Friday, November 11, 2016

Make your nails look young again | EMJOI Micronail | Unboxing and Review

Happy Friday friends! WHAT A WEEK...rather what a month. I have literally had time to get 5 hours of sleep take a shower brush my teeth and has been a little hectic but I am getting through! I have been meaning to share this for over two months now..I know...Edwina and I are finally at our end for announcing exciting news for us so I thought I might as well get this out! This is a commercial we did along with a haul that will be featured soon...very very soon...until then ENJOY! Make sure you are following us on Instagram @taapproved to find out what it is!!!

I was so excited to get this Micro Nail in the mail to review and try! In my efforts to get a manicure I have failed successfully haha in case you noticed not much time to actually get my nails this was something I was curious about!! Have you guys ever heard of this?
 It arrived in a box like this!

 Here is a few BEFORE pics of our lack luster nails prior to us using it!

 It comes with a buffer and a roller for shine! It also came with batteries which I was excited about!! When you watch our video you will laugh it was a little tricky to find the slot to put them in but we managed to find it!
 The directions advised that we prep our hands by washing them and filing them to our desired length!
 The first step was to file them down by buffing them....the key was to avoid applying pressure! 

 Second step was to use the shine pad! 
 Make sure to remove the plastic around the pad!

 and voila!!! The video really shows just how shiny our nails got!!! STAY TUNED WE promise it will be up as soon as we can get caught up!!! Thank you all for your patience! Juggling our careers youtube blogging fitness and life has been challenging but we don't see it any other way!

  Thank you MicrONail! Now we can make our hands look 20 again without going to get our nails done!! This was so easy to use and literally took 5 minutes!!! We plan on using this again for sure! xoxo


Shana & Edwina
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  1. Wow I can really see the difference, especially on Edwina's nails! They look so shiny and nice! My issue is always cuticles. I need a magic potion.

    Quick question - I will be in Vegas next October tagging along while my husband goes to a conference. I know that is a whole year away but I wondered if you guys schedule thrifting trips with people who come in from out of town and are avid fans? If so, how far in advance do you guys want it scheduled and details, etc? Feel free to contact me directly.

  2. I have used this device. This device makes the nails soft and shiny. It makes the cuticles properly shaped would like to recommend to my family and friends.

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