Thursday, September 18, 2014

Find your FLOW with Alo Yoga #zapposstyle

Outfit Details
Alo Airbrushed Capri in volcano Lightning: c/o Zappos
Alo Trace Bra Garney in Volcano Black: c/o Zappos
Nike Genicco Shoes: c/o Zappos

If you can't tell I was feeling very "jumpy" as my hubby would say. Man I love dancing and when you are feeling the vibe there is something so awesome about just being free and not really caring what you are doing or how you are doing it. If you don't already know I am a dancer in a contemporary modern dance company here in town called Magical Madness Dance Theater and together we get to experiment and dance with a certain freedom that I never had before. Don't get me wrong I LOVED ballet...but sometimes you could just throw your hand up or flip your head back. I am also trying to find me zen and begin to take Yoga seriously.Not only for the purposes of relaxing but taking care of my body. 

The practice of Yoga go far beyond a workout and as I get older...womp womp...I need to really practice at least once a week...the stretching the focus...SO tonight is the the GLOW and FLOW event with ZAPPOS here in Las Vegas and I am using tonight as my catalyst to this beginning. I will take you along with me through my vlogging and blogging and hey if you are up for it let's do it together! I have only taken a few classes so I am a newbie too...but don't be afraid to start...I know have always been intimidated by the poses and such...but we will jump in together! If you missed yesterdays post I go into a few first steps to jump into things that scare really makes a world of difference. 

Oh and thank you for taking in all of these photos haha I really had a blast and the hubby did such a great job I had to share them!!! 

Here is my latest Vlog I got so many awesome pieces from ALO and I can't wait to wear them to EVERYTHING. 



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  2. Simply amazing photos. Your photographs in yoga poses are truly impressive. Loved the printed alo yoga clothes you are wearing. I have some yoga clothes but have never tried alo yoga. Will be buying a beautiful pair soon.

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