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EAT like a Bikini Competitor: My 1stPhorm Peanut Butter Cup Donuts!

So if you are a bikini competitor or just want to start eating like one...I will be preparing lots of #1stphormRecipes on the blog and on my youtube channel! I have been experimenting in the kitchen and I can't wait to share! This one i had to do fast since today was #NationalDonutDay  I am sure there will be a few tweaks to this but you get the gyst! PLUG this into your fitness pal...basically this would be a great meal replacement...Either you mid day snack Meal 2 or your afternoon snack Meal 4...or Heck How about dinner! either way this is delicious...hare with your friends or EAT THEM ALL! Enjoy! MACROS will come later ;O)

In this recipe:

but first...Pre-Heat your oven to 350 Degrees!

1 Level Scoop Of Level 1 1stPhorm Peanut Butter Cup protein I have found this one to be the best baking protein! Remember Level 1 is going to be more of a meal replacement. I am a 1stPhorm Legionnaire so if you use my link you can order with Free Shipping! Please don't hesitate to email me any questions you may have in getting your supplements in order and figuring out what YOU need! 

4 Egg Whites (2 1/3 cup)  I prefer the Liquid Egg Whites I like the organic from Costco or you can use this brand HERE

1 tbsp peanut butter I had this on hand, but I think they would be amazing with the JIF Whips Peanut Butter Chocolate HERE

Sprinkle Cinnamon in the batter and on top as desired!

1 tbsp baking powder I played around with the serving it really created a fluffy texture so good!
I sprinkled this in the batter I would say about 1/8 tsp would be fine for flavor

 5 drops of the Stevia, or to your desired sweetness...there are so many flavors I just happened to have the English Toffee and it was delicious! HERE are a few other flavors.

1/3 Cup Oats Now you guys know I love Coach's Oats, but when making these I find the rolled oats work best. NOW, Most oats are Gluten free as a note, but you can also get GLUTEN FREE at your local grocery store!

The favorite Appliance in my kitchen as of now thank you can also find it HERE on amazon! Throw in all of the ingredients in to the cup and blend away! 


I found that if I let the mixture sit in the Ninja cup closed for a minute it starts to rise....then be careful when you open it, it will go every where!

Grab some Cocunut Oil Spray and spray down your pan. You can use a muffin pan, a mini bundt cake pan...I got mine from savers for $2!!! I liked the size of this! 

I also added Cacao Nibs to a few to see how they would taste. I lightly roasted them on the stove in a pan! I would say I used almost 1 tbsp These Nibs pack a lot of antioxidants and are great for you!(Side note the hubby loved the texture they gave...I love the flavor!)

 There it is. That mixture made 6 I didn't fill them up completely as they will grow!

You are going to bake these for 8 minutes... I found that was perfect timing! Remove them from the pan on to a rack immediately to dry out a little. I would say a minute or two.

The Protein has actual pieces of chocolate so it really makes for a great flavor and adding the nibs made it even better!!!! 

I melted the peanut butter just a litte...the whips wouldn't need melting at all... and glazed them lightly..I ended up only using the 1 tbsp which was perfect for my macros for my meal! The Chinky peanut butter was great since I loved the crunch from the peanuts. The hubby wasn't thrilled with the peanut butter so we used the Walden Farms Maple Syrup for his! 

Make yourself a cup of favorite right now is the Cinnamon Dolce!!! 

ENJOY!!! Please Share your variations with me on Instagram! You can fine me @shanaemily_ Make sure to TAG me so I can see! I am sure I will have some tweaks to this and a video will be coming soon but I just couldn't wait! and I is #NationalDonuDay after all!!! 

HUBBY Approved! Stay tuned for his thoughts!

You can find more of my Recipes and #MEALPREPSUNDAY on my Youtube Channel!!!



THANK YOU to everyone for making me laugh and smile everyday! I love reading every comment and will always do my best to reply!
Love Always,

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