Tuesday, December 09, 2014

FindingFaith: Grateful

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend and holiday! Mine was amazing, but I'm not going to lie, I have had a rough week. But then I got these pics back from my 10 year anniversary/vow renewal. And realized how much I have to be grateful for...

We all need to be reminded to see the good sometimes. I am very blessed to have some amazing people in my life. Friends and family. As well as extended family. I was also fortunate enough to have attended a lecture by my art mentor Robert Beckmann at UNLV with another wonderful young lady, Sammy, that is like a daughter to me. I was blessed to have Robert introduce me during the lecture, met some of his amazing and talented friends, and had an incredible time after just catching up.

Another thing that makes me smile...
The magic spiral!! Thanks to my stepson Landon for that! Makes the perfect sweet potato chips!!
Just pop them in the oven on a cookie sheet with a little cooking spray at 400 till crispy! The WHOLE family LOVED them!

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