Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Finding Faith: White Chili Recipe, Organic Olive Oils, & a DIY Day Planner!

Hi friends! 
Great week. Halloween is over, the big candy bars were a hit, however not many trick or treaters this year. My favorite holiday is just around the corner...Thanksgiving! I have to tell you though, I was in Michael's yesterday and they were actually playing Christmas music! I'm sorry but WAY to early for that! The weather in Vegas has finally cooled off. Seems like we went from wearing shorts one day, to sweater weather the next. And with that, comes my desire for soup! So I threw together a little white chili. Literally just threw a bunch of stuff together without a recipe and it was amazing. The "recipe" is as follows...
I sautéed onions and garlic with salt and white pepper, then added chicken broth, milk and flour to make a rue. (Thickening agent) Set aside in a pot. Cut up chicken and cook. Add 3 cans of white beans and can of green chilies and 6 cups water, chicken broth cubes, put it all together, simmer till thick, add more flour and milk to thicken. Top with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt (I use this instead of sour cream)

One of my guilty pleasures that I like to splurge on is flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Very hard to find in regular stores, so I usually go to a specialty shop in Tivoli village and pay way too much. I found these at Sprouts for 1/4 the cost, and they are amazing...

 Also this week, the organizing continues! Made a new workspace in the studio, and made my own little organizer/day planner from a couple of canvas bags and apron. I plan on decorating and painting it. I really wanted different sections that I can designate for different projects and interests, but wanted to be able to remove them and file them away when I move on to a new project.

Thanks for all of your support! 
Love always, Faith


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