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My #Transphormation Starts Today: How to get started

So...most of you have seen the announcement of the 1stphorm Transphormation challenge. I have been a part of the 1stPhorm Phamily for a little over a year now and I haven't looked back! The top of the line supplements and a team that feels like family everything they do in the community and around the world helps so many change their lives...and this Challenge is going to surpass anything we have seen yet! 
you are thinking about enrolling...
you are scared...
you don't think it is the right time...
you don't know your schedule...
you don't have money to buy supplements, a trainer, a gym membership..
you tried this once before and it didn't work...
you have an injury...
I am sure I can go on and on....I basically just laid out most of my excuses...but you know what I went with?
That was it. Even with all the set backs and believe me there were mom passed...then 2 years later my grandpa passed...then my lab ate a whole bottle of floss and almost died in my arms...I almost busted my calf muscle...I slammed my finger in my car door and almost LOST my finger...I lost got busy...I wasn't losing weight...the scale wasn't moving...I was tired...I was sad...BUT...for the first time in my entire life...
I decided to KEEP GOING...
even after weeks of NOTHING happening...believe me...girls would come in and my coach would be like congrats! You lost 2 lbs...I step on the scale..and BAM..oh are the same.. 
REALLY? Are you freaking kidding me? I mean watch my first videos on Youtube and you will see my frustration...but my coach told me just keep giving your all..and then that is when I changed my focus again... I no longer gave a crap about the scale...I mean did I want to go down YES...but did i have control over that...NO... So I decided..i was going to be STRONG.. I was going to lift heavier weights...squat lower...and out run anyone in the gym..

I swear the minute I changed the goal was the minute everything changed. I didn't care anymore...I just wanted to out lift my last lift..I wanted to not get winded after sprinting...I wanted to be the strongest girl in that gym..I wanted men to look at me and be like....DAMN are strong...Every SINGLE day I went to the gym...every single day I ate CLEAN Meals and just kept saying.. want this...prove yourself that you WANT this bad enough...

Anyway...This brings me to today.. almost 3 and 1/2 years after I made this choice...and I am finding I have to make this choice again...see..the thing never ends...and every day you have to make conscious choices to's not like a project or an don't turn it in get an A and forget about it...haah though that was my mentality...hahaha 

I will say it WILL get easier though..because the longer you make those choices the more you TEACH your body how to live the way you want it to work the way you want it when you decide to eat gummy bears and peanut brittle till you wanna vomit you won't have to just GIVE UP on your dreams haha (I did this last weekend...haha you herd me..Shana ate gummy bears.. a lot of them...) I AM ready to get back on my focused I wanna kick ass train..and I am ready for you guys to join me...I am going to VLOG and BLOG my whole journey WITH you guys..and I encourage you to share yours as well. I love that we are doing this don't be afraid to ask me anything. 

Here is how you can get started!

  1. VISIT 
  2. REGISTER to be a Transphormer ( how fun is that name by the way? haha) They will guide you through registration and tell you what to do next.
  3. REQUEST ME TO BE Your TRAINER by entering my Email Address above ( If you can't seem to find it simply email me at and give me your email and I will invite you!
  4. YOUR BEFORE PIC IS YOUR SUBMISSION The next step to be entered is to take your BEFORE picture. Once you register on the site It will guide you and tell you where to upload. Go to your DASHBOARD.Click on MY TRANSPHORMATION I have attached the card you need to use in your pictures!! Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on MAKE YOUR FIRST ENTRY It is in blue! Then you will see a form to upload your pictures! Front side and back! This is submitted through the site not publicly...(just yet cuz you will kick some ass and win right?) you will need to use the SIGN that is provided so they know you are not using a pic from 3 years ago and to keep us honest! I will be uploading mine this weekend of the 23rd! You can find the sign on the site or email me and I will send it to you! As far as when you need to submit pictures by To be considered for the current month’s contest, simply have your most recent photos or videos submitted on your My Transphormation dashboard by the 25th of this month. Entries that come in after the 25th that we are not able to get to will automatically be held over for the following month’s contest. The cut-off time is 11:59PM … so just have your stuff in by 11:59PM on the 25th for your picture or video to get consideration for that month. Anything in after that will be automatically considered for the next month.
  5. YOUR VIDEO SUBMISSION while this is not totally mandatory it is HIGHLY encouraged...guys not only will this help them identify with you...but I am gonna be will help YOU identify with you...and also hold you accountable! It is super simple to start a youtube and upload and if you need help I am here to help you with it!!!
  6. VISIT EACH LINK on the top of site to get your NUTRITION meal plans set up and WORKOUTS. If you are working with a trainer no problem! These are simply tools that are going to help you! 
  7. SUPPLEMENTS Obviously you need to get your diet on point and focus on clean foods consistently throughout your day...but a question I was getting was DO I have to use 1stphorm supplements..and the answer is No. and here is their answer! No, you do not have to use supplements to be one of the Transphormation or Trainer winners. However, it would be unethical for us to promote someone as a 1st Phorm Transphormation winner that used non 1st Phorm products to achieve their transphormation results. If you use supplements to make your transphormation they need to be 1st Phorm supplements. Besides, if you win you will be fully reimbursed for your all of your supplement purchases for the period in which you won the transphormation challenge.
  8. WINNERS There are 2 kinds of winners! The Transphormation winners each month and every month starting in February to December! There will also be one femail and one male 90 day Transphormation Winner in April, July October, and December! On top of that there will also be a Personal Trainer Winner (ME) based on how many we have in the challenge and how well my TRANSPHORMERS Transphorm... as a group!!!! In December there will be an overall winner for the year and top trainer of the year! SO in total 36 WINNERS!!!!
  9. JOIN MY FACEBOOK FITNESS GROUP So whether you have entered YET or not join my group on Facebook so we can all do this together! I thought this would be a great way to connect us all as well! I love just sharing in a more personal setting and together we CAN KICK BUTT!!! Here is the link to join:
  10. Follow me on Instagram @ShanaEmily_, Facebook ShanaEmily, & Youtube ShanaEmily, SnapChat @ShanaemilySnaps I will be vlogging daily and taking you on my personal transphormation this year! DO IT! DO IT DO IT!!!!!!! 
I am going to Answer more questions! EMAIL me at and you can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on 1stphorms site! HERE



  1. Your story has always been really inspirational to me, and I finally decided to stop putting my own journey off. Can't wait to make it happen!

  2. You are such an inspiration of mine when it comes to keeping healthy and working out! Thanks for sharing this post it was helpful :)

  3. Reading this post was very inspirational for me as I too want to lose weight. I work out hard in gym and now thinking to start taking Green supplements for boosting my energy. As those are effective and herbal, it’s not harm in trying them out.


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