Thursday, July 14, 2016

FindingFaith: Gratitude

Hi friends! 

Lots of healing work going on for me this week. I've been reflecting on where I've come from, where I'm going and a balance of being grateful for where I am in this moment. One process that I use to really dig deep in a beautiful and fun way is to art journal. I'm part of an online group that I have talked about before that has online classes to help with this process. Sometimes when I'm feeling stuck I draw inspiration from these classes and just use some of their printouts to discover my own unique projects. I found this great Fairyopolis book at the thrift store and have been wanting to do some type of altered book project, and finally found a use for it. I've been taking photos from each year of my life and doing a cut and paste with all the inspiring things I would have wanted myself to know during those times. Here are some pics so far.

 I used another altered book/art journal I have for this "She did it anyway" exercise from Brave Girls Club. I had been thinking about all of my crazy, wild dreams about what I want to achieve in life and kept hearing those negative nagging thoughts about why I can't have, do or be those things. It was so liberating to get all that garbage out and proclaim that I can DO IT ANYWAY! So liberating!

After all of this I was really led to contemplate the idea of gratitude...for the good in every past experience, for my beautiful and amazing dreams for the future, and most of all for all the things that I am blessed with right now. The later being what I really want to focus on, because ultimately there is no past or future, just a constant streaming of now. I realized that goals and hopes and dreams are all fine, but if I can't appreciate what I have now, I won't appreciate more or different. Gratitude eliminates so many things that destroy us. Envy, greed, hopelessness, and the list goes on. I will leave you all with this thought...

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