Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Project150, Colorblindblog, & Apricot Lane Boutique! #LocalSupportingLocal

Only 1 more day until my first local blogger event! I know a lot of you don't live here BOO one day I will own a private jet where I can come and get you all and bring in one location until then...this will be for all my VEGAS peeps. Not only does it mean a lot to me to support me but the fact that I am able to give back locally because of your support means even more. My father instilled in me the importance of giving back... a lot of times it isn't something you can post or write about it is just something you do. But being able to let everyone know and bring the community together for a good cause is so exciting. When Apricot Lane int he Fashion Show Mall contacted me to host an event I was excited...Fashion..fashion shows...why wouldn't I be! When they said that a part of the proceeds from the evening would be going to a local non profit of my choice...well that made me even more grateful to do what I do....blogging. Not many understand it and from personal experience not everyone cares. BUT it is times like this that makes me so grateful to have a venue like this blog to reach out to all of you!!

Project150 is a fairly new Non-profit based in Las Vegas starting in 2011. When an overwhelming number of homeless teenagers attending school hit the local news everyone across the valley were stunned. We often times forget about high school aged youth. Rancho Highschool was the school in question and with outreach to the homeless advocate the ideas and support began to follow. The first event to provide during the holidays was such a success that they decided this should be an annual thing and within a few weeks Project150 was created. With advocates across the valley for each high school we are one step closer to ensuring all students graduate and finish school!!! 

In high school you worry about fitting in, your clothes, your grades, where to go to lunch, the boy or girl you like, what instrument you want to play...NOT if you are going to have a place to sleep, clothes to wear, or even food to eat. I went to Bonanza Highschool and I would have never imagined having to live like this. You can find out ways to help HERE You can gather supplies or volunteer! There is also a huge event coming soon for Prom! More to come on that soon!!!

Thank you to all who have RSVP'd to the event remember it is RSVP ONLY and will also put you on the list for a $25 Gift Certificate! 
Event RSVP link: http://goo.gl/4ldvXd

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!


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