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#DowntownSummerlin True Religion Grand Opening & More!

So. I was wanting to get this post up earlier today but that is just how it goes in my life haha BUT here it is...less then 24 hours away from the opening what my husband likes to call... "Your new getaway"

Downtown Summerlin

Tomorrow begins the festivities! You can learn more if you check out their site HERE

Now for those of you who don't live in Las Vegas, and more importantly who don't live in Summerlin you don't understand how absolutely incredibly ridiculously exciting this is. I mean...for one thing..I barely have to drive like half a mile to get there
 Second, The amount of unique shops, restaurants, and departments stores that are going to be a part of it is going to really make this place complete. I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Rainbow was the end and if you were traveling towards it you were told to pack a lunch. NOW, Summerlin is my home, close to Red Rock and my family. I so wish my mom was here to experience this... while I know it's shopping, it is so much more than that...It is going to be an experience... one where we can bring our DOGS...I know...our children...when I have them..and our loves for days and nights...oh and my THRIFTING, FASHION ADDICTED Fitness and Health Food freaky friends and I will most likely make Downtown Summerlin our weekend GETAWAY!You can take a better look at what they are creating this upcoming weekend starting tomorrow!

SO. What am I excited about. Trader Joes, Dillards, Lulu Lemon, Macy's,Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, Sephora umm I could literally list like 100 places. But I think I will give each place its own special announcement.  I KNOW!! I want to see what you guys get and what your favorite stores are so don't forget to Tag me on Instagram @colorblindblog and use the hashtag #DowntownSummerlin !!!

As far as fashion goes...well...there a lot of new stores and old loves I am so excited for. I am a lover of a deal and thrifting you guys know but its more like a deal finder and lover of all things vintage and fancy. Good Quality Pieces that literally last in your wardrobe for years and years...simple yet chic...something bold something that is so simple it is striking. I will often come across True Religion on my hunt or step into the location we have here in LasVegas
But I am not always out and about at the malls or on the when I found out there would be a location at the Downtown Summerlin I got very excited. A boutique that was so close to my house it could be dangerous. I was already planning on visiting when I was contacted to come and be a guest at their grand opening...umm it was like they were reading my mind...but secretly I was nervous. Here are just a few pieces I have been eyeing from their collection. They are inspiring many outfits for my Fall wardrobe. I know, some of the pieces are pricey...but hey we are thrifters. Right? We thrift and then we splurge on one piece we just can't live without. That is what makes us such great thrifters! haha don't worry it will be my little secret! I mean your blouse may have cost you $1 and your jeans were $200 it's about priorities people haha Let me know what you guys love. I NEED these leather pants. Like yesterday.  The whole moto collection makes me very happy.
True Religion Womens Mad For Moto

Then you have the coated ombre. Oh coated anything at this point sounds amazing for some reason. I am in love with it all and the red lipstick ...
True Religion Womens Jeans

Anyway you see what I mean right? I also love their whole #BEBOLD campaign they are running right now. The rules are simple and you could win!! The contest rules are on their website HERE.You know I am all about being bold and making sure that what you are wearing is WHO YOU ARE! it tells everyone. I AM VINTAGE SPORTY CHIC with a touch of WESTERN Casual. haha I am still working on my look how about you guys? haha 

So. My first stop tomorrow will be True Religion. I will feature a new place once a week for a year since there are soooo many incredible stores... for a full listing you can find it HERE. 

Don't forget to follow them on Instagram for the latest and greatest and check back with me each week as I feature a new favorite of mine!! You can find me on Instagram I will be posting some pics tomorrow while I am there!! @colorblindblog I will be vlogging the whole things!! You can find me on Youtube HERE !


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