Thursday, October 23, 2014

Falling for Fringe

Outfit Details
AllSaints cape: Thrifted Savers
Gap Jeans: Thrifted Goodwill
Fringe Booties: Thrifted Goodwill
Rings: H&M & F21

Hi guys! haha an outfit post! man...I promise I wear clothes but lately I haven't had time to coordinate anything with the hubby to take some actual outfit posts that aren't on my cell phone in front of a slightly dirty mirror and by the time he gets home I am in my gym clothes half way out the door! I told him I would like to start to doing that again since it actually motivates me to wear pieces I don't and gets me excited for my day! Our Sundays, when I usually take pics of outfits I wore during the week, have been packed with so much. If you follow my Youtube channel you know what I am talking about. Anyway, Do you guys remember when I got these booties at Goodwill? and this hoodie at Saver? well they are now my two favorite Fall go to pieces lately... Something about having a hoodie makes you feel safe no? haha and the fringe...who would have thought I would like fringe...ok maybe you guys...I think more importantly...they are comfortable..and that is what I am all about right now. 
Hope you guys are doing well see you in my next outfit post SANS dirty mirror.

oh, and in case you missed it here is the Thrifting trip where I got the booties and the hoodie!!

GOODWILL Come thrifting with us!
This is where I found my booties!
SAVERS Come thrifting with us! 
This is where I found my hoodie!

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