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Someone else cooked my food & What I Eat in a day!|Macro Fuel Meals| #MealPrepSunday

Hi friends! So excited to FINALLY share this review and unboxing with you guys! If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat then you know all about the stolen camera, the crashing of my hard drive and the many opportunities and work that has taken up so much of my time these last few months. WELL I FINALLY got my new camera will share with you soon and my computer is SEMI working so I was able to upload the video where I received my first ever order of MACRO FUEL MEALS.

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HERE is PART 2 where I share A FULL DAY of Eating Macro Fuel Meals, Weighing out my food and portions!

They delivered within a day. Orders are taken Monday through Thursday for Wednesday delivery!
Never did I think I would ever want to order food someone else made for me. For one I like to think of myself as a great cook and secondly I LOVE to cook...I also have had a hard time trusting that the portions and ingredients were going to be as CLEAN as I would like them to be. So when Liz of Macro Fuel Meals reached out I was a little hesitant but decided I would try it out. They were a brand new company so my shipment was among the first ever orders so I knew there were going to be a few things they would need to adjust but I was excited nonetheless.

The box arrived and I immediately opened it as I knew it needed to go in the fridge right away!
A Little Thank You note appeared on the box 
Along with this message xoxo I felt special!
I didn't customize or even request an order for this review but did let her know that I was lactose intolerant as well as I do not eat pork. They sent me a few items to try! They were packed very well minus one that cracked but they have recently updated how they pack it and it is great! 

You can watch my Unboxing and Full Day of Eating with Macro Fuel Meals on my Youtube channel! 

Liz was sweet and sent over the macros for the meals but I also weighed them on my scale to portion out my meals for the day! Everything was spot on!

Here is what was emailed to me!
1. Spaghetti Squash Bowl:
Spaghetti Squash
93% lean ground turkey
Baby Red Potatoes
Garlic powder
Pink sea salt
Onion powder
Bartellis organic spaghetti sauce

2. Linguini/Chicken Bowl:
Linguini pasta
Organic grilled chicken (seasoned with all natural seasonings/no fillers) 

Green Beans 

3. 2 x turkey meat ball (4oz) (93% lean 7% fat ground turkey) Bowl:

seasoned with organic seasoning (we use garlic, and a in house mixture that is called our "burger seasoning")

4. Shrimp tacos (4oz) Bowl:

Two corn tortillas with kale mixture. 

5. Pancakes: 
Egg, baking powder, organic flour (waffle mixture), Pescience protein powder. I wasn't able to get a picture of everything but every meal was delicious!

I went ahead and re-heated the food on the stove top and it seemed to work out fine!No need to freeze the food either!Just simply put it back in the fridge!

Here are a few of the meals I got pictures of!

The containers are actually microwave safe and dishwasher safe so you can re use! This was the meatballs and noodle with green beans. The meatballs were so good and moist! the hubby liked this one the best! 
My personal favorite was the waffles and NOW they have donuts!!! I promise I will have a few more reviews and blog posts coming!!!

 The waffles can come with blueberries peanut butter , sprinkles! Check out the website for more options! I had the sprinkles recently and they were really good! I toasted them in the oven!!
The fiesta Lime Tacos with Shrimp are so good! the tortillas are delicious!

Now this was pretty delicious and as you can see they add the nutrition on the labels for you! I think they will doit on my customized meals as well!

the hubby and I were both excited to try this as he LOVES carrot cake. 

I LOVED it and he did too. I had a cup of coffee ate this then went and busted out some cardio! Sampson also approved xoxo

Make sure to check out my Youtube channel for a full review of the meals and come back for more as I continue to try all of the food! I am also going to customize my orders from now on as I gear up for some photoshoots, upcoming projects and more! My next blog post will have the Macros and nutrition for each meal! Please let me know if you have any questions! You can email me at!

Don't forget to use the discount code they gave me! 
USE CODE: SHANA at checkout!

See you in my next post! xoxo

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