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Where I like to shop in Las Vegas: Thrift Store Edition Deja Blue Boutique

I was so excited when RelayRides' contacted me to participate in their Hometown Hidden Gems campaign. I had already been thinking of putting together my list and more but never got around to doing it. This will allow me to do it weekly! Relay Rides is a peer-to-peer car sharing, rental company. Car rentals can be expensive and this could be a great alternative. In Vegas, we don't have trains and all sorts of means of travel and cabs are really this may be your way to get around and check out my favorite places to shop! Along with others from different cities around the country, they are gathering some of the best places to eat, shop, and play! 

Well why didn't I think of that! I guess in a way I already do that but now I thought I would start series featuring some of my favorite spots here in Vegas! I mean,  I am a local, born and raised...and I love to shop, eat, and it makes sense right?

Since Shopping is my favorite I will start there! Here are some of my favorite places to shop here in Vegas, while some of you may have these in your state...VEGAS is special...I swear you will not leave unsatisfied! So travel like me, a local, and don't forget to tell me how it was and share your thrifted finds! #thriftersanonymous

SO Pay attention to locations...cuz that is what makes it even more of a hidden gem...sometimes when you come to Las Vegas you stay there on the strip...and that is about it...well the hidden gems are NOT on the here we go!
Located on 10300 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135

My first is actually a newer hidden gem that we have quickly fallen in love with. At first it doesn't seem big, and then as you begin to dig deep...amazing things happen

A thrift store is measured by 3 things for me...  and that is what keeps us going back! Now, don't let this be confused with the mega Goodwill that is here in Vegas!!! Stay tuned for our favorite location but for now lets stick to the boutique style locations!

While this is not going to be the cheapest thrift store, hence Boutique, YOU ARE going to find incredible deals and some designer pieces you would have never known you could get your hands on and don't forget to find out what the color of the day is!

You have to be patient, and really check out each section. Every store has its perks... I would go back to this store for DRESSES, SHOES, VINTAGE, HATS. Now this may change but for now that is what I think of when I think of Deja Blue.

I will say  on this particular day, the dresses is where the GOLD was. 

I found Edwina this David Meister Dress, in case you didn't know David is a really expensive designer usually found at Nordstrom, for $19.99 retails for over $250. SO, As you can see, $20 for a thrift store is a lot, but when it is a designer piece like this and lets face it look at it on her...then it is a FIND!


I got this vintage lace dress $8
Not every section is going to be great, but that is why I love to thrift. Their shoes are fantastic if you can find a pair in your size, these wedges pictured here were brand new Steve madden for $15. 

Oh and how can I forget the vintage fur... This place is covered in vintage fur...not everyone's favorite...but it was ours! 

The hats were awesome and I found this vintage for $5.00 retails for over $150 Oh and this dress I got too, BCBG $15

As you can see we found some awesome stuff, from Vintage to new. If you are looking for that one designer piece or something really unique to wear out, then I would definitely make a trip to check out Deja Blue Boutique. I feature new thrifting adventures  every Monday on my blog HERE but stay tuned for more of my HIDDEN GEMS in Vegas and let me now what else you would like to see! 

and here is our trip on our Youtube Channel, we take you through what we found, what we tried on and what we thought!!!
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  1. OMG, you guys found some great stuff!! It's a hit or miss here in Georgia! I can't wait to see what other gems you found in Vegas. The cover photo with you wearing the black gloves could be a movie look AMAZING!!

  2. You all found some really nice pieces!!

    Carsedra McKoy:


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