FindingFaith: Pozole

POZOLE! Something I LOVE about this time of year is soup and stews. I was introduced to pozole by one of my friends on a ski trip to Big Bear a few years ago, and it is something I make for my family every winter. Although she made everything from scratch, I did find a canned option that I love. I prefer the chicken option over the pork. A LOT less fat and sodium, and in my opinion tastes better. The secret to making it amazing is what you add to it.

  I start with shredded cabbage, green onions and cilantro, then add a ladle full of soup. Top with a dollop of sour cream (or Greek yogurt) and an optional sprinkle of cheese. Finish with a squeeze of lime and hot sauce. (I prefer Crystal). Give it a try and tell me what you think. 

Another thing that my husband and I love during this time of year are mixed nuts in the shell. Something about cracking them open ourselves to get to prize inside feels like home and stirs up childhood memories. 

Can't wait for my next favorite holidays...Thanksgiving! Till next week...

Creatively yours, 


Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! NEW T-SHIRT DESIGN & Salvation Army $2 Day!

Thrifters Anonymous Member of the  Week is Troy of
Thriftanista in the city
how to wear polka dots

A long time member of Thrifters Anonymous I have always loved your style Troy!!! We have similar loves and I am loving this polka dot dress!!! With winter feeling closer then ever this is a lovely goodbye to Fall... xoxo 
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Well we did it again...and this time we have a special announcement!!!! So before we get into our Thrifting Finds... we are so excited to announce the launch of our very first design for
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ENJOY! More colors and options on the website!

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 Ok now for our haul!
Edwina fell in love with this vintage jacket!
 and this jacket though a little big
 umm this was amazing.. I got it!

 THE CAT SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!1
 Sweater time
 We were focused!
 Ralph Lauren!
 Cynthia Rowley!
 Not everything was amazing...haha

haha I have no idea ..
 And then there were these...haha

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Love you guys!
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Shopping at Downtown Summerlin: Nordstrom Rack #ShanaShops #WhereFashionMeetsTheRock

HELLLOOO friends!!! It's here. Nordstrom Rack. We have on on the other side of town...but lets be real...I don't go there that often and I have a limited amount of time most 3 minutes from my home..well this is going to be a problem.
WATCH my latest VLOG where I take you inside my first impression and the things I loved!

SO let us go inside!
This place was HUGE. and  little overwhelming at first. 
I will say it was really organized...

SOOO many brands I love.. 
True Religion
LOVE these jeans too
Joe's Jeans!
Moving on to Accessories...oh are there accessories!

LOVE Betsey Johnson and love her jewelry!! 
SO many designer sunglasses! 

Cutest beanies! 

I was going nuts in the carefull I warn you! 
HOW cute is this jacket? 

CLEARANCe.. yep Nordstrom Rack has a clearance!  but get is a crazy ride down these aisles...haha

MEN's section is HUGE.. my hubby was overwhelmed too 

NOW. let us dive into the 15 aisles of shoes....oh my..
So many designer shoes.. 


haha I walked around the place in these shoes...everyone was giving me compliments..ugh I still think about them maybe I will go and check to see if they are still there!!!

SO My consensus is... This place is awesome when you are looking for that high end brand you love at a discounted price. They have make up and hair products but I will save that for my next trip. If I need a new pair of shoes I will definitiley be stopping in...JEANS so many jeans...and well the MEN'S section! I was just talking to my friend jennifer..(HI JEN!) How it is so hard to find men's clothing shoes etc...well I know where I will be going now!!!

Have you guys been there yet? Let me know!! See you there! 
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