Thursday, May 19, 2016

FINDING FAITH: LIFE happened, Italy, & What I have been up to!

HI FRIENDS!! GUESS WHO'S BACK?! That's right! It's Faith from Finding Faith!

I know it's been a LONG time, so my apologies for being away so long. Apparently Finding Faith meant losing Faith for a while, or similar to Finding Waldo! So much has happened since my last post. A full time job, a trip to Italy, family and friends staying with me, diving deeper into art, finding my path, losing my path (and my mind at times!), and just an all around roller coaster of self discovery.

Well I have a lot to update you all on, so I will get started in this post by talking about my trip to Italy!

This REALLY was the trip of a lifetime. I went for 10 days with my mom on a Faith and art retreat with A Kiss On The Chic. Here's the link to the website if you would like to check it out. We flew into Milan, highlight was definitely seeing The Last Supper by DaVinci! From there after meeting with our group we traveled  to Bellagio. Such a beautiful place!  From the time we arrived I felt like I had stepped into a dream. Each day was better than the last. I remember after about 3 days feeling like, if I had to go home right then, that the trip was worth it. Then after Bellagio, we spent a couple of days in Venice. It was a life long dream to go to Italy, and I definitely plan on going back.

I'm not going to bore you with every detail, but here are some highlights. First of all, I felt so blessed to be able to have experienced all of this with my mom! We really bonded and connected in amazing ways, and really have become much closer since. That right there made the trip worth it. Add to that making new friends, eating delicious food, sight seeing, excursions to surrounding towns, creativity, art and spirituality! Yes, I felt like I was in heaven! It was such a lovely experience of how beautiful life can be, and I will always carry it in my heart. 

Since that experience, my life and my art has really expanded, grown and changed in unexpected ways. I will share more in my next post about the crazy direction my art seems to be going in, but will share a more relevant experience now. The following pics are of a mural of Italy and some wine bottles I was commissioned to paint.

Well that's all for now. Thank you for letting me share! Until next time!

Creatively yours,


P.S. For anyone interested in learning more about commissioning me for murals or paintings, feel free to email me at


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