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FIRST LOOK: Designing My Closet & Boudoir with Laurel & Wolf

The designers have spoken and now I NEED YOUR HELP!! Seriously! 
 I had 4 designers create style boards for me and I never thought I would be this excited! I mean they are literally competing to be my designer! I can't EVEN!! Each have a slightly different vision but all of them encompass everything I am looking for! NOW here is where it gets difficult! Who would have thought I would love each of them so much! I seriously thought that I would be able to know right away...but I am still so stuck! Each of them left a little note and I was able to ask them questions as well. I have added their notes below for you guys to see! I basically have 3 days to choose a designer. It is important to note again that the pieces in the pictures are not the exact pictures so read what the designers had to say!
So without further ado, here are my FIRST LOOKS with the Laurel and Wolf Designers! 

SO Let me know what other questions I should ask them and who your top pick would be!! 


Danielle: Hi Shana! Here is a Vintage inspired boutique look for your wardrobe space. Utilizing your existing pieces, I was inspired by the white and gold, but also love the navy and rose accents. I think it would be fun but resourceful to display your jewelry and hats by adding hooks on the walls. Making a vertical shoe display in the space somewhere would also utilize the wall space, but have easy access to your collection.
MY THOUGHTS: So I absolutely love how she has not only used some of my pieces in this style board, but I am loving the wallpaper, chandelier and closet space.

Designer #2
Jordan: Hi Shana,
Hope all's well! your project looks like it would be a ton of fun and I love the pieces you have to work with! I also see a lot of sequins and fur on the wardrobe which I love. I put together a general mood board that shows some organizational ideas as well as some accents like wallpaper we could layer into the design. I think that it is important to have your pieces on display as both art and focal points for your blog and would love to work with you on this project.Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions and look forward to hearing from you.
The Clip Boards on the wall for jewelry, I had thought that could be a cool way to organize blog posts as well if you had things organized by the day or week but up on display, because it's all so fun so might as well lol. I think that if we used that inspiration image it would be a great thing to reference and create a really great unique space. For the wallpaper I have a few removable wallpaper sources that are really great over traditional wallpaper because you can install them yourself so it cuts down the cost a bit. Wallpaper is also fun behind shelves or lining drawers, I think that could be a cool use for it in this space. Glad you like the ideas and for the chandelier I know of a few etsy and online vintage decor shops I'm sure we could find a deal with.
From the main inspiration image what could we incorporate? I think it we were to use that as a the go to for staying within a look it would be really helpful. So mainly the colors and how they used a mix of vintage but in a balanced way so that the closet and pieces in the room don't become to cluttered or overwhelming looking.For the wallpaper gold would be cool too! As far as the pieces that you have I think we could use everything but I love the larger pieces like the dresser and chair to give that vintage look and we could add a more trendy item like a fur pillow on the chair for a great mix of new and vintage. I also love the hat boxes and luggage you have and think we could do something really fun with that. The ladder also stood out to me and I think we could really get creative and use it as some type of display.You are lucky because you have so many pieces with great personality and so the space will definitely reflect that. Would love to work with you on your space! :) Thanks, Jordan
MY THOUGHTS: Well as you can see Jordan was FILLED with creative ideas...Not only did I love all of the creative ways to display my stuff but she actually used an inspiration picture from my pinterest! The way she had the clothes hanging and the shoes on the wall loved the creativity. and the inspiration picture was the color scheme WHICH I LOVE. She also said she would used my grandmas dressers and chair! Which means I can spend a lot of my budget on organization, a rug, curtain and even wallpaper! I also found out she is a premium designer for Laurel and Wolf which was really cool! She is in my top 2 for sure!
Designer #3

Shelley: A Romantic, Chic, Funky, Vintage Inspired Dressing Room for Shana
Hey Shana! I am so glad you love the design!! I can NOT believe your grandma is from Paris, wow that is just wild! As far as organizing the clothes, I would suggest Ikea wardrobes. I could draw out the floor-plan for you to see which ones fit best. I have a few other ideas and thoughts and would help you to place each piece so that all is displayed nicely and some hidden until you need it to make it look like a boutique. I took a few things off because the board was filling up fast. That chair is just beautiful and the colors and fabric are just perfect! Please just let me know if you should have further questions! :)
MY THOUGHTS: Well if you can't tell Shelley is the most GLAM of the bunch. I immediately was drawn to the colors and that RUG! The gold and white striped wall paper the whole color scheme spoke to me and to see my grandmas chair just made me smile. The lighting is gorgeous also!
Designer #4

