Thursday, August 07, 2014

EAT CLEAN: How I grill my chicken! #neversettle

A lot of you guys have asked how I grill my chicken and this is the pretty basic way! Not too much to it!The KEY is

You need a grill, to get that flavor you can use the George Forman or the oven but it won't be MY chicken haha
I like to set the heat at alost the highest so it reaches over 450 Degrees. I also use PAM HIGH heat for the grill.
 I usually get my chicken from Costco. The organic kind or Trader Joes they are not too big and come in packages of 2 fora total of 6 for about $18 can't beat it.
I get a big bowl got these from Bed Bath & Beyond and place about 6 at first to season at a time
SEASONINGS! LOVE Garlic, Pepper, Ms Dash Kirkland is from Costco. 
 This is one of my all time favorites. Got this at Albertsons
I don't measure I just sprinkle. 
 SIDE NOTE. These are at Costco and are great to have on the go for rice! the hubby loves them!
Set your Timer for 6 minutes to put the chicken on the grill on each side as long as your grill is over 450 degress
Lay them out. I like to put the thicker ones closer to the back.
 Sophie is part of the recipe but she likes to sun bate while I am grilling. 
FLIP them over! 6 more minutes
PERFECTION! I like to open them up to be sure!

  STEP 9
Sometimes I will wrap the bowl in foil to keep cooking. Then I MEAL PREP!
 STEP 10

Hope you enjoy! You can watch me do this on my Youtube Channel! Don't forget to like and subscribe and let me know what else you want to see! and just remember YOU HAVE A CHOICE. So prep your food so you make the right one! love you guys! 

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  1. I recently discovered the Yoshi Grill mat which I will be posting a review next week as I don't put the meat directly on the grates. Chicken and veggies are by far my favorite foods to grill. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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