Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On the Run

Outfit Details
Olive & Oak Top: Thrifted Buffalo Exchange
Gap Skinny's: Thrifted Goodwill 
Vintage Nordstrom Blazer: Thrifted Goodwill
Vintage Coach Briefcase: Gifted ( Thank You Cheryl!!!!)
Rings: H&M
Necklace: Made with a tassle from a Vintage Purse!
Sunnies: Target

IMAGINE. I am late to catch the train.I need to stop and pick up coffee for my partner who is meeting me at a fabric store to create our very first fashion piece.A piece a women should have in her wardrobe always. I then I have to run and meet with my web designer who is helping me launch a new website where all of my fitness and fashion lovers are able to collide.From there I must go to the gym for my workout then head home to make dinner.haha So. 

REALITY is I don't live in a place where trains or even TRANSPORTATION is a need. VEGAS. I live in VEGAS. but see...there is something wonderful about dreaming... and using your outfits to say what it is you want to do. Most of tthe time I wear heels. BUT what if I could throw on my Nikes and be a high fashion designer/model who loves to workout? Hey. I am gonna try it...you never know... DREAMS do come true but until then. I am running late for work!!! haha

Oh and In case you didn't notice. EVERYONE needs a buttery soft boyfriend blazer that was found at a boutique for less then $10. EVERYONE. and a pair of Nikes.Ones that inspire you. I was going to choose black. but to be honest. BLUE makes me happy. 
From the gym to the street 
BE who ever you want to be...and who knows you might be CREATING that person as we speak.

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