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What kind of protein should I use & when should I use it? #AskShana

Hi friends! SO I get asked almost hourly about what I am eating, what kind of supplements I take, WHY I take them and how I feel about certain brands etc... My camera was stolen and I have so many ideas and videos I wanted to film but I said you know what...lets get back to the basics. So I am taking my thoughts to the blog and hope that this little series will help.

I AM NOT a doctor, nutritionist, EXPERT, GURU, PRO...haha I AM ME...a women who want to live a healthy, happy life...I am always learning and always questioning everything. My opinions change and as I continue to learn my body and listen to what it needs I do feel as though I can help others to do the same!
SO with that being said here is the beginning of a series on Supplements...what I have tried, what I use daily, my thoughts, my recommendations and anything in between. I am hoping to have some guest posts from fellow nutritionists and GURUS if you will haha until then let's start with the first question I received! HOW do you use LEVEL 1 Protein from 1stPhorm & Why do you like it?

Before I go into a brief answer....Protein ALERT! haha LEVEL 1 ICE CREAM SANDWICH is back in stock!! So delicious! Add some frozen blueberries..UGH..DONE...So good!  This is by far one of the best proteins out there FOR ME. Keep that in mind since proteins can be very similar but here are a few facts about Level 1 and a few reasons why I LIKE it better than others!

When I speak to other women the first thing I ask is what do you eat in a day? The NUMBER 1 thing that I notice is that they are not eating enough protein in their diet among other things but I am going to make these posts short and quick! 

After 3 years of training and completely transforming my body I have learned the NEED for protein...The easiest and most effective way to get protein in during the day if you are not physically eating real food is through protein like LEVEL-1. If you were to look at the bottles and compared proteins you are not going to find a huge difference just by glancing at the nutritional facts. After some research and educating myself on how this particular protein is made compared to others I learned the difference.

Level-1 is a blended isolate based protein (not all are) however it is not hydrolyzed and it also has some secondary backup protein to help feed your muscles over a longer period of time and really keeps you fuller over a longer period of time. Ideally it takes about 2 hours to digest this type of protein and you will see very low carbs unlike some of the other proteins on the market. Something I like to be aware of when I am trying to dial it in.

THE biggest question is HOW TO USE THIS protein. I was so overwhelmed when I started adding protein in my diet. Honestly, I just didn't get it. I saw everyone drinking it after they worked out so I just started doing the same. Not even realizing that the BLEND of protein dictates the time in which you use and take that protein!!
 I use this as a meal replacement type shake. Usually for my MEAL 2 and/or Meal 4. You guys see me make my protein pancakes with it. One of my favorite meals of the day! Another BIG difference in this protein to others is how it blends and mixes! I can not express to you how important this is. SURE...most proteins are sold as THE BEST TASTING PROTEIN IN THE WORLD! haha ok but sadly everyone has a different sense of that really shouldn't drive you to buy protein..but it does...cuz who wants to drink or eat a chalky PROTEINY panacake of mush? I have tried several but NONE BAKE like the Level-1 and I LOVE PROTEIN pancakes, waffles, muffins... It also mixes so smoothly so if you are on the run and just add water you won't be holding your nose to down this shake!

SO LADIES....Instead of choosing not to eat (which we often do when we are restricting) DRINK a protein shake... 1st Phorm Level 1 will help to BUILD more muscle, LOSE more fat....I know it seems simple but if there is anything I have learned, understanding how to SUPPLEMENT your diet and workouts effectively will ultimately get you to where you want to go! 

But let me be honest here... ANY supplement I have ever talked about tried or used is NOT responsible for the body I want... I AM...HARD work, consistency... 1 month of being 100% IS NOT going to give you the body you dream of. ALL of us have are dealing with different challenges whether it be health wise or just LIFE...BUT be honest with yourself..TRULY honest...and BEGIN to change your life...and KEEP GOING at if for years... this BACK you see above has taken me 3 years to build and I don't even look like those INSTAGRAM know who I am talking about... SO remember THESE are just supplements to all that you are doing...if you aren't doing anything neither will they. WAKE UP...NEVERSETTLE and make sure you really take a look at what you are doing...You don't need a fancy gym..a trainer...or even a supplement...YOU just need to wake up and make better choices...go tot he gym...and WORK!

I am working on a few blog posts on more...NEXT will be PHORMULA-1 or your POST workout Protein! PLEASE ask me any questions below so I can address them in my next post!

If you want to see some NEW AB workouts or shoulder workouts you can do at home check out my latest VLOG! I also go thrifting to the new Goodwill Clearance Center and Deseret Industries for my new closet/boudoir/TA Filming space! xoxo

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WATCH our announcement video!

WE are beyond excited to announce that Edwina & I #TAAPPROVED are teaming up with The Boulevard Mall here in Las Vegas!!! We will be taking you on our adventures and sharing it with all of you! 
PLEASE FOLLOW The Boulevard Mall as they will be sharing exclusive videos, behind hte scenes, giveaways, & so much more! Don't worry we will let you guys know what is going on! CHECK OUT our Announcement video we worked so hard on! SPECIAL thank you to +Black Raven Films for producing this video!!! 

Please show us some love on their Youtube and let them know we have the best YOUTUBE FAMILY! #TAMEMBERS xoxo Love you guys and thank you so much for the support!

