Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ZAPPOS Glow & Flow Event in Vegas! #zapposstyle #Iam1stPhorm

Last week was the Zappos Glow & Flow event I have been talking about and it was more than I even expected! SO. Here are some pics from the event and I VLOGGED the whole thing for my health, fitness, & Beauty channel on Youtube! You can check it out below!!!

When I got there I walked right into the center of Zappos and it was filled with Yoga mats!!!
I was so excited to see the vendors expecially the clothing companies I have been working with!! My first stop was Alo Yoga!!!
I even got a sneak preview of their new Winter/Fall collection and let me tell you I am in love! You can see the full collection on my video!
This pullover vest was my favorite...LOVE!!!
Next stop was Soybu! She was wearing the outfit I just wore the other day!!! AND they were giving these headbands with the same fabric so you know what that means!! Giveaway!!!
The sun was setting fast but I was also able to meet the crew from Cozy Orange!!! The black capris I literally have not stopped wearing all week. MIGHT have to get a second pair haha We were all glowing in the dark by this point. 

Cozy Orange ran the Yoga class and it was quite possibly the most fun I had ever had doing Yoga. It was Dawnya's first time so she twas impressed! I think what I loved most was that there were no rules...just a moment where we got to relax, stretch and be in the moment! 

The outfits were so comfy and the glow in the dark accessories made it even more fun!
Dawnya is wearing the Leggings from Soybu and she loved them!!! She also got a lot of compliments on the pattern! The top was from Alo!
I am wearing the Alo leggings I really felt these would look good under the black light and I was right!
oh and we got to keep our mats!!!

What a fun night! 
THANK YOU to Alo Yoga, Cozy Orange, & Soybu for my new favorite workout clothes that I am sure you guys will be seeing a lot of! and a SPECIAL THANK YOU to this lady right here for making it all happen. I know I often sound cheese ball, but when you have a dream in your head and it comes is the best feeling. Working with companies like Zappos, that you truly believe in and want to represent is so important to me...and since I am a local I am going to everything I can to get the word out that these guys are truly an organization that lives for the community! Thank you Joanna and I can't wait to see what else we can create here in Vegas!

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