Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jumping into the fire with ALO Yoga Part 1 #zapposstyle

Outfit Details
Alo Cinder l s top: c/o Zappos
Alo Airbrushed Capri in volcano Lightning: c/o Zappos
Alo Trace Bra Garney in Volcano Black: c/o Zappos
Nike Genicco Shoes: c/o Zappos

Welcome back to my "I am officially in love with ZAPPOS athletic clothing" my last part to my GLOW & FLOW Event Series comes from ALO Yoga. Alo has completely inspired me. If you can't tell by the pictures..and wait there are more coming tomorrow I was dancing ALL OVER the neighborhood...jumping stretching...MAGIC happens when you put on a pair of leggings and feel as though you can fly.I said it before and I will say it again...ALL of your clothes should do that. Alo keeps it simple when they discuss what they are about. Inspired the LA Fashion and healthy-lifestyle, Alo was started by committed yogi's who have not only tested the designs for ease of movement but made sure you look good in them also. I recieved so many incredible pieces and I can't wait to dance in them also! The colors, the lines, the EVERYTHING. Stay tuned tomorrow and I will share more of the gorgeous sports bra!
Since we are still on this whole "finding balance situation let's talk about taking that leap of faith..jumping into the fire if you will..haha see how I did that? 

I think we all have that AHA moment. 

the moment where you just finally feel like you have had it and you just JUMP in knowing that you could get burned but also knowing that in order to really be happy you must go after what you truly want. I have watched family and friends take this full force and when I did I can tell you there were a few burns...but jumping into the fire created this AMAZING life I am living now. So lets talk about a few things you can do to really go after your dreams.I have talked about this before but here are a few tips.

1.  Write down whatever it is you want. the BIGGER the better. I will give you an example. 
I WANT TO BE THE NEXT 1stPHORM ATHLETE. Also set a deadline a few of them, and keep them within 2 weeks apart...
See. That easy

2.  DO things that get you closer to that goal as AUTHENTICALLY and PASSIONATELY as you can. Everything I do in hopes gets me closer to the dreams I have...with purpose.

3. If you hit a road block... just CHANGE DIRECTION & KEEPGOING...I must hit a block every other joke...I just use it as a street sign to make a left or a right. You very rarely get to your destination by going STRAIGHT. wait. that is an awesome quote haha hold on I'm gonna write that down. 

SO TELL me what are some of your tips to making your dreams come true? Do you JUMP IN? Have you? Tell me your story!!! I want to hear it and would love to feature you on my Youtube Channel and on this here blog! So make sure to tage me  @colorblindblog @1stphorm and use the hashtags #JUMPIN #colorblindFIT
You can see my post on JUGGLING YOUR DREAMS where I go into a little more detail on how I go about organizing all of my dreams haha I gotta lot so you gotta get them in order! 

You can watch my store here some of you have seen it for those who have not here ya go!



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