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ColorblindFIT Transformation SeriesFeaturing: Elsy Arguello

Hi. My name is Shana. That is me on the far left about 2 & half years ago. Definitely NOT how I thought I looked or even thought I would be. It takes a lot for me to even share these pics...but today is special.

 If you have been following me for a while you know I have been down a long road.I shared my journey and still continue to do so. I think it is so important for all to know that not everyone comes from an amazing place or lives this perfect life.Everyone has a struggle, has had a struggle and a journey of their own and blogging and vlogging this journey has helped me SEE who I really am and how I want to be seen. Through thrifting I was able to find my style and really look at myself in a different light.

I love going back and reading what I wanted and dreamed of...because I have accomplished so many of those things!!! CRAZY to think!.. you can read it HERE I also wrote more recently a post of MY STORY. Called Second to LAST. You can read it and see my more recent transformation HERE I share this picture :O(  I still can't believe I let myself go...but I am sure you all can relate right?

Who in a million years would have thought I could look like this...I know I sure didn't...but I finally felt confident in my may not look like most but it's mine. and it is all my hard important to remember! Crazy how we don't see our accomplishments cuz we are so bogged down on what we thought was SUCCESSFUL and what we were supposed to look like.I nearly came in last place at the competition and then I realized that I had actually won ... I had changed the way I lived and the way I thought of myself.! I have never had the perfect physique. I was picked on a lot in elementary school..I say picked on but it was bullying. I was told I looked like a witch and needed a nose job. I was told I had big muscular legs like a man. I was told that because my parents were foreign we were stupid. It wasn't easy...and after losing my mom I had had enough of being in hiding and accepting this was who I was going to be. I am still working on myself, but I share my journey in hopes of inspiring one of you.

What I am here for today is to introduce you to a very special lady I recently met here on the web and I thought I would share my story to show you that we all come from something.
She was reluctant at first but she has allowed me to share it and I am honored! I am even starting a whole new series dedicated and in honor of her! #ColorblindFIT

When I got an email from Elsy in my facebook "other" Box which by the way I never knew was there...I was floored. I was taken aback that a total stranger who lived across the world found me to be an inspiration... What.... So I wanted to share her story with all of you...She is my inspiration! here is her story and email to me!

Hi Shana, My name is Elsy and I'm from Australia, I love your blogs,videos your visits to costco,meal
prepping, etc.. Oh I also have a Labrador puppy he's 3 , his name is Toby All thanx to you and all your hard work posting videos, you gave me the motivation i needed to take on my new healthy habits,that i now plan to follow for the rest of my life!!!My family members are all happy and excited for me...By the way I have a daughter 23 years old Diana, twins almost 21 Luis and Elizabeth Hubby Luis, and Toby and Norman 6 years old dog who we recently rescued!

Ok so I will be 45 on August 24th, I have always struggle with my weight since I can remember, I have tried diet pills which worked for a while, but then put on more weight that I started with. I have tried paying a dietitian but I felt that I was always eating and a lot......tried going to the gym 2 years ago and injured my left leg which now I have random trouble with.....Needless to say my trainer wasn’t very good

One day on February this year I came across one of your videos eating clean at costco, and I started following you and watching all your hauls,videos,etc,. I now finally had an idea of how to lose weight and keep it off!!!!!
I started preparing my meals and snacks, that made a big difference , I work very long days start at 8am finish at around 6:20pm get home at about 6:45pm , so most nights I would just get takeout for convenience, my hubby also works long hours Monday to Friday , I also work weekends, as I am a make-up  artist most events are on weekends, so now I prep our food every Sunday it’s there whenever I need it and don’t get takeout anymore. So you are my motivation,  you keep me going , I watch what you do and I know that it is possible , you have helped me to focus on me a little bit more, before I was always busy doing everything for everyone else family , friends even clients, worrying too much how clean the house was, it was like I had forgotten about me ,without realizing , I had neglected myself a bit . Now I feel that I pay a little more attention to my body I now stop and listen to my body..... I know that sound crazy but its true my body tells me what it likes, what works and what doesn’t..... it is not easy at first. I found it very hard to get rid of bad eating habits . I work in a shopping center. So I’m surrounded by fast food, I used to eat whatever I wanted whenever.  Now I know that if I have a donut and coffee with lots of sugar I’m gonna be blotted and feeling tired so I don’t do it!!
I used a supplement called chromiun  to help get rid of my sugar cravings I don’t need to take it anymore I don’t crave sugars....I was sick for a couple of weeks had the flu and ear infection so I got lazy and had to eat a sandwich and a few noodle packets as this was convenient at the time, my body didn’t take it well I am still bloated and feeling bit yuck.
I weighed 102kg in January and I started eating clean and exercising late January now I weigh 74kg and I feel fantastic , I have more energy, the hubby is very proud of me and very supportive,  he eats what I eat so he’s lost a bit of weight too, if he wants takeout or something that I can’t have he eats it at work or when I’m not around, he’s cute I know, he tells me how good I look and that also motivates me......I find it hard to stick to my new habits when I’m socializing, or when I’m sick or simply when I’m feeling blue, that’s when I watch you and even message you or comment on your blog as well, since I change my diet I don’t feel depressed or rundown as much as I used to, but you know sometimes you just feel flat.......

so big thank you to you from the bottom of my heart, thanks to you I have

I used to have very high cholesterol and fatty liver but now my  levels have reduced drastically.

I thank you sooo very much for all that you do for your fans...

God Bless You...

THANK YOU ELSA. For this. YOU my love are an inspiration and I am so proud of your hard work and dedication. Keep going my love and you will conquer all your dreams! 

Thank you for my beautiful gifts! I will be sharing them in a video this week!!! and will all of you guys!!!  You guys she sent me some AWESOME MAKE UP! And so much more!!!

SHARE YOUR STORY #colorblindFIT and know that you guys have the power to change no matter what anyone says... I PROMISE YOU THAT.


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  1. What you and Elsy both shared with your readers and viewers is nice, helpful and inspiring. I'm sure there are a lot of your readers (myself included) who have suffered cruel comments and worse in the past and have struggled with their self-image. The things some people say and do can be very cruel. I love that quote "Made peace with my plate & body".


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