Born & raised in Las Vegas I remember the The Boulevard with my mom, grandma, & sister. I remember walking in and running to San Rio or The Disney Store begging for a new princess or Pacheco...haha who remembers that? My mom ALWAYS had to stop in Wild Pair and my grandma was all about Macy's. It was the premier mall in town! Las Vegas has grown so much and with that growth came change and almost 4 other malls were built!

Not too long ago Edwina and I heard that Goodwill had opened a store INSIDE of The
Boulevard Mall and we immediately got in our car and drove there. If you missed that trip you can watch it HERE! We quickly saw that there was new life, new construction and fell in LOVE with the GOODWILL there. If you are looking for SEQUIN.. then this is the SPOT! insider TIP. About a month had passed and The Boulevard reached out to us to THANK US for nice right...and then...THEN...they asked if we would want to visit again...and again...and can imagine our excitement! I hope you will join us on our adventure as we check out what is new with you! We will always keep it real and always have fun! We have already started! 

While there are still vacant store fronts you can see slowly but surely this mall is blossoming into what I feel will be a true LOCALS mall. While you have some of your mainstream favorites like Macy's Victoria's Secret & American Eagle, you also have Goodwill, one of our favorite thrift stores here in Nevada who has given back so much to our community. I am not sure about other states but we can not wait to share all that they do for our locals here in Las Vegas.

CEBU an accessory store that we literally have fallen in love with, EVER, a fun trendy spot where you can find some of the more expensive styles for basically thrift store prices. We stopped into Crazy Jeans which seemed to be a mother daughter team, Milano Shoes that has SEQUIN heels and the most beautiful suits!!!

Olivias a Latin Cuisine that was delicious! You know a restaurant is good by the salsa! FRESH...Anyway I can go on and on..and don't worry WE WILL... until then make sure you are following along! 



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

HOW TO Re-Fresh Your Spring Wardrobe at Deseret Industries In Las Vegas

Do you know what time it is? It's about that time to rearrange your closets to make way for Spring fashions. So, Edwina and I decided after going through our own closets, we needed a couple "new" items to spruce up our our current gear- Thrifters Anonymous Style.

So we decided to head over to one of our favorite thrift stores, Deseret Industries (located on Craig & Allen), to find some new pieces for the low low. But before we can walk in, we have a routine that keeps us on track.  We have to get inspired! Trust us when we say it is so necessary before you walk in, especially if you are new to thrifting. 

Check out Part 1, 2, 3 and Part 4 of our trip! Make sure you are subscribed for more styling of our latest pieces, a special announcement and Giveaway Winners!

So what we did this particular trip was check out photos from recent high end designer Spring Runways  released just in the parking lot on our smart phones. You can check out our Pinterest Board HERE! Surprisingly we find that this technique works well to quickly inspire and keep you focused. The best part is that most of the looks and colors stay fresh on the brain. And it helps to inspire ideas with your current wardrobe and possible DIY ideas as well!
So, here is a break down of how we handle each thrift store hunt, in this particular order:
STEP 1: Scour fashion and beauty magazines (new or old), social media, and Pinterest for anything that inspires you right away. Whether it is from 2016 spring runways or 2010....the good news is it doesn't matter! The key is  just finding anything that inspires you! Look at it before you go, tear it out of the magazine, take a picture of it, or pin it.

  • Here is an idea of what we stuck out to us when checking out fashions for 2016:A twist on our favorite spring colors: expanding of the bold shades typical of spring 
  •  The huge color palette of tangerine, thick stripes, cut outs on different areas of sweaters, nautical vibes, and lingerie inspired "pajama chic", and new twists on our favorite trend- athleisure wear.
  • We also were drawn to:exposed backs, shoulders, fringe on everything! Chokers, chunky jewelry non-traditional necklines

STEP 2: Next, if you see something that inspires you, GRAB it! You have to get in the habit of simply throwing everything you love initially into the cart and analyze it later! Because it will not be there if you circle back for it. 

  • Deseret Industries is COLOR you have no excuses to step outside your box. Even though it's easy to be drawn to  black, white, and grey pieces, try to grab those colors you never thought you can wear! 
  • The thrift store has no judgement! Be a little adventurous! And remember no one will know and you are bound to find a great deal. 
STEP 3: Lastly, you must try on ALL the items you have thrown in the cart.  The key is to try and visualize how you can add this to your current staples you already own. 

Here are some tips we found on this trip:
  • Light layers- whether it is a light vintage blazer or a fun button down you can wear with jeans and a t-shirt, or thrown it over a vintage dress
  • You can even DIY to create that runway inspired looks ( some alterations are very affordable or check YouTube for DIY ideas
  • Belts around the neck is a fun twist on the choker trend 
  • Sequin vests are the easiest way to wake up an outfit
  • And don't forget about bold colors with neutrals!
  • SO many vintage items as well!

The most important thing to remember is it is about being inspired and wearing what you love and feel good in. Don't pay attention to the size or even the brand! Try to step outside your norm, and go for fun colors, fun shapes, different textiles or, simply something unique. Desert Industries is filled with treasures. And vintage goodies.  All you need your best friend, a cart, and an open mind!

Here is a quick snapshot of all the pieces that we each found and tried on! We had so much fun make sure you check out the video to see how we feel about each piece!!! 
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