Thursday, November 24, 2016

Goodwill, Kiosks, & Our TOP PICKS |Black Friday Shopping Guide Part 2 | The Boulevard

We are back friends! PART 2 of EPISODE 2 Our Black Friday Shopping Gift Guide inside The Boulevard Mall !!! IT IS THANKSGIVING!!! We are just so Thankful for all of your guys for all of your support throughout whatever Shenanigan we share! 

Check our part 2 We venture off into more parts of the mall for ideas! You can watch the Video HERE:

Don't forget some of the kiosks! These phone cases were adorable!  So many choices!

The next place we found WAS THE FIND of ALL FINDS!! Seriously...

We found some amazing fragrances and we are not talking about old perfume these are new!!!
I found Eternity for men something my hubby wanted and they were selling it for $50 even on sale at Macy's it is $100!!
One of my favorites and one that I have been wanting and probably should just buy is this Victor & Rolf umm do you see the price difference??
SCORE!! I got a few gifts!

We found ourselves inside EVER ONCE again for the NEW NEW You can't tell but this sweater has massive holes in it and I love it! haha Edwinas is also really cute might have to go back and get both!

GOODWILL!!!!! We had to go into Goodwill but what we wanted to share are all of the ideas for GIFT WRAPPING! Seriously the socks the dog gifts can all go in these boxes baskets and vintage tins! So many great finds!

They were all set for Christmas Decor and Gifts!

We hope you enoyed this series! Make sure to check out the video on The Boulevard's Youtube Channel Like, Share, & SUBSCRIBE! It helps us so much!!! Let us know what you want our next episode to be!!


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