Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Our Norwegian Cruise Vacation: Day 1 #CruiseLikeANorwegian

I know.
I have kind of fallen off. BUT
I have good reasons...I sware.
I was on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!
I got really sick...
That brings me to
WAY OVER DUE BLOG POSTS That are totally out of order and late...haha
But I promise you will enjoy it!
We went on a cruise!!!!
I VLOGGED it all! So you can see us below!

I couldn't contain my excitement if you watched the vlog! We had never been on a Norwegian Cruise Line...and we decided we would try it out. Our ship was called the Norwegian Jewel. I will have more photos of the ship..but

There was a lot of eating but as you can see I really tried to stay true to what I always eat and treat myself here and there. 

My I am going on a CRUISE outfit consisted of a Thrifted tank from Savers, American Eagle Jeggings, and my new Sam Edelman Shoes from Nordstrom Rack!

We took a small tour of the ship...and I was looking for the gym!

The gym was awesome...and exactly what I needed.

As we were taking off or sailing away rather...they had music....a buffet outside and tons of dancing!

I was happy :O)

Look more food...I got all my meals in that is for sure...

The hubby and I both a nice workout right before had me stick to cardio so I could stay conditioned and well so I can feel good..

and well I had to take selfie...

First outfit of the night 
Tank is from Forever 21, Skirt and clutch is from Apricot Lane and Wedges are from Ross!

I later changed into something more comfortable as we took an after dinner stroll...wearing my new THRIFTERS ANONYMOUS Sweater!!! I LOVE This thing..and thank you to all who have bought it! if you guys want it you can find my new apparel HERE!

The first day wasn't too crazy and I didn't find mysef grabbing my camera as much...but I took waaay more pictures throughout! Stay tuned! and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel! I have so many amazing things planned and exciting news to share!! 

Missed you guys! I am glad to be back!


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