Friday, October 17, 2014

#WhereFashionMeetsTheRock :Downtown Summerlin & True Religion Grand Opening!

Well. The veridict is. 
THIS PLACE IS GORGEOUS. The whole thing. I was totally overwhelmed if you have watched my latest vlog! Below is a quick highlight video of the grand opening for the new +Downtown Summerlin Fireworks, was incredible. I love Vegas. and I love Summerlin. Expect to see me here a lot. As a matter of fact I will be starting a new series!!! #WhereFashionMeetsTheRock I will feature a new store, restaurant, and everything in between here on the blog and on my Youtube Channel! I have already met so may incredible people and I can't wait to check out more!

You can watch the highlight video below!

The Grand Opening was like a huge street fair and was nothing like I have ever seen before in Vegas and I was born and raised here. Tons of food trucks and so many incredible performers, it was awesome.

I didn't have a lot of time this first time around so I made my way to True Religion!

The store is set up a like a boutique and if you are familiar with the one over at the Planet Hollywood you would know that this one is HUUUUGE in comparison!

They are probably most well know for the stitch on the jeans...but I have always admired their styling, simple, chic, sporty... 

This dress felt like butter. so soft and so simple. I was in love with it. I think I felt it up like 15 times haha Loving the mod look and I can see me gravitating to this dress a lot. These are the kind of pieces you must have in your wardrobe for life. Honestly I don't think this would ever go out of style nor would you get sick of it. It is a piece that will last forever. I NEED IT.

If you look closely the wall is a patter for a pair of jeans! How cool is that?

This jacket is everything. I don't think I have seen anything like it before. I was also drooling over this. 

I didn't have time to try on any jeans but I think I will go back and try some on and let you guys know more about the fit. 

Love the Chambray shirts and the dark and light denim combo. Makes me want to wear jeans all day long.


 They have a mens side as well. 

It was a such a pleasure to meet the team over at True Religion and I look forward what is to come! I am sure I will be stopping by just to see what's new often and I will definitely go back and try on some jeans!

More to come from the +Downtown Summerlin #WhereFashionMeetsTheRock
Don't forget to check them out on Instagram @downtownsummerlin and make sure to tag me at @colorblindblog if you check it out!!! 

Here is the full vlog!
Love you guys!


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