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Come grocery shopping with me at Sprouts! #NEVERSETTLE #EATCLEAN

Here it is! My latest Shopping trip to Sprouts! Enjoy! and don't forget to subscribe and like the video if you want to see more! this helps me know what you guys like and helps spread the word! xoxo

YAMS & Sweet Potatoes
YAMS, Sweet potatoes, The great debate continues as to whether they are what they are. I don't care. I like them all. One week its red, the next it is yellow. These things make me happy. I buy about 6 of them to make 3 oz servings I also make about 6 oz servings for the hubby!

White & Red Onions
I LOVE me some onions...sauteed, raw.. The white are great for my tacos and for some of my stir fry meals, and the red are always fantastic on salads..if you simmer the red they get sweet and add a great touch to an indian inspired dish. GET you some onions!

Turkey Breast Cutlets
Well it is official. I love cutlets. 99% fat free these have changed the game for me. I almost over grill them so that I can stick them in plastic baggies and eat them like jerky. You heard me correct. JERKY TURKEY haha Add some Chipotle salsa or seasoning and WOW. ZACKY. About 3 of them is 4 oz. I eat protein with EVERY SINGLE MEAL. 

Well the chicken is delicious. I have to admit I find myself eating it while I am cutting it for prep. 4oz is about what I eat once or twice a day. I use so many spices if you are ever curious you can check out my EAT CLEAN SPICES video and post, but lately Garlic and no salt 21 seasonings from Costco has been hitting the spot. Grill at 450 super hot 4-6 minutes on each side. PERFECTION. I have a whole video on how I grill it all in my EAT CLEAN PLAYLIST on Youtube!

These green beans are so good. and I secretly love the bag they come in. Like I just went picking at the farm. They are crisp, and sweet and delicious. 1 cup is all I need for each meal. I eat these about once or twice a day.

Brussel Sprouts
Now I know some of you have adverse reaction to Brussels...but made properly they seriously are amazing and when you are eating SUPER clean they kinda mimc steak haha sautee those puppies up to a crisp with some olive oil and BAM.

Enough said. Cut these puppies up and put them in a plastic bag to snack on or mix it up with tomato and some balsamic SO GOOD.

Well I used to hate tomatoes. But these small ones are my favorite. LIKE CANDY I tell ya ok maybe not exactly but sweet tarte and I eat these every single night. 

Getting lean is one thing but I LOVE me some asparagus and if you are trying to get your stomach flat eat some of these. haha 4 oz with my protein and carb and these are the ticket. If you sautee them with olive oil soo good if you burn them even better. haha

Slice it up and boil it for the week. Then you can take the pieces and sautee them stir fry them or eat them cold...Plop them in a mixer for your protein pancake or waffle..these are great for you and serve as a great veggie that I don't find to be too bloating like broccoli. Sigh.

FAT. WE NEED FAT to live. and if I am gonna choose a fat this would be one of them. Now don't get me wrong I would much rather have it with some fresh tortilla chips but right now that doesn't fit into my goals...we shall save that for the cruise I am going on next year haha Take about 1 to 2 ounces at dinner with your salad or add it to a rice cake with tuna for a great snack. Avocados are our friends as long as you don't eat the whole thing with a margarita. haha 

I feel like lemons get neglected sometimes...limes are more fun right haha lemons are so good in our water but even better on some cod or salmon..I love lemon on my tuna avacado and all kinds of salad concoctions..

If you want your meals to taste like you went to Chipotle or your favorite restaurant add some cilantro. with cumin, with hot sauce on my fish on my chicken...SOOO GOOD

For those asking why my pancakes or waffles are green THIS is why I add about 1 cup to the mix. I LOVE spinach. Not only for the vitamins but it doesn't bloat me and I can digest it waaay better then other veggies. GET IT

Spring Mix
I like to add a bit of this to my salads to add some flavor. Makes it a little richer.

Another childhood nightmare. I HATED mushrooms and I can't make a dish without a little bit...haha I especially love them with onions garlic sauteed.

So, yeah I could buy the eggs and crack them and take the yolk out. but lets face it. I AIN'T got time for that and I like the yolk so I would probably try and sneak it into my mix. So I just buy these cartons. 4 egg whites as a rule of thumb to replace any protein. 

So I had to share this the hubby wanted these. They are still ok but they have WAAAY more sodium because they add spices. That's fine but totally unnecessary. I like to add my own goodness.

and I do pick up eggs. I try to get free range cage free. 

I usually buy these in bulk at Costco but they had them. So I bought them. I will sometimes eat them out of the jar. I like peppers. and hot things. haha 

These Seeds of Change bags of rice are great for on the go or emergency carb intake. I get these for the hubby.they have all kinds!

Do I even have to explain this.

Stevia Leaf Drops
umm. These stupid drops have changed my life. I add them to almost anything and without them I feel like it just isn't worth it to eat it. So far I have tried Vanilla cream, Toffee, Cinnamon, and the regular I will be going back for more. 4 drops in my @1stphorm Waffle or pancake and my life is complete. 

Pecans & Almonds
These are my weakness. I eat these like I would chips. HERE is another FAT that is good for ya. But portion them out haha I WARN YOU. about 10 to 15 per serving. :O)

Emergency chicken is what it should be called. What a great way to get your protein and man does it taste good. THE KEY. DO NOT EAT The SKIN. That is where the fat is...the not so necessary fat. But I will admit it is also where the goodness is at. So choose your fat then be happy with your choice haha The breast is going to be the place that holds the least amount fat haha AIN'T that the truth

About $150 later I was able to get some of the freshest most delicious goodness for the week. I do change it up so come 

Hope you enjoyed the video and my trip! Let me know if there are any questions or what you would like to see next!!! xoxo
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