Thursday, May 12, 2016

Girls Weekend in Vegas| Come shopping with us at The Boulevard Mall| #ThriftersAnonymous

WE are back folks! We recently took a thrifting trip in Las Vegas to The Boulevard Mall to shop for our Girls Weekend & Rihanna Anti-World Tour!! You can watch PART 1 below!

When we arrived it was right as the mall was opening so we needed to get our COFFEE first!
Luckily inside there is a coffee shop called VIVA CAFE!
Two iced coffees and we were on our way to feeling good!

We were even on time to catch the MAGIC SHOW live!! They have a magic show every Sunday he was actually fun a great pit stop for kids and well we were entertained! haha

THEN we were off to our first stop.... GOODWILL! That is right if you haven't heard GOODWILL is INSIDE The Boulevard Mall and this particular GOODWILL has gotten our #TAAPPROVED STAMP and you will see why!

We have neen able to find some of the best vintage and brand names here! OLEG CASSINI! Are you kidding me?

VINTAGE SEQUIN Goodness like this piece? Some of the best Sequin in town is at this Goodwill!

I found this vintage number reminded me of Rachel Zoe!

and this sequin gown!

A SCALA Vintage Sequin Gown...

The jackets are also pretty amazing but we were trying to stay focused!

Edwina found this gorgeous neoprene pencil skirt!

and this CHANEL -esque vintage pleated number had me drooling!

These next two vintage sequin tops were EXACTLY what we were looking for...I mean who are you kidding...we are ALWAYS looking for these tops! haha

Make sure you watch the video to see all of the other beautiful pieces we tried on!
Our next stop was a store called EVER...reminded us of a Forever 21 though we think it is locally owned.

So many cute jumpers and dresses..

We tried on a bunch of stuff!! We ended up finding a few pieces!
 Then we were off to our new favorite accessory store...CEBU

We brought the outfits we got and began pairing them with all of the gorgeous pieces!

In the back were tables filled with $5 and $10 clutches!

We fell in love with a few pieces and bought them!

PART 2 is also up on Youtube! Check it out below!

We couldn't wait to check out MILANO shoes! We already had shoes in mind but wanted to see what they had!

and OMG...We can not believe the amount of diamond encrusted shoes that were there!

and the boots....SO MANY BOOTS!

THESE were by far my favorite color is blue so these immediately spoke to me! 

The men's shoes were also incredible he carried unknown brands and some Steve Madden as well...and the blazers...ugh we will be doing a whole segment on this store for sure!

As we were leaving we spotted this store haha we were mostly amused by the name so decided we would check it out. 

It wasn't full of clothes but we did manage to find some fun pieces!

We can not wait to share our GIRLS weekend in Vegas and what we decided to rock for the day and night! Stay tuned for the FINALE and make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to The Boulevard Mall's youtube Channel were we will feature it all!!


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