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New glute exercise, Royal Queen fat burner, the perfect mattress|LetEmHaveIt Ep2|#ShanaEmily

 Hi friends! Back to vlogging and back to feeling good! Finally on some sort of routine believe it or not I LOVE a good routine but I also have loved being free and just listening to my body so the rest was much needed! If you are following my youtube channel then you know I started a 4 week series to just get back on, lean out a little bit, and get focused! Since I don't do anything in order this is EPISODE 2 haha but check out EPISODE 1 HERE: I will share pics of that soon!  


  So as you know I have been cleaning up my diet and I FINALLY went to see a physical therapist about my leg which turned out to be more about my whole freaking body out of whack...whatever he did completely brought me back to life so I have been FINALLY able to do cardio consistently for the past week and half! With that brings a happier more energetic me I even find myself making sure to take my vitamins and get more sleep! I am still taking the M-Factor Goddess by 1stphorm going 2 years strong & It has changed my hairs life as well as my nails and skin! Mixed with the Full-Mega fish oil! You can find them both HERE:  
Full Mega

So last week I started taking the 1stPhorm Royal XX1 Queen & I have been sharing it on Youtube as far as my experience etc. I just wanted to go in to a little but but it has only been 2 weeks so we shall see! 
You can buy Royal XX1 Queen HERE: 
I start by taking the actual fat burner with breakfast actually right after I eat breakfast I did try to take the T-21 with it but I found I was a little too sensitive so I now take 1 T-21 at lunch! The T-21 is there to help boost your metabolic rate thus burning more fat while dong your daily things! I find I am ULTRA focused and if I don't bring my meals I literally will forget to eat...a GOOD and BAD make sure you are on top of your diet. Remember this isn't a magic pill or a reason to NOT EAT... when I am muscular I look lean and when I have muscle I burn more fat but the only way to do that is to make sure I am getting a balanced diet to feed that muscle!
 I also take the C-21 about 45 minutes before med. This is going to help with your cortisol levels and help with a full night sleep of recovery. We often forget that SLEEP is literally a crucial part of losing fat and getting fit.


 My sleep has been intense haha but what I do notice is I don't wake up randomly in the night I SLEEP ALL NIGHT it is amazing and I have to say my recovery has been on another level so I think so far I am really liking what is happening...I have also noticed my mood shift ad that has a lot to do with the eating sleeping and taking my vitamins...

Oh and my workouts! My workouts are intense and I am getting through them like they are nothing! Well maybe not nothing but I am definitely feeling strong!
Here is a quick clip from my INSTAGRAM @SHANAEMILY_

 80lbs may not seem like a lot but after a full shoulder and back workout 4 sets of 80lbs IS A LOT! and I haven't done that since I competed!

 So things are good, my leg is feeling much better, I am getting sleep, & new opportunities keep coming and I know it is all the work I have been putting in day in and day out. My  transphormation team inspires me every day and just when I want to quit I see a post that reminds me I am helping so many and that makes me happy.

 oh and I am in love with this lippie from Lipsense it is the first nude one I have tried called First love Email me if you guys are interested I have a few I ordered! They are all out of stock so annoying!

 AND the hubby and I found the most comfortable mattress FINALLY! Will share more! but we got it at SEARS inside The Boulevard the team there made us feel like family and I can not wait till we get our new mattress!!!

Till next time! 

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