Friday, October 30, 2015

#MealPrepSunday Taking it easy, New Lululemons, & a new 1stphorm order!

Hi friends! I am back with a #MEALPREPSUNDAY video this was 1 week post olympia weekend! Make sure to check out my latest Youtube video sharing some of my new workout lululemon pants, a back workout with Edwina and a trip to Sprouts for a few items I needed and a few I wanted to try! So come along!
I was intrigued by this oil so far it was has been great! 

I need some more of this one of my favorites to put in my stir frys!

One of my favorite snacks for my last meal of the day is a rice cake with some of these preserves! So yummy!

And these are the rice cakes!

I don't eat dairy anymore since my stomach is not about that I have incorporated coconut milk! THIS YOGURT is everything the GREEK STYLE especially I will throw in some cashews or almonds and YUM!

Have you guys tried these? I have them on hand for emergency's to get my veggies! I love veggies but most of us do not get has vitamins and nutrients that are not only there to keep you lean but keep you healthy..MAKE SURE YOU ARE EATING enough...I swear since I turned 35 my body NEEDS it...I am also going to do a special blog post on the new Fruist N Roots here in Las Vegas so stay tuned!


I no longer buy whole onions...haha lazy or not these are my favs...

This salad is soo good and I love it when I feel like eating something bad or just not my normal..super filling as well!


I have been addicted to spaghetti squash and zucchini!!! I also just got a spiralizer so stay tuned for that review!  

Baby Broccoli is my favorite! Sautee with some olive oil!

Strawberries for dessert...

Grill asparagus and you are good to go...

A Staple...I have been making tacos lately a lot!

No longer buy chicken breasts Tenderloins are where its at! So easy to cook and basically 2 to 3 are 4 oz!

One of my treats or CHEAT if you will..

These are dangerous so I buy only 3 haha bulk style..

The white are my favorite!

In other news...the sister and I went to public school in downtown summerlin and o m g...IT WAS AWFUL...not the food the food was amazing..but the people that worked there..I don't normally rant on here but I was so sad..she spent so much time planning a party for her boyfriend and they just sucked and were so rude...anyway look at the dessert the hubby ordered?

Edwina and I went to Lululemon at Downtown Summerlin and basically hit the jackpot. ALL Leggings are $39 yep...we cleaned them out...we basically made up for the past 15 years that we were late! haha you can see more of that on vlog!

Macakes...oh gosh..I got some of this mix at Olympia and I have been addicted ever since...ALL natural gluten free dairy free protein pancake mix... I am in love...the syrup with no sucralose ugh SO amazing! I will post a recipe soon! 

Broke my that happened and ran into edwina at the gym! haha always shenanigans...

I just put in a new order at I still can't believe I have my own website!! Thank you to all of you for your continued support!! They got new apparel in and well i had to get my vitamins...I can't use any other now! The energy these babies give me is extraordinary and no stomach ache! I also need to get some Protein but I will share my haul with you guys on my Youtube! 

Lastly, my newest pair of lulus...and this victorias secret bra that makes me feel like i got cleavage! haha Feeling healthy and balanced at the moment and loving every second of it! 

Stay tuned for more! Happy Friday and Halloween EVE! And Happy Nevada Day to my Vegas peeps! xoxo


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