Monday, November 14, 2016

I didn't have time to MEAL PREP Grocery Shopping Essentials! #ShanaEmily | 30 Day challenge

Happy Monday friends!!! What a crazy weekend! Can not wait to share I am still so behind on sharing pics but I will get there soon! Until then i wanted to share a quick trip to Sprouts recently when I didn't have enough time to Meal prep! and lets face it...I have been getting bored so I need a few things to get me excited about my meals! I hope this helps some of you! MIMI if you are out there reading and all my #TeamLetEmHaveIt ladies and gents!

So there are plenty of times when I get bored or just want a few new things to try! Take a look at my most recent trip to Sprouts! You can also watch my haul in my latest vlog that is up on youtube HERE:

Hope to talk to you guys soon! Sharing how I incorporate these items in my meal prep on a vlog that should be up today!! xoxo


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  1. I love reading your stories. You really inspire people like me. Keep posting!


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