Friday, August 07, 2015


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So, as I get re-inspired for Summer to Fall, ok let's face it...more summer here in Vegas...and there is always a reason to wear heels with fringe I thought I would blog a little bit more about everything. When invest in a fashion piece whether it be a pair of shoes, a jacket, or even a purse I like to really wear it till i get sick of it. I mean that is why you buy something right? I'm not the blogger who always has something new may see some new items but I have my go to's and I thought I would share them just a little bit more on this blog. 

So, Today I am talking about fashion in particular shoes. I have 3 categories

The first shoe is the go to "Get the crap out the house" shoe that is not only comfortable but still stylish and easily transitioned to work or a night out.

The second is my "WOW those are hot shoes" that really can only withstand about 2 to 3 hours of standing at the most with a detour of sitting for most of the time.  That is where these fall FYI

The third shoe is a tennis shoe or flat shoe that is really meant for comfort though all of my tennis shoe still represent my style. I like comfort but I don't feel like you have to sacrifice style...more power to the CROC wearers..but it just ain't me! haha

Black and Nude are my go to's and when I am going to invest some money in a shoe those are the colors I flock need to spend an absorbent amount of money (in my eyes over $100 I ain't buying a shoe for $3,000 ) on a shoe that is too trendy or filled with color that isn't a go to. AND what about this fringe? I never thought I even liked fringe...then I saw it is soooo sexy right? ugh you will see haha I will do an outfit video in it soon!!! I need it!!!

Zappos is a great go to for me when I am looking for a style that is A, usually sold out and B a shoe I don't know will work...I can always return it and I know the quality will be there. There are some gorgeous colors available I was in love with blue ones but I will stick with the neutrals for now! Anyway these heels are quickly becoming my "WOW" shoes and I know that they will look good with almost anything...I may not be able to walk a mile in them but as long as I look good standing I'm ok with it for now! haha

Stay tuned for my outfit of the day and let me know if you want to see more of my new loves for summer and spring!! I will also be featuring some of my Monthly favorites on my youtube channel you can check it out HERE! I also share on my Instagram, Facebook, and now on Periscope at @Shanaemily !!



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