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Building Back Muscles, Ab, Back , & Plyo Workout & Talking Post Workout Supplements & Meals #Transphormation #NEVERSETTLE

So I get a lot of emails asking about different exercises and I don't think I do a good enough job of sharing all that I do!! DID you know I film almost EVERY SINGLE workout I do? From training for a bikini competition, training for a photoshoot, to training for life and building muscle..I have a video on it! So I thought I would share them on the blog every time I do it! is what I think is a great go to back, core, & delt workout everyone can do!

In between reps I will add in a tricep, bicep, or ab movement! This will help with strength, get those back muscles we all desire and help with leaning out the core! PLEASE keep reading as I will go into what I feel is the most important and that is POST WORKOUT!! what you eat what you do is so important will help get you those results!

I started off with the back row using the closed grip focusing on the lower back! 4 sets of 20. I will typically set the weight at 70lbs but start at 30 or 40 and work up to this...

I will then go into Tricep dips 30 reps! The further your legs are out in front of you the harder it will be!

Move into Rear delts, pull towards your ears so you can feel it in your rear delts! 4 sets of 20!

Go right into a plyo. this one is great and will get your heart rate up fast! Keep that butt down and bakc down! go for 1 minute!

Next set is bicep curls with the cable! These are great! Really squeeze that bicep and work yourself up with weight! 4 sets of 20

These are one of my favorite exercises! My lats are always sore afterwards! Keeping your arms as straight as possible and pull down! 4 sets of 20!

Then off to these things that always kill me! haha they seem easy but man! 30 reps and your abs will be screaming at you! BUT this is such a great strength go at your own pace...stop if you need to...and try to keep your back glued to that chair!

Next set up plyos jump squats you will see in the video I did a variation since well my leg is a disaster no jumping for me! get low and get that heart rate up!

YOU are done! That is a workout that Stacey loves to have us do..and heck she is an IFFBB Bikini pro...funny how we think things need to be so complicated ....there is no secret....just do the work...and be on to what I feel is the most important part of your training....

Now assuming you have been eating clean all day and took your vitamins! 
DID you know that a multi vitamin can actually boost your weight loss? I use the MFactor Goddess by +1st Phorm Hands down the best mulit I have used plus it gives me that extra boost of energy and DOES not make me sick! 
You can find it HERE. This link will also give you free shipping on all of the supplements and apparel when you use it. 

 I take these 3 times a day meal 1, meal 3, meal 5!

Ugh I WISH someone would have told me to take these 10 years ago! and that is why you always hear me talking about...ALWAYS... you can easily google omega fatty acid and see what the benefits are...I am here to tell you YOU SHOULD be taking this excuses...and if you want to get that boost to lose some weight...well you should be taking this... I mean I don't need to lower my blood sugar I don't think but if you do...Full Mega will help do this. These are capsules and one thing I LOVE is that I don't smell fish and I don't have an after taste like most of these do. They are easy to take and I notice a difference in my body, my hair, my conjunction with lots of water! I take 2 of these daily! if you follow My fitness pal you will see I take it with breakfast and dinner!
You want to find a fish oil from a company you trust is using the best quality ingredients...You can find the FULL MEGA HERE

Now this is not a must or even a need post workout or pre workout but when I am wanting to boost my energy and really get my fat burning up I take 1 capsule of the Bliss a day. I can see a visible difference in my stomach and my arms when I take this not to mention my energy is through the roof and I can get my night time workout in without struggling for energy! I take it with my lunch! EMAIL ME if you have more questions on any of these I am here to help!

NOW What do I do POST workout?

you can find it HERE
My personal favorites are CTC Loop de fruit and now Root beer float!

haha this picture should say everything! Now When I was on prep My coach took this out of my diet about 6 weeks out just FYI but to build this booty and get my shoulders and back to grow THIS my friends is the not so secret to my supplement stack and POST WORKOUT! I will use this as a shake with a little ice and ignition

What you do when you get done killing yourself in the gym will either help you or hinder your progress!!! Taking PHORMULA 1 and IGNITION together immediately after your workout is what is going to help build those muscles while helping in recovery as well. THIS is the best protein out there....and in my opinion the best flavors. They don't mix it with a bunch of nonsense and carbs and is 100% LACTOSE FREE in which case for me it does not make me feel sick or bloated...and more importantly I SEE the difference it has made...and if you guys have watched my journey just look at my booty before I started? haha 

PLEASE email me if you have questions about this as well. I can go on and on but bottom line stop wasting your money and time and give your body the best while you are giving your best...I know howmuch work it takes to buld muscle lose weight and have a life somewhere in between there...STOP wasting time thinking you can get around the basics. 

DID you know that the 1stphorm Transphormation Challenge is FREE? I mean you don't have to enter the contest crap just get the FREE meal plans and workouts on the site to start! Check out this post for more information on this or email me!

TAKE the proper supplementation and nutrition 
oh and have fun while you are at it!

 I also share my COSTCO grocery trip and my go to dinner CHICKEN STIR FRY! 

My dinner after a workout liked this will usually consist of 4 oz veggies, 4 oz chicken or protein, & 1/4 cup rice or 3 oz sweet potato or small red potatoes or even 2 small corn tortillas!

Let me know if this helped or if there is soemthing in particular you want me to go over in my next #Transphormation POST! I am back on my transphormation with you guys!

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