Estie: Enjoy the playful yet elegant vibe of this vintage-inspired dressing room. A European floral blue and white pattern room divider separates this space from the master bedroom, while a corresponding blue vintage-inspired rug anchors the space. A "Byzantine" blue wallpaper continues the motif, while several colorful Moroccan glass hanging lanterns add visual interest. Other features include a pair of glass-door bookcases for shoe display and a medley of framed hats and purses as wall decor. Not shown: clothing organized and displayed on racks. Note: Furniture in style board not exact, used for visualization purposes only. Overall, a unique and creative space for styling your wardrobe and as a set for your YouTube channel! 
Hi Shana, glad you're liking the direction so far! I definitely had your grandmother's pieces in mind, sorry it's hard to visualize without seeing the exact pieces in the board. I was thinking the long one would stand along the wall facing the entrance, with the mirror over it, and the tall one would be on the left side of the room. Two glass door shoe cabinets would stand on either side of the window on the right. The chair would be in the left corner, sort of in front of the wide dresser, so that your eye immediately goes to the pretty vignette as soon as you enter the space. Also, I love the idea of having both the floor mirror as well as the wall mirror because then you can get shots showing front and back of outfits!
MY THOUGHTS: Ok I have a soft spot for Estie...I don't know if it is how she explained her ideas or the fact that she has glass Moroccan lamps but I just kinda like her overall thoughts. I if you couldn't tell Estie is like the perfect combination of chic, glam and vintage. I feel like she took ALL of the elements. If you read her thoughts she is seeing my dressers and chair in the space. I love her ideas for the cabinets so chic but still organized. The Morroccan lanterns...UMM YES...Wallpaper, frames with hats and jewelry...She is in my top 2 as well...I also loved her thoughts after talking to her. The room divider was almost genius to separate the room! The pieces you see in her collage are not exact pieces so that is something to keep in mind!



  1. Wow I can't wait to see how this progresses ... i love all of the ideas - oh it's so hard... but I think I am most drawn to Estie - just from the sounds of her she seems to get you and your style and personality.

    1. Oh thank you Tammy!!!! Means so much that you stopped by to comment . I am having a hard time also. I go back and forth. Right now I think I am between Estie and Jordan. But yes I feel like Estie kind of gets me for sure! Thanks love! So excited to share this with you guys!

  2. I really like Designer 2! She's probably the most expensive lol but I like her best!
    She seems like the most eclectic and I love her out-of-the-box ideas to use ordinary things uniquely; which I think you are all of those things with your Thrifty-Ability!

    1. thanks Melissa!! Actually you give them your budget and then they build your space around that!!! so awesome right? YES I DO LOVE #2 I am so torn between #2 and #4 as I feel like I could incorporate some of #2 ideas but #4 seems to really get all the elements and after seeing her profile I was like ok I love her styling ugh... so hard!!! haha

  3. I really enjoyed design #2. I just really liked the design and the incorporation of ideas to organize your closet. It's so unique and creative. I feel like it gives sort of a thrifty vibe. Love all them but, hopefully you choose one YOU love!!!

    1. Thank you!!! Yes Ugh I have been torn with #2 and #4 who brought something totally unique I had never really seen incorporated with my style of coarse this is just inspiration I am so excited to see what I actually could design once I choose a designer!!!! thank you for your input!

  4. Hey Shana! I have a degree in Interior Design, though I'm not working in the industry so I am loving this process and all the design elements. A question I have is, can you not combine ideas - take elements you like and incorporate them together? I do love the colors in #1, the lighter blue and soft pink with the color of your furniture. Overall I love Jordan's creativity. She has shown so many cool ways to display your accessories (love the boards for earrings, strands for hats and clipboards for necklaces). I also really dig that inspired photo. It has a cool Bohemian vibe and its eclectic with mixed pieces which is in line with your style and decor. The biggest thing I would ask yourself is how do you want to display your items. Do you want more things out away? In bins, hat boxes, etc or do you want to display more of it? I love using your items as functional art in the room. We buy things because they catch our eye so why wouldn't we want to look at them? I really look forward to seeing what you decide and how it all comes together! ~Sheena

    1. Hey love!!!! YES girl...yes I am totally going to try to combine what I love with the designer I chose! I have chosen a designer but I tell ya it was hard I feel like I ended up choosing who I felt really brought something that I would have never thought of and I will then use some of the other designs and ideas to put in the space!! I definitely want to display my things! I CAN NOT WAIT to share the whole thing with you guys!!!

  5. I feel so sorry for you having to make this choice! I love the colour theme and the idea of hooks in the first design, the closet space is amazing too. If this was me I'd go for the first design. However, make sure you pick the one you love the most :) If possible pick the one that suits your ideas most and if there's other things from other designs try adding them to the design you have chosen.

    1. haha I know right! It was so hard I made the choice last night and even after I did I was like crap..did I make the right choice! But yes! I think what I will do is really try to incorporate all that I loved from everyone but the one I chose I think brought soemthing I hadn't seen before and really complimented my stuff!!! Can't wait to share it with you guys! thank you for taking the time to help me out!!!

  6. love number 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but super talented designer its gonna be a hard choice. :)


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