Tuesday, October 21, 2014

FindingFaith: Positive words & Boho inspired Jewelry Organizer!

Hi all! 
Busy week. I made a bracelet from a belt, which was fun. I've really enjoyed wearing it. I even wrote some inspiring things on the inside to remind me of who I am. I have really been focusing on staying positive and
letting go of any negative thoughts I may have about myself. This has been very important to me. 

I've also been focusing on a new project I'm excited about, but I feel that before I can really give that the attention it deserves, I need to really get organized and get rid of clutter.

I feel the need to have a place for everything so that I spend less time constantly trying to find things. I started with my bedroom, my jewelry really needed a place where I didn't have to fuss with it, I was constantly trying to detangle necklaces and rummage through a mess of earings looking for that ONE pair that I could only find one of. By the time I do find a match I've wasted half the morning. So I hung them all on hooks on my wall and framed them like a beautiful art piece with thrifted frames I repainted.

  The same organizing had to be done with my closet. Now everything has a place making getting ready for the day SO much easier.

 Now I need to do the same with my home office and kitchen. I'm also going to do even more fine tuning with my art studio. I'm just  going  to do a little every night till it's done. Then I feel like I can work with a clean slate. I also plan on doing a little redecorating, so I will share that with you as it happens. I would like to infuse some my Boho chic into my living space. Feel the need to add some turquoise! 

Creatively yours,

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