Friday, October 03, 2014

My Mr. Olympia Weekend: DAY 2 #NEVERSETTLE

DAY 2. What a day..the picture you see up there pretty much summed up how I felt. I was probably the happiest I had been in a while. I felt confident, inspired, motivated, just plain old happy. I keep saying thank you but THANK YOU. to everyone who made this possible. When I sent in my picture to audtition to be a part of the Olympia 2014 Flex Magazine Booth I never even imagined I had a chance. Which brings me to my new position in life. #NEVERSETTLE Thank you @1stphorm for inspiring me to really live those words. Why think I can't when I can just think I can. Anyway, Hope you enjoy some of my pics and my newest vlog of day 2 I got to meet some incredible individuals!!! 

India Paulino IFBB PRO Bikini athletes stopped to chat sign an autograph and say hello to all of you guys!!!

Oh just hanging out with PHILHEATH.. GAH

BODY GUARDS. Just making sure he is protected. haha with my girl Jen

CHRIS JONES ! POG himself what a freaking pleasure I am going to DALLAS to meet him and workout with him and all things fancy. Love this guy!! Check out his youtube channel he will inspire you REALTALK. 
Bodybuidler Zack Khan!!! what an incredible large sweet guy!!! 

Met this lovely lady Charlene and clicked immediately. I love it when that happens. Felt like we had been long lost friends or something!! Hope we can re unite once again I owe you a coffee love!

Special thank you to this handsome guy for making the experience once to remember!

KAI GREEN ya see em?

My girl Jemma came by to visit!I am so proud of her for taking this journey she has been killing it in the gym and it was so nice to see her!!
Jen Jen my love made me laugh and together we had a blast. Definitely a good luck charm! Thank you my love for motivating me and making this experience so much fun!

I was so excited when my friend Dawnya and her boo Nate came to say hello!!!! Means so much and together I know we can do anything!!! time to get shredded!!! Love you!

and last but not least. My very own papparazzi. my love my partner and my biggest fan...I nearly tripped over the booth to go say hubby. He knows how hard I have been working and he knows what this meant. THANK YOU!!!! xoxo

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Thank you my loves for all of your support and remember 


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