Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#FindingFaith: Dare to Inspire, Create, Find your WORD of Power!

Hello Colorbind Blog fans! 
First let me say, I have had the most AMAZING life changing week. This might be a long post because so much has happened...

It started with my uncontrollable need to clean out my art studio. I absolutely needed to do this before I start my job today. I even had to say no to some fun activities to make it a priority. I felt like I needed to be organized and have a fresh new canvas to start with so to speak. I will be very busy and needed to know that I would have that sacred space ready and waiting for the moments when I can just pop in and work on whatever I am moved by creatively in the moment. I am inspired to be organized. Creativity is not only about being moved by something, but also about discipline, structure and organization.

You need to be PREPARED for it. It needs to be part of your structured program. Plan it into your week if you need to. My days off will be Sunday and Monday, so I'm already thinking about how I need to use those days to create. We all have busy lives doing those necessary things that life requires of us, so it is important to do what we must to plan ahead to care for and nurture ourselves. And I have to admit, I absolutely DREADED the task. I put it off all week. Did NOT want to do it. But I did it, and it felt WONDERFUL! It cleared the path, and helped me feel a focused direction for what I believe is my true purpose. I found a little bit more of "Faith" amidst all that chaos and clutter. I guess i do better with a "fall cleaning" than a spring cleaning. So I encourage you all to try a little fall cleaning of your own. Get organized, form a plan. Create a sacred space of your own. Even if it's just one corner of your house. Find a space for yourself, claim it as your own sacred place to create. You deserve your own space! 

My space is a Tuff Shed in my back yard. I refer to it as the "Art Barn". I was inspired to start this process by stenciling some inspiring words on the door frame. Then I got my family involved by asking them to come up with some words to stencil. I even got a couple of friends of our family to do it. I actually might make this a regular activity, anyone who comes over might have to paint a word on the Art Barn. It felt like a very powerful and liberating moment. Bringing words to life, involving friends and family in my creative process. It made me feel supported by them and I think I needed that. I believe they liked being part of the process too. Like they knew that even though I was creating this space for "me" I still needed them. They were still an important part of it. 

Which brings me to another thought, words have power. Find your own inspirational word today. Write it somewhere, paint it, wear it, write on yourself with a sharpie marker and look at it all day, write it on a post it note, write it on lipstick on your mirror. Have someone else write it somewhere, write one for someone else. With all the negative words and thoughts we get bombarded with every day, it's important to have some light in the darkness. There was a moment where I was looking at these beautiful words with my husband and I said, "Wow! This is a life changing moment!" And he kind of looked at me like I was a a little crazy, but I didn't care. I knew it, I felt it. Then later, after he had seen a change in me, he said, "you were right!". Further affirmation to follow my crazy ideas even when others don't get it right away. :)

So here are some pics, before and afters (love before and afters).

And as you can see, I have my family portrait all set up to work on...one of the many projects all ready to go for me to finish! So stay tuned for that!

I also have a delicious crepes recipe to share, and some new makeup products that Shana helped me pick out that I want to review. We had a fabulous time shopping at Target for those! You will see more about that on her YouTube channel, but I think enough for one day...so until later!

OH! And I wanted to mention, I was at Olympia this weekend...sooo much fun, Shana looked amazing representing Flex Magazine! I'm sure you will hear all about it...but randomly, someone recognized me, said, "I know you...oh, I read your blog!" I wanted to say, I was a little in shock, and didn't get your name, because I was, dumbfounded, lol. But you made my day. So THANK YOU!

Creatively yours,


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