Thursday, June 09, 2016

Finding Faith: A Positive Rock in my life

Hi friends! This week, I will share with you, my rock collection and my childhood friend...A plant named Fred. 

First off, let's start with Fred. Fred has been in our family for most of my life. Although he  has been with my mom since I left home, he has found his way to Vegas and is now under my loving care. We got Fred during a very difficult time in my young life. I was being bullied and teased daily at school, my self esteem and sense of how I fit into this world were challenged to say the least. Now I'm not saying that Fred was my friend that I talked to because I felt so alone and misunderstood. He really was just a plant that we got during that period that we decided to name to be fun. However when my mom brought him to me, there also just so happened to be some rocks that were in the pot underneath. My mom saw them and said, "Oh wow, these are rocks from our old apartment we lived in when we got Fred." Suddenly, it occurred to me, that these rocks came from a place and time that I often tried to forget. Then it also occurred to me that FRED was THERE through all of it! Now here he was, bringing back to me an opportunity to look at and (possibly) heal the pain of that experience. 

As I am writing these words I'm actually reminded of an experiment done by Masuru Omoto on the effects of words on water. Here is a YouTube link of a short version of a documentary on the subject that I encourage you to check out. Pretty fascinating. 

Back to the rocks, and a fun side note... they may even be the same rocks I went door to door with trying to sell as "pet rocks", which apparently one neighbor in particular didn't appreciate, but back to the story. As I held these rocks in my hands I thought about the effect of all those negative words that I still sometimes continue to carry and I knew what I needed to do. I needed to write POSITIVE words on these rocks.  It was so fun and liberating! Here is a picture of Fred and my word rocks.
Now comes part two in my journey. What to do with these rocks now, and another fun idea. Share these positive words with others! I decided I'm going to leave these rocks in places where they can be found by other people. Try to do my part by interjecting a positive thought into the mind of another for even just the briefest of moments. Who knows, maybe it will start a kindness revolution that just might change the course of history for the better! Yes! I'm going with that idea! :)

Left one today for a friend amongst his little collectibles...
I also left this on a bookshelf in Barnes and Noble yesterday

So if you happen to be out and about and see a stone somewhere random, pick it up! You never know! Or do some of your own! Would love to hear about it if you do! Until next week...Spoiler alert...I will be doing a little self-imposed art retreat all next week that I will share. I'm so excited! 

Leave no stone left unturned! 

Creatively yours,



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