Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Case of the I don't Wanna's: 2 Signs that you need a change in your workout!

So excited to be sharing my first blog post on THE SWEATSTORE Blog! Head on over to the website Link HERE w
Where we are talking about identifying when you need a change, some of the ways I keep myself motivated and changes I have made in my routine!

I am so excited to be sharing Fitness, Fashion, and health related topics there weekly, so make sure to ask me anything you want discussed! You can Tweet me at @shanaemily Send me a message on Instagram @colorblindblog or email me at I think this will be a great way to share and also get inspired!

If you guys don't know The Sweat Store is one of my favorite places to visit here in Las Vegas for Unique fitness fashion, great quality pieces and some of the cutest Accessories!! I have gotten my tanks there as well as some of my favorite shorts and jewelry. I will have more fashion posts sharing some of their new winter pieces but until then check them out. I did a whole feature HERE if you want to see more.
Hope you are having an awesome Day! xoxo

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