Tuesday, December 02, 2014

FindingFaith: Brave Girl Soul School

Hi friends!
 I can't believe it's December already! (My birthday month! The big 45!) it's off to a great start though! Awesome workout with Shana. Feeling excited to get back on track with my workouts and eating right, now that I'm used to my work schedule. And I'm excited about a new project! A monthly membership I signed up for through www.bravegirlsclub.com called soul school.
 Check out their site, I have taken online classes through them before and I have always gotten so much out of it.

  I actually believe that a lot of what I have created recently in my life was cultivated in some of those classes. There is something incredibly powerful in creating art that has purpose and intention, and focusing on words that are positive and beautiful, gives birth to it in your life. I have seen it happen in my life. One of these days I will share some of the things that I made in those classes. It's fun to look back on now and realize how far I have come, and that anything is possible.
 Dream big friends! The focus of December's lesson is "Go where the peace is". It involves projects centering around setting boundaries, living life without regrets, and letting others know they matter. There are some art journaling lessons, a peppermint sugar scrub DIY, as well as lessons on making truth cards and a "Go where the peace is" question book. I'm exited to get started, and will be sharing some of my experiences with you as I go along. So stay tuned!
Creatively yours, Faith


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