Sunday, January 25, 2015

Checking In, Re-inspiring, Moving forward...

Hi Friends and Happy Sunday! Man...what a is a closing of a year because it was my birthday on Friday. IT was a big one and well I felt the need to share...since you know..that is what I love to do apparently...haha This is also an opportunity to share what I plan on doing for the next 14 weeks and I will be taking you guys all along with me!

This is the door to my "craft room" slowly transforming into my DREAM room where I will be making and creating so many things this year. So excited to share it with all of you!

I came across this quote. So true...I just wish it didn't take me so long to finally realize it...silly...that leads me to the decision to compete I had made this decision about 3 months ago until I nearly ripped my finger off in my car door, found out my lab has hypothyroid, and work..well yeah..SO With it being a new year and so many great opportunities have come my way I have decided that I would try it again! I mean I have nothing to lose really and so much to gain! 
That's my home gym there and my friend Dawnya, you guys probably know her or at least have seen her. We competed together almost 2 years ago and we are doing it again! We have been meeting every Sunday for a little booty training and boy has it been fun.
I have also been training very closely with Stacey Alexander and Victoria of 702Angels at the A-Team now located at SURFSET Las Vegas. It has really helped me grow and focus on the areas that I am trying to build...i.e. glutes, hammies, and shoulders. 
All of subscribers, followers, family, and friends have kept me going and inspired me to push harder every day...

CLEAN eating has changed my life and eventhough I do enjoy the occasional french fry or glass of with clean rich food is all I need. oh and these spices from Flavor God...that is all I need. 
CLEAN eating has changed my life and eventhough I do enjoy the occasional french fry or glass of with clean rich food is all I need. oh and these spices from Flavor God...that is all I need. 

I still cook every Sunday, and now I even FILM my #MEALPREP for you guys. Please if you ever have questions or want to know just email me or find me on Instagram and Twitter and I will do my best to answer and film! 

Don't worry. I still love fashion and am totally inspired to keep thrifting and even design my own collection... For now it is fitness/workout wear but stay tuned!
Oh and we are still thrifting! We actually just hit 14,000 subbies and are still going strong! LOVE YOU GUYS! Stay tuned for a new video soon!

Hey, I always knew mugs were my destiny I choose a mug that will carry me on through the day. 
My new collection will feature one of my favorite sayings when we go shopping!! This off the shoulder sweatshirt is amazing and I am in love with it. I am wearing a size medium in this pic and normally I wear a small. You can find all apparel HERE!!! I will share more of the collections soon!
It is official! I am a @1stPhorm 1stphorm Affliliate and part of the #PHAMILY. It is a dream come true and quite frankly I couldn't imagine being part of any other . As an affiliate, when you buy from my link, you support me directly! It is a dream come true and I can't wait to see how it will grow! You will get Free Shipping as well! I share my thoughts on all supplements on youtube and instagram and I will be working on a Q&A as well! 

I am working with Kim Oddo of Body By O for an #OffSeasonPrep he has been great, and really focused on what is working and what isn't. Most importantly he trusts me and I trust him...BALANCE.
TONIGHT, the first feature film I was in will be airing on Lifetime Movie Network. A dream come true...and let me tell you I am still shocked! Acting is something I love and performing is something I will always exciting!

and here I am in all my glory. haha I may have a food belly from my dinner and messy hair and I don't have my fake buff on or a tan...but I take progress photos even when I am not "competing" the work I put in the gym is for a purpose. I have really been focused on my hamstrings and that is all I think about...and I think I actually see a hamstring there...I am by no means bulking but I am also not in a deficit at this point..I am just building and staying as lean as I can without crazy cardio or NOT eating certain things. I am loving this "offseason" prep with a purpose..guidance and consistency....LOVING IT... So I update my Bodybuilding .com stats so if you wanna see what I am eating, how much I weight and all those sorts you can check me out at 

Hope you guys have a great weekend! and stay tuned...I will update you guys every Sunday until the show! Until next time... #NEVERESETTLE and remember you must re-inspire yourself every single day :O)

Oh and check out Dawnya! She will be updating you as well! We also will be sharing something pretty exciting :O) Stay tuned

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THANK YOU to everyone for making me laugh and smile everyday! I love reading every comment and will always do my best to reply!
Love Always,

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