Tuesday, May 03, 2016


WATCH our announcement video!

WE are beyond excited to announce that Edwina & I #TAAPPROVED are teaming up with The Boulevard Mall here in Las Vegas!!! We will be taking you on our adventures and sharing it with all of you! 
PLEASE FOLLOW The Boulevard Mall as they will be sharing exclusive videos, behind hte scenes, giveaways, & so much more! Don't worry we will let you guys know what is going on! CHECK OUT our Announcement video we worked so hard on! SPECIAL thank you to +Black Raven Films for producing this video!!! 

Please show us some love on their Youtube and let them know we have the best YOUTUBE FAMILY! #TAMEMBERS xoxo Love you guys and thank you so much for the support!

Born & raised in Las Vegas I remember the The Boulevard with my mom, grandma, & sister. I remember walking in and running to San Rio or The Disney Store begging for a new princess or Pacheco...haha who remembers that? My mom ALWAYS had to stop in Wild Pair and my grandma was all about Macy's. It was the premier mall in town! Las Vegas has grown so much and with that growth came change and almost 4 other malls were built!

Not too long ago Edwina and I heard that Goodwill had opened a store INSIDE of The
Boulevard Mall and we immediately got in our car and drove there. If you missed that trip you can watch it HERE! We quickly saw that there was new life, new construction and fell in LOVE with the GOODWILL there. If you are looking for SEQUIN.. then this is the SPOT! insider TIP. About a month had passed and The Boulevard reached out to us to THANK US for visiting...how nice right...and then...THEN...they asked if we would want to visit again...and again...and again...you can imagine our excitement! I hope you will join us on our adventure as we check out what is new with you! We will always keep it real and always have fun! We have already started! 

While there are still vacant store fronts you can see slowly but surely this mall is blossoming into what I feel will be a true LOCALS mall. While you have some of your mainstream favorites like Macy's Victoria's Secret & American Eagle, you also have Goodwill, one of our favorite thrift stores here in Nevada who has given back so much to our community. I am not sure about other states but we can not wait to share all that they do for our locals here in Las Vegas.

CEBU an accessory store that we literally have fallen in love with, EVER, a fun trendy spot where you can find some of the more expensive styles for basically thrift store prices. We stopped into Crazy Jeans which seemed to be a mother daughter team, Milano Shoes that has SEQUIN heels and the most beautiful suits!!!

Olivias a Latin Cuisine that was delicious! You know a restaurant is good by the salsa! FRESH...Anyway I can go on and on..and don't worry WE WILL... until then make sure you are following along! 



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  1. This is amazing! Congratulations and I am looking forward to the content that will be produced.



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