Thursday, September 04, 2014

A Polka Dot Safari

Outfit Details
Vegas Couture Polka dot sheer vest: Designed by Wanda Potter 
Vegan Leather Crop top: ShoeDressy
Skirt: ZARA on sale for $10!
Heels: Zara on sale for $25!!!
Bracelets: Aldo Accessories
Heart Tiffany Bracelet: My mom's
Sunglasses: Target
Panther Ring: H&M

Believe it or not this is the front entrance to our home. If you follow me along my social media outlets you know I am busy and lets face it..If I took pics of every single outfit it would probably be my job....crap..I really need to work on that haha but the reality is the ONLY time I have to take pics is on Sunday with the hubby. Usually we can squeeze one of two of the outfits I wore during the week and one that I aspire to where somewhere tropical and pretend I am on a vacation. SO we hopped in the car and drove about 1/2 a mile around the corner and voila! My SAFARI vision made a reality. With 20 minutes to spare I am hopeful I can show you just how AMAZING this vest is. I LOVE me a vest but I have never had one like this! I love that it is long helping to make me feel comfortable in this rather short skirt...haha I LOVE that it has the sexy detail almost like jewelry for your back! and well who doesn't love POLKA DOTS! I have so many outfits in my mind for this piece so I will be sharing with you the other ways to wear it! So pardon all the photos but I wanted WANDA to see just how much I loved it and for you all to see every side of this piece! Not to mention my ZARA deals.. My new obsession with ZARA online sales is becoming as bad as my thrifting. 

Pretty soon you guys can get your hands on this piece and many others that Wanda has designed. You guys are going to love her designs and I can not wait to share our new series on my YOUTUBE channel with her! You can visit her at and show her some love on FACEBOOK!


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