Wednesday, October 01, 2014

My Mr. Olympia Weekend: Day 1 #neversettle #iam1stPhorm

Here it is! DAY 1 of my much anticipated Olympia Weekend. I have been talking about this weekend for months and I can't believe it came and went! What an incredible time. A SPECIAL thank you to Olympia LLC, Flex Magazine, and all who made this possible! What you just watched was a highlight video and my full VLOG is below!!! I take you with me as I check in to meet all the girls, talk about my struggles and more! Hope you enjoy! and remember #NEVERSETTLE

This was the night before when we had to pick up our outfits and check in!
I was so excited I took pictures of everything!
I was running in circles! 

These are some of the ladies I got to meet and some I train with! Everyone was awesome!

Faith was there! I was so excited when she got there!
We watched Stacey hit the stage and she rocked it!!! So beautiful!
Then I managed on my lunch break to meet some of my favorite Youtubers at the QUEST booth! 
Max Chewning!
Nick Wright and Nikki Blacketter
Christian Guzman!
Loved running into friends!
DAVE Polumbo!!! I love this guy on Muscle in the Morning on Youtube!
There were hundreds and hundreds of booths! 
SO many people!

Paige Hathaway!

Hope you guys enjoy! Stay tuned for pics from Day 2!!! If you can believe it Day 2 was even better!!! 

Thank you to all who have been supporting me through the @1stphorm Athlete search! It is still going on! Use the hashtags #1stphorm #neversettle and tag me in your workout posts and tell me what inspires you! @colorblindblog on Instagram and @shanaemily on Twitter! See you there!

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