Thursday, August 07, 2014

I was in a Kung Fu, Car Chasing, Action Movie! #ThrowbackThursday

In honor of Throwback Thursday and well the fact that we are in the works for a sequel to our short film ACTION ACTION I thought I would share once again!!! haha I will never forget in 9th grade when I told my best friend Edwina that I wanted to be an actor. I had always danced and loved to perform but it was that day in the lunchroom that I had decided I wanted to be an action star. FAST FORWARD 25 years later WOMP WOMP haha 
there I was at the Action on Film Festival being nominated for BEST BREAKOUT FEMALE Action Star. Like for reals. Is this my life? We were also nominated for BEST Martial Arts Sequence, Best Short! IT was awesome. We later came home to Vegas to show the film and won Best Short Film Audience Award at the Boulder Damn Short Film Festival. Audience Award is huge...and man was it a ride! I shared our adventure HERE and a bunch of our pictures from the film HERE 

I LOVE watching it and then getting excited to not only KICK some more A** but with all the changes in my body and the MASSIVE MUSCLE GAINS I have made I am going to look ripped haha ok maybe not ripped but heck. My Kung Fu Skills have certainly improved! haha Hopefully I will get to shoot that Sniper Rifle again also! DREAMS DO COME TRUE. #NEVERSETTLE #LEGIONOFBOOM
If you DREAM it, WORK at it, and MAKE IT HAPPEN, it will come true. Don't ever let age or anyone tell you, you can't.
ENJOY! & Give it a like and share to spread the ACTION ACTION LOVE! SEQUEL COMING SOON Look below for the SNEAK PEEK!



Love you guys!
Shana Emily


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  1. Oh my goodness...I loved that film! And now I'm totally hooked on the upcoming one! You rock Shana!


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