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Project Launched: Designing My Closet & Boudoir with Laurel & Wolf

WELL. The time has finally come...haha I get asked almost daily for a closet tour...well if you guys only knew what my closet looked like you would probably call HORDERS on me no joke. I couldn't give you a tour I couldn't even give myself a tour! haha So I finally decided that something needed to happen! I LOVE decorating and using my creativity on OTHER PEOPLE...but when it comes to myself I am a total flop. I can never seem to make a decision on anything and I can't seem to let go of anything...those two combinations don't seem to be working so I finally decided it was time to give in and get help. 
AFTER our HUGE garage sale fail Edwina and I decided and created #ThriftGiving which will really help me get rid of a lot of my clothes to homes across the world. More on that to come. But it was time to make my space usable, creative, inspiring, and a place where I can feel calm. Just like a trainer I never thought I needed the help, but if I ever want to reach my potential in anything I have learned you must let go, so I started searching for an interior designer. 
I know.
Don't worry the search was short after I saw what they were charging...umm I don't even have that money for my space let alone to hire someone to design my space. PLUS I have so many incredible pieces that I don't even know what they would actually do! 

In my search I came across a company called Laurel and Wolf. It was actually THIS YOUTUBE video I came across. 

I know what you are thinking...I don't get it..you hire someone who doesn't actually come to your house, I mean I wish they, I dream of Jeannie'd like they did in the video but it isn't necessary! I was intrigued and immediately went to the website.I was wondering if a company like this would be willing to work with someone like me..I mean I could not only blog about it but I could film my whole experience! I reached out to them to see if they would want to collaborate and they said YES... I couldn't believe it. I didn't wait but 15 minutes before I got back online and clicked on Get started!!!

That brings me to STEP 1 of the Laurel and Wolf Design process! I had already decided that I wanted to re-design my closet/boudoir which used to be a retreat in our bedroom. I wanted to take you guys along my journey not only to share the experience but to share inside of my closet! FINALLY!! and don't worry I might of bamboozled Edwina to also share hers! SO Here we go!

There are actually 4 steps to the whole process and right now I am on Step 2 so let me catch you up!

We will start with Step 1!
FIRST you START a New Project!
They ask you what you will be designing. I chose other since closet wasn't a room.

The next question is asking what your design style is...if you are not sure you can take a style quiz to see! I was 
CONTEMPORARY ECLECTIC I knew right away when I looked at the picture!

Next step is to choose a design package! 
There are two options to choose from:
The Classic or The Premium Package. Basically the Classic is going to give you access to the whole community of designers at a more affordable cost, the premium package will guarantee you work with a premium designer who in essence has more experience. I believe you also get more designers to choose from in the premium package but since I was collaborating and since I really wanted to show how you can create a million dollar room on a Thrifters Anonymous budget we opted for the classic package! The final design package includes a style board, a shopping list, a floor plan, and instructions!

Then it is time to checkout! You can choose more then one space but you will treat each space as a separate room and if you want to add one you can coordinate so that you are more cohesive with the space! 

Once you have made your purchase you begin adding in more details about your space! I actually found a picture online of my actual space! This is below! I included dimensions but they also wanted pictures of the space now and well get ready for this before picture! haha 
this is what it looks like with all my nonsense inside!

One of my favorite questions they asked was do you have any pieces of art, furniture or anything you want to incorporate into your new design. 
THIS was so important to me! 
I truly believe that our homes should tell a story about you. Very few pieces were bought for this specific space. I have traveled all over the world and I have been given pieces from my family who have lived all over the world. When I look around I want to be reminded of all the people and the places and the things that you love and the experiences you have. I know, sounds crazy but I want my space, my whole home to say who I am and I don't want Pottery Barn to do it for me haha but there in lies my issue and well by the look of the picture haha you can see I have a LOT OF STUFF so I needed someone to help me refine my space and get rid of the clutter so I can enjoy the incredible pieces I have.

On the left side of my space I have this vintage high top dresser that was my grandma's...when I was little I remember imagining what was inside...jewels, gowns couldn't wait until she would get ready so I could watch her! I chose this as a piece I would like to incorporate!

This is the dresser that is currently housing my ridiculous accessories! haha
Ugh this chair...We were not allowed to sit in it or even touch it. The colors the fabric this chair makes me smile and makes me think of my grandma every day!

I have this metal dress form from Marshalls that I thought could hold something as well as this ladder which may work for something as well.

This mirror is one of the 3 I bought at goodwill for $25. Yep you heard me $25 ridiculous and it is over 90 inches long HUGE!

I have 2 rolling racks like this rack which I keep currently inspired pieces on! 

Lastly is this mirror that goes with the furniture! 

I was also able to upload or share links of inspiration! I started a PINTEREST BOARD for this closet/boudoir re-design if you want to check it out!

Some of the other questions they ask are about style and brands of furniture you love or dislike, your timeline, color preference, wallpaper or paint, and why you are designing this room. I had so much fun filling this out! I am hoping that the designers don't get scared by my space and hopefully they are inspired!! I CAN NOT WAIT to see what they come up!

Typically they will have 2 to 5 days to get FIRST LOOKS to you via a style board! 
COME back and will share the First looks and designers that choose me!!! Let me know if you guys have any questions or if you would like to see anything additional! I am also filming this and will appear on both my channels!!! Make sure you are following me on Instagram @ShanaEmily_ or Facebook @ShanaEmily for more pics and sneak previews!!! Also check out my YOUTUBE for the behind the scenes! #ShanaEmily and #ThriftersAnonymous

Love you guys! and I am going to need your help deciding so check back tomorrow for the FIRST LOOKS!! 



  1. I cant wait to see what it looks liek! We are currently renting but when we buy a house I am having a dressing room so need all the inspiration i can get

  2. Thank you Charlotte!!! I am so excited to finally have this finished! Check out the latest post I could use your help in choosing your favorite designer! They already uploaded their FIRST LOOKS!!!! xoxo

  3. I have that same chair from my Grandmother's house. My Mom had it redone with a different fabric and painted the wood but the design is identical. I love it cause it reminds me of my my Grandmother. It was also in a room we were not allowed to hang out in as kids.

    1. oh my gosh really??? that is crazy!!! haha yeah we would be in so much trouble if we sat on it! I can't wait to have it in my space!!!! thanks for sharing love!


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