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Introducing Dawniel of #TeamLetEmHaveIt:1stphorm #Transphormation Challenge Athlete

It is time for #TransphormationTuesday and time for me to introduce you to another member of the #TeamLetEmHaveIt Team!!! I hope you guys are loving this new series please let me know if you have any other questions you have for our team!!

I want to help as many people as possible with this challenge,I have put together a team to help hold each other accountable!
This challenge is 100% free and there are chances to win money, prizes, and trips all year long.
Take the Challenge with me and accept the CHANGE...we can do it together!

If you want to join the team, contact me for info or go to the site below and invite me to be your coach use this email DHNSHANA@AOL.com !
My Transphormation starts today… Does yours? Lets do this TOGETHER!

To learn more about HOW TO GET STARTED visit a blog post I wrote on my start! HERE
To request me as your coach and to be on our TEAM PLEASE USE EMAIL:

Let me introduce you to Dawniel!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Dawniel almost 10 years ago at my wedding!! I was so blown away that she had 3 lovely boys and was so kind and welcoming to me! Her hubby was a groomsmen and I was so happy to have them as part of our special day! Through the years I have gotten know Dawniel even more and this women is strong and so inspirational! Life is not always easy nor is it fair but sometimes that is what makes us stronger and allows us to find out who we are!! Dawniel is very new to all of this and I am so proud of her and where she has come. First discovering lifting heavy and then eating clean She is going to out dead lift us all! This is her competing in her first crossfit games!!! GO DAWNIEL!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your name? Dawniel Dupee
How old are you? 35
Where are you from? Alaska

When did you start the 1stphorm Transphormation Challenge? officially started to change my diet) 4/20/2016

How much did you weigh when you started? 188

How much did you weigh now? 180

Has your body fat percentage dropped? I can say that in last 4months I have lost 4% body fat and since November 9%body fat remember I've really only been eating clean for about 6 weeks. That's where it starts!

How did you find out about the 1stphorm #Transphormation Challenge? Shana
How did you find me? I've known Shana for about 10 years and followed her transformation and watch jealously on the sidelines.
What motivated you to start? Truly this group.  I signed up back in February to be a part of Shana's 1st Phorm team only to be on the sidelines, I never thought I would post pictures and really I didn't want to change my eating habits, but as I continued with working out and slowly gaining muscle I knew that I needed to change my diet, not just for me but my kids. We are a totally crazy busy family 2 parent working and running 3 kids to all different activities 6 days a week! So nights grabbing fast food on the go. I saw my children gain weight and struggle to do endurance activities, broke my heart.

What was your fear going into the challenge? Not seeing it through, I though "Ahh change eating habits for a short period of time, no problem but keep these changes for good" that's overwhelming.
How do you think you overcame that fear? The first two weeks were SO hard, measuring, cooking saying no to eating out with friends but really now I think the meal prep actually saves me time and is so much easier on the checkbook!

Did you think about quitting? Oh yeah! I think we all do. About 1.5 months ago I was 6 months into my Crossfit journey waking up everyday at 430AM, I felt like I wasn't getting stronger, the food changes weren't making changes fast enough, I was comparing me to everyone else!

Why didn't you quit? I was frustrated but again THIS group has keep me motivated. Shana's blog about how her gorgeous back muscles HAVE taken years, yes years, to look like that! At that moment I decided to give my self a break, stop comparing me to everyone and focus on where I started and 
Where I am today. Last November,  I couldn't do a push up on my knees, or even hang on the bar with my own body weight and now I can do Real push-ups and I just got Toes to the bar!

What would you say you love most about how your life has changed since you started? My husband has started making changes which have funneled down to my kids make better food choices. We are doing this as a family. I also understand food a little bit better, the RIGHT foods are SO important!

What are you goals for the next 12 weeks? Keep going! I have 6 weeks left my my strict macro eating then I'm going to give myself a break, not go completely off the deep end but I will go to the ice team shop and have a scoop with my kids and then get back too it!

What does your typical day of eating consist of Give me a breakdown of a full day? I eat 6 times a day,
Before/during workout protein and 50grams of carbs
3 times a day 3oz protein hand full veggies, 15g healthy fats and 25g healthy carbs
3oz protein handful veggies, and healthy fats
Before bed protein shake

What is your favorite Supplement STACK right now with 1stphorm? The women's multi vitamin and Phormula-1 Chocolate milkshake and ignition

What is your favorite flavor protein?, WHAT can you not live without? Phormula-1 Chocolate milkshake and ignition but I have a feeling this will change once I get Level 1

What is your favorite go to EAT CLEAN snack? recipe? Italian chicken whole grain wrap, with tomato, avocado and apple slices

You are a mom how do you MEAL PREP for the family? It takes a whole afternoon, it is exhausting BUT ooh how much easier my life is. Crockpot and grill are a life saver, lots of chicken and moose. Just in the first month of meal prepping (my kids are not on macros)I saw s huge change in my kids, my middle done lost almost an inch off is belly! This is just food changes and how I was cooking!

What does your workout split look like? Crossfit 4-5 days a week

How much cardio do you do a day? No strict cardio but we do have light days once a week that include running and rowing

What would you tell someone who is thinking about joining the 1stphorm transphormation challenge or just any challenge in general? Advice? It takes WORK, from meal prep to walking in the gym everyday AND time, don't give up because in those moment when you push through that's when everything around you changes for the good. Surround your self with positive encouraging people (like this group). Lastly LOVE where you are and WHAT you have accomplished, trust the process

You started sharing your journey on  the private FACEBOOK group. how would you say this has helped you through your journey? The moment I posted my photos of me in a bikini on my dash board wholly cow, it was ON, it actually made me sick to see a frontal view of my belly(I even cried for a moment) but that has motivated me more than ever to Change what I put in my mouth, it is truly started there.

Lastly, what are you most excited about doing that maybe you would not have done before starting this journey? I just got back from a week vacation with my hubby and let me tell you I have a ways to go but I noticed that I was more confident in me with a swim suit on then I have ever been. It felt so good, to look at me and love me and ALL the hard work I have done.


I am so grateful to have you in my life and so honored that you have become part of our team and journey!! You are one strong women and your story I know will inspire so many as it has inspired me!! I know it isn't easy...family kids, work, life, motivation...and crap you live in ALASKA where it is FREEZING...I am so happy I got to spend some time with you while you were here I feel like we have been friends for years though I don't get to see you much I am hoping we can make that disneyland trip happen! You said something that struck me in such a way when I was telling you how far you have come and describing how strong you have become not only physically but mentally! You started describing how you see me...and we both came to the conclusion that if only we could see what others see...I hope you see YOU... Sometimes we focus on numbers, sizes even looks...and we forget the transformation we have made inside...your confidence your willingness to fail to try things you have never done to really LIVE your life 100% IN...to help change the path for your children...your family...your friends...you my friend are wonder women and I am so excited to be a part of your journey! you are going to let everyone have it on that cruise and then its time to plan our trip!!! love you my friend lets kick some butt!! THANK YOU for sharing your journey I know it wasn't easy but believe me you will help men and women who feel as you did to change their life!!


INTERESTED in 1stphorm? Have Questions on how to get started? What to start with? Email me and I can help you customize your stack or just share what I am on and what our team is using! EMAIL ME colorblindblog@gmail.com

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Thank you for supporting me!! love you all!

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