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HOW TO Re-Fresh Your Spring Wardrobe at Deseret Industries In Las Vegas

Do you know what time it is? It's about that time to rearrange your closets to make way for Spring fashions. So, Edwina and I decided after going through our own closets, we needed a couple "new" items to spruce up our our current gear- Thrifters Anonymous Style.

So we decided to head over to one of our favorite thrift stores, Deseret Industries (located on Craig & Allen), to find some new pieces for the low low. But before we can walk in, we have a routine that keeps us on track.  We have to get inspired! Trust us when we say it is so necessary before you walk in, especially if you are new to thrifting. 

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So what we did this particular trip was check out photos from recent high end designer Spring Runways  released just in the parking lot on our smart phones. You can check out our Pinterest Board HERE! Surprisingly we find that this technique works well to quickly inspire and keep you focused. The best part is that most of the looks and colors stay fresh on the brain. And it helps to inspire ideas with your current wardrobe and possible DIY ideas as well!
So, here is a break down of how we handle each thrift store hunt, in this particular order:
STEP 1: Scour fashion and beauty magazines (new or old), social media, and Pinterest for anything that inspires you right away. Whether it is from 2016 spring runways or 2010....the good news is it doesn't matter! The key is  just finding anything that inspires you! Look at it before you go, tear it out of the magazine, take a picture of it, or pin it.

  • Here is an idea of what we stuck out to us when checking out fashions for 2016:A twist on our favorite spring colors: expanding of the bold shades typical of spring 
  •  The huge color palette of tangerine, thick stripes, cut outs on different areas of sweaters, nautical vibes, and lingerie inspired "pajama chic", and new twists on our favorite trend- athleisure wear.
  • We also were drawn to:exposed backs, shoulders, fringe on everything! Chokers, chunky jewelry non-traditional necklines

STEP 2: Next, if you see something that inspires you, GRAB it! You have to get in the habit of simply throwing everything you love initially into the cart and analyze it later! Because it will not be there if you circle back for it. 

  • Deseret Industries is COLOR you have no excuses to step outside your box. Even though it's easy to be drawn to  black, white, and grey pieces, try to grab those colors you never thought you can wear! 
  • The thrift store has no judgement! Be a little adventurous! And remember no one will know and you are bound to find a great deal. 
STEP 3: Lastly, you must try on ALL the items you have thrown in the cart.  The key is to try and visualize how you can add this to your current staples you already own. 

Here are some tips we found on this trip:
  • Light layers- whether it is a light vintage blazer or a fun button down you can wear with jeans and a t-shirt, or thrown it over a vintage dress
  • You can even DIY to create that runway inspired looks ( some alterations are very affordable or check YouTube for DIY ideas
  • Belts around the neck is a fun twist on the choker trend 
  • Sequin vests are the easiest way to wake up an outfit
  • And don't forget about bold colors with neutrals!
  • SO many vintage items as well!

The most important thing to remember is it is about being inspired and wearing what you love and feel good in. Don't pay attention to the size or even the brand! Try to step outside your norm, and go for fun colors, fun shapes, different textiles or, simply something unique. Desert Industries is filled with treasures. And vintage goodies.  All you need your best friend, a cart, and an open mind!

Here is a quick snapshot of all the pieces that we each found and tried on! We had so much fun make sure you check out the video to see how we feel about each piece!!! 
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  1. Such a great post! I live for all of the content on this blog as well as the videos on your thrifting channel :)


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