Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Meeting the Buyers Behind the Scenes| Tune in Wednesday November 22nd | #StorageWars

Hi friends! Wanted to drop in and first say HI, and second say that Edwina and I will be on tomorrow's episode of Storage Wars I feel like I still have so much to catch you guys up on...it even feels weird writing this blog...I miss writing. 
But set your DVR Log into the APP, buy a subscription whatever you gotta do to TUNE in tomorrow 9:30pm pst  as Edwina and I take on Riverside! This episode was so much fun! We finaly start to get into the groove and begin really getting a strategy! We hope you guys will love it! 

Make sure to FOLLOW Storage Wars on A&E Facebook page CLICK HERE & let them know how the episode was, & what your favorite parts were! 

WATCH our NEW Youtube Video as we meet the Buyers from Storage Wars!! see what they had to say! 
YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/H2Obc3HEm6A

Here are a few shots of the buyers! Love you guys! More to come! 



  1. I stopped watching storage wars a couple of years ago but since you two are on there I only watch the ones with with you guys are on.

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  3. Storage Wars is a great opportunity to ImproveYourself! I see that you participate in groups with your closest friends. I guess it helps a lot for communication skills.


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