Thursday, January 08, 2015

Take me dancing...

Outfit Details
Vintage Sequin Top: My Mom's
Fringe Vegan Leather Skirt: c/o Apricot Lane Boutique 
Mention my blog when you stop in and you will receive 20%OFF in store!
Heels: Zara 

Something about this outfit makes me want to go dancing on the streets of Miami...that or twirl around on my street haha I think I am just in need of some dance...good thing I have rehearsal tonight with my girls! This skirt was one of the first items I spotted when I went to Apricot Lane and I knew when I went back to the store that I had to have it. I was planning on wearing it on New Years where I envisioned me shimmying into 2015...since what I really did was roger rabbit my way back to the 00's in my sisters living room, I figured I would keep it for a sexy night out!I will let you know when that happens exactly...haha Paired with my mom's favorite vintage sequin top I am always reminded of how much she loved music and loved to dance..she also loved fringe anything sexy...interestingly enough my mom was the one trying to get me to dress more feminine and sexy growing up..I was very much the kid who came home with her knees bleeding and thorns in her hair!
Anyway...I have never felt better about my body lately and I guess your clothes say a lot about that..I would have never liked how the skirt hugged my hips 10 years ago...but when I tried this on I was so excited..I guess you would say I have embraced my booty and all that I have been working on to build...It's only 8 days in but I would say I can check off one New Years Dream and or resolution of my list. 

Oh and if you missed it in the outfit details!! ALL MY VEGAS PEEPS! Recieve 20% off at Apricot Lane simply by mentioning my name Shana and that you follow my blog!! So excited to be able to offer this to you guys!! those of you who live here anyway. and if there is anyone who sees soemthing they like but do not live here let me know and maybe I can work something out ;oP

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  1. Happy New Year! That skirt seems like so much fun to wear! I wished that I lived closer because I would definitely come to the event.


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