my journey with you guys as I always do! It really helps me to stay on track and get motivated and that is what this is all about. Finding what makes you and takes you to that place every day and every week! I will be sharing personal meal prep, daily workouts & more in the private facebook and really try to help personalize it for you guys. there is a reason why the #TeamLetEmHaveIt TEAM has made such an incredible transformation If you haven't seen the video here it is!   https://youtu.be/Fa-dxhoRCYc

SO What do I do to get started? I shared this in my Private Facebook group but wanted to also share it here! this is not everything but it is a start! 

HERE is what I did to start:
1. Meal prepped enough meals so that I could have my lunch and snack prepared to take with me to work.

1/3 cup Israeli Couscous and veggies Black Bean Burger, 

1/3 cup Quinoa and kale 4 oz grilled chicken

 4 oz grilled chicken and 1 cup broccoli
sweet potatoe slices with olive oil turkey burger 1 cup broccoli!

2. WATER WATER WATER. To start anything even to get my mind right I start drinking water as much as I can.
3. Schedule my time to workout. I LOVE to lift weights so for me that is what gets me excited so I start with a body part I love working. tonight I am going to work shoulders, biceps and trap followed by some ab work! and 20 min of cardio ANY MACHINE or movement. I perform this weekend so I will be dancing Thursday and Friday! 

4. I start planning in my planner I just like to write things down goals ideas it also helps me to see ok Monday I will work arms tuesday back etc etc. If you guys want some help with a workout split leave a comment below and I can help! 

5. The first week of deciding to get your ish together allow yourself to fail...and when I say fail I mean if you miss your meal your vitamins your protein your workout it is ok just set your goals for the next day or next few hours... DO NOT look at a scale ladies...I know it is easier said then done. Did you know when you compete you have to give your weight to your coach each week did you know that your actual weight MEANS NOTHING. NOTHING.. So lets really focus on getting strong, toned, and feeling good this week is about getting started each day you progressively start to get better and make better choicees. 

6. START to tell your friends and family you are about to #LETEMHAVEIT Announce it I swear it makes a difference... this week I will allow myself a meal this weekend to be whatever the heck I want It will have my brain really focused on 100% monday through friday . This is my tactic it doesn't always work for everyone!  Who knows they just might want to start their own Transphormation! hint hint...that is my aunt below!! SHE IS JOINING US THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! 

7. VITAMINS. I take my Mfactor  Goddess LINK HERE 3 times a day and Full mega LINK HERE twice a day. Use my link get free shipping and start to get on this pattern of taking vitamins It is better then any cup of coffee I promise you will feel so much better and you will actually accelerate your fat loss! 

8. DO THIS for YOU! We will make this choice together each day! 

9. Take the damn picture and upload it to the 1stphorm site and move on! You can take it in your sweat pants just take it so you can see your body and the actual transphormation!

Monday, January 16, 2017

WIN a Shopping Spree with Shana & Edwina in Las Vegas! Hauls.com Giveaway #ThriftersAnonymous

HI TAFAM!! We are so excited to ANNOUNCE our largest Giveaway yet! Joining the Hauls.com family has been a blessing and while we are just getting started we already know that we are so excited to share all the many adventures and benefits with all of you!! Our GIVEAWAY announcement Video went live! But wanted to be sure you guys understood the Giveaway! HERE Is the OFFICIAL LINK to the rules! ALL you have to do is dowload the HAULS.COM APP & SUBSCRIBE to The Shana & Edwina Show ! This link will also be for ANDROID users since it is only available on Apple right now! That is right ! Both Android and Apple are eligible!! 

WATCH our Giveaway Announcement!

So Who is coming shopping with us? THANK YOU to the Hauls.com family for making our publishers Thrifting House dreams come true! More to come! GOOD LUCK TAFAM! New Come Thrifting With Us Coming Soon!

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Monday, January 02, 2017

Take a closer LOOK : LOOK Style Society Blogger Event inside Tivoli Village | #TAAPPROVED

WE were so excited to be invited to check out the place always dreamed of but never knew existed- Look Style Society! We went to the location at Tivoli Village in Summerlin. We parked in the underground garage which made it so easy to access.
 We were blown away by the outside. This place is massive! Three stories of pure pampering luxury.

 Right before we walked in, this photo gave us life- our mantra. We could not wait to get inside.
Once you walk in, the aroma and and the decor is beyond amazing. Every make up and hair product you can think of was on display and available to purchase.
The stair case and chandelier grabbed everyone's attention.
 This area turned out to be the best place to take seflies.

We started off with checking out downstairs with the Manager XXX, she was so nice and gave us a VIP tour before our make up makeover.
Give bag swag was given to all those personally invited. And we were greeted with sweets and champagne

Downstairs manicure section was a girls dream- can you imagine getting unlimited monthly manicures services here?

 There was not a wall in here that did not have an amazing photos or wall art on it.
 They paid extra attention to the ceilings too! There was a pop of yellow in every room. Before we could even get to the make over, we wanted to re-decorate our homes.

They carry some of the best brands I have been dying to try these lashes!!

If you thought this place was only catered to women, you are wrong like we were.  The ultimate man pampering cave is separated from the Estrogen world. You would  never know that the the back area of the 2nd floor and the entire 3rd floor is where men can be men. This red hallway on the 2nd floor will lead you there.

 Chesterfield couches in the men's waiting area.
Well fell in love with the men's decor too. All we were imagining was us and our husby's getting different services done at the same time as us with out them getting bored or feeling like they were in a salon. A special place just for them.

They have so many products there for men too! Top of the line  products there to make then feel their best.
 The view from the 3rd floor is amazing.  Private men salon area is secluded from the entrance.

This great Dane Marmaduke statue was huge.  It guards this amazing pool table for the men to pass the time  while they enjoy a drink.

And now it is time for us to get our makeup

WE FELL in love with the make over room!!

Some of the best products! fell in love with this chanel toner!

We both opted for the new smashbox liquid lip stains we are in love with this!

True Grit was so unique and gorgeous!

These ladies did a great job we were so happy!

My sister joined us which was so nice! We all want to come back!!

We are definitley going to be going back who knows maybe we can do a fun get ready with us! We filmed this whole experience so make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel ThriftersAnonymous!!! Here is a closer look at the services!

Hope you enjoyed a closer look into our new favorite place! xoxo

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