Friday, October 24, 2014

Shopping at Downtown Summerlin: OFF BROADWAY SHOE WAREHOUSE

TODAY we are visiting Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse! The hubby was in desperate need of shoes...unlike me...haha so we drove all of 3 minutes to the new Downtown Summerlin where Off Broadway is located. It is right nest to the new Nordstrom Rack which opens today by the way! I will be visiting this weekend! Anyway, Lets take a look inside!

Rows and rows of you can see I had meandered over to the heels and booties haha 

Let's get back to the hubby shall we. I was impressed with the mens section..and I normally find myself disappointed in any mens section...but THIS was exciting. 

He was looking for boot style shoes, something different from his normal formal shoe...aren't these great?

These seemed to really catch his 5 times until I told him to just try it on. Funny how men are so different. Women literally take off their shoe int he aisle and slap them on! haha 

If you go all the way to the back of the store you will see some serious mark downs! The color dot onthe box represents the discount! Some are even marked at 80% !!!

We gathered his finds and began the TRY ON! haha 

I kind of FORCED him to try these red Ben Shermans...they were on sale and they SCREAMED PRODUCER...I told him he has to wear these when he is on set...How hot are these? 

The boots looked awesome too.. I think we have our winners! 

Umm then I found these...LEATHER CONVERSE...ughhh 

and then he tried them on... 

and then I tried them on....I kinda want to go back and get them..what do you guys think?

After he found what he was looking for I started going through the booties...I want a sexy black pair...check these out! 

What an awesomely dangerous place to visit. haha I might have to go back and spend a littlemore time in my section, but I was happy he was he has a total of 5 pairs of shoes. CONGRATS haha 

Make sure to tag me if you visit and let me know what shoes you find!!!  STAY tuned to my Youtube Channel I vlogged our little adventure that should be up this weekend! 

More to come from the +Downtown Summerlin #WhereFashionMeetsTheRock
Don't forget to check them out on Instagram @downtownsummerlin and make sure to tag me at @colorblindblog if you check it out!!! 

My last Vlog we visited Crazy Pita and Forever 21!


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