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Vegas to San Francisco: Day 2 Part 1 Sonoma County Larson Family Winery & Nicholson Ranch, Oxford Market & Andretti Winery | Celebrating 10 years

Hey friends! haha I know DAY 2 umm I realize this was over 2 months ago but hey it is my blog and I clearly have too much to do! So sadly my timelines and agendas are a little out of whack but I am catching up and I guess that is all that matters! PLUS my frined Dawnya will be out here this week so I thought what a better time to share my adventures in San Fran! SO If you missed DAY 1 You can check that out HERE:http://www.colorblindblog.com/2016/10/vegas-to-san-francisco-day-1.html

It was time for DAY 2 of our trip! The hubby had planned a Tour something I never thought I would enoy but man was it fun! It was largely due to this guy right here! haha our tour guide DYLAN! If you can request him...do it...he is like a mixture of Tom green and is in a rather successful band though is very humble. Green Dream Tours is the name of the tour!

Our first stop was the Larson Family Wineries! This is September so the weather was warm and cool in the shade I imagine in November it is FREEZING for us Vegas locals! haha I brought layers which really helps!

THIS is the first thing you see when you walk into Larson Winery haha for me it is the perfect sight!

See the top selling Cabernet the Three Lab Cab was named after the families labs!!

The tasting was super casual and I loved that we were not rushed, though they are always trying to sell you it didn't feel pushy or annoying if that makes sense! 
 I have never been a chocolate lover but this mixture is a must! They will give you a small bit of chocolate to try with one of their selections!  We ended up buying the Three Lab Cab mainly because of the dogs on it! haha
The Vineyard is super casual..

 A Quick outfit of the day I wore a cold shoulder dress I got at marshalls, my Zara booties I got ages ago sadly I won't be shopping there anymore...my American Eagle Jean Jacket, vintage Dooney & vintage scarf and a scarf I got from H&M another place I won't be shopping!

NEXT STOP was Nicholson Ranch!
Now this Vineyard was completely opposite but gorgeous! It had a more formal feel to it and the wines were some of the top winners in all categories! Some of my favorite tastings for sure! 
 As formal as it was the owner was a complete sweetheart and actually poured some of our wine!! It felt like a private tasting!
We ventured outside to learn a little of the history I vlogged this all so will share it soon but the vineyard was so beautiful!!

Part of the tasting was outside first to get some history and take pictures!

We found this small area that just reminded us of Italy! So beautiful! Make sure to get a few pictures here!!!

It was such a beautiful view! 
 Before we left we got to use this thing I can't remember what it is called but it tells you the sugar count of the grapes! so cool!

 I got to share my love for wine with the owner and he talked me into the Pinot Noir which was absolutely delicious!!

It was time for lunch so Dylan drove us up to the OXBOW Market which was soo awesome!
Filled with stands of fresh fruit, oils, baked goods the place was packed!!! We immediately decided we would get lunch first then come back!  

We walked next door to GOTTS! I found it on google as one fo the Diner, Drive Ins & Dives is that what it is called? regardless I was excited to try what was supposed to be one of the best burgers around!

 The burgers we in fact declicious I think I got the mushroom and green chili with jalepenos or something haha we also got an order of sweet potato fries and garlic fries..O M G..

We went back inside the market to check everything out but Adam had stop for some Three Twins icecream he said it was awesome!

 I was thinking for the last winery I really wanted to snack on some cheese and crackers so  I picked up a small array of cheeses....Oh my gosh were they delicious I recommend doing this about an hour later we were happy we did at the next vineyard!

The market was filled with goodies from chocolate to fruit!

It was time to get back on our Tour bus!

Last but not least we went to the 3rd and last Vineyard of the day!

You read that correctly! Andretti Vineyard is in Mario Andretti! Who would have known right? This Vineyard was in Napa!
 His vineyard is so pretty a perfect place for a wedding! The architecture was beautiful!

 Now being totally honest the wine wasn't super impressive I mean I LOVE all wine but it wasn't my favorite wine but we had a great time nonetheless I broke out my cheese and crackers!

We hopped back on the bus after spending some time hanging out and Dylan gave us a bottle of wine for our anniversary!!!

We sat and drank some wine while I ate some of my cheese and crackers...and then we drove through the bridge one last time!

The day wasn't done as we still had our anniversary dinner but will share that last leg of our trip in another post! I hope this helps if you ever think of traveling to San Francisco! Thank you for celebrating with us! Until next time! xoxo


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  1. They helped us put together a great menu, from the consultation to the tasting to the actual event. At NYC wedding venues they had biscuits and gravy, cornbread muffins, fried catfish, jambalaya, enormous pieces of fried chicken


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