Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dining at Downtown Summerlin: Crazy Pita #shanaEATS

Downtown Summerlin

So, since the Downtown Summerlin is probably going to be a weekly thing..I decided I would feature the new places I visit EVERY SINGLE TIME. what do you guys think?
I already featured some Fashion, so some dining was in order. ENJOY!

Located right next to the Nordstrom Rack side of the new Downtown Summerlin and Dillards. You can park right next to the restaurant. 

Faith and I needed a girls night so we met up at the Crazy Pita and boy did we fall in love! Thank you to the owner who made us feel at home!!! 

I was born into a Moroccan family so I can't even tell you how excited I was when I saw the menu. this was only the second night open when Faith and I went so we could only try the chicken..THOUSANDS of people had come through here! We ordered the chicken skewer plate and the chicken pita. SOOO delicious! 

They serve alcohol! Wine in particular!
and beer!

The Restaurant itself isnt huge but I think it is the perfect size! It is empty because we closed the place down! haha
Other than clean food that is can sit outside!!! WE loved it...and the weather is perfect right now..

 SO..since it was so amazing.. I decided I would take the hubby there for round 2!!!

Can you see how happy he was? He was also glad we could sit outside haha 

I was also happy!

I got a new the hubby was snapping pics haha


So this time I remembered to take a pic of the food! I ordered the KEFTA plate which is basically a Moroccan style hamburger, it comes with a cucumber tomatoe salad, HOME made hummus, and couscous with steamed zucchini and squash...just how my dad makes it!

The pita is delicious.... 
Adam gives it a thumbs up! and so do I! This will be one of our PLACES and we don't have many! CLEAN EATS, GREAT ATMOSPHERE, and GOOD FOOD.... Make sure to leave a review on YELP to help him out!!! 

Stay tuned for more places at the Downtown Summerlin! Let me know what you guys want to see or hear about! You can email me at 
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