Sunday, October 30, 2016

Beauty School Drop Out

Outfit Details
Lilli Diamond Vintage Dress: Thrifted Deseret Industries WATCH HERE 
Pink Wig: Thrifted Deseret Industries
Glasses: Thrifted Deseret Industries
Vintage Gold Gloves: Thrifted Deseret Industries
Heels: Nordstrom Rack
Pearl Bracelets: Thrifted 

Good Morning friends and Happy almost Halloween! If you have been following me on Instagram or on my other youtube channel Thrifters Anonymous then you know I have been dressing up all month! But I wanted to share one of my favorite outfits with you on the blog! When we were searching for kids costumes Edwina came across this gorgeous piece by Lilli Diamond only later to find out it is quite the unique piece!! One of our subscribers sent me a link to her site and WOW!! This women was incredible! 

THIS is why I love thrifting...WHY I love having pieces in my home that have a story! I mean That couch is from WEST ELM is great...but that couch is from my grandma who cherished it so just makes me feel a whole lot better...and while it may be a little eclectic it just makes me feel good! You can reach about Lilli's story on her site link above but here is a quick blurb from the site!

"Born in Brooklyn New York, Lilli left school at 16 to become a dancer on the vaudeville stage, before setting her sights on Hollywood. Back then, movie magazines were full of stories about young hopefuls being discovered on the street and propelled to instant stardom. “I thought all I had to do was show up!” Lilli recalls. After a five-day bus ride, Lilli arrived in California. But before she could even think about going to auditions or finding an agent, fate found her. "

I KNOW RIGHT??? It's almost like Lilli is my kindred spirit!!!!!!!!!!I still think of myself as a young hopeful and following our dreams and passions will continue! NOW I can wear this dress and remember the creator! If you guys have not been to Deseret Industries you are missing is a secret place I go to for pieces of furniture that are mid century and clothing that I fall in love with. The prices are spot on and the people there are like family to us now!

I wore this on my recent news segment if you missed it you can read all about it HERE!  The kids kept saying I was the female Dr. Seuss, others were saying Beauty School Drop out, or even Hairspray! I guess I was a re incarnation of all of them and channeling Lilli Diamond!!! 

Whatever you may be dressed up as have a wonderful Halloween and don't forget to share your treasures with us on Twitter @TAAPPROVEDTWEET Or you can find me on Instagram @ShanaEmily_ and Facebook @ShanaEmily 